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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 3 Recap

A few masked men in black suddenly broke into the Cai’s wine shop and stabbed Qi Yan. Cheng Ruoyu and Qiu Yanzhi charged forward without any effort. Qi Yan was unscathed, and Cheng Ruoyu and Qiu Yan were unscathed. Weaving doubted each other, Qi Yan hurriedly stopped the two of them. Cheng Ruoyu returned to the Ziyi Bureau and asked Cheng Xi to give her an antidote, but the antidote would take three days to recover all her skills.

Cheng Xi suspected that Qiu Yanzhi sent someone to assassinate Qi Yan, and then she was successful in saving her. Taking the opportunity to gain Qi Yan’s trust, he suffers from the lack of conclusive evidence. At the same time, Qiu Yanzhi also sent someone to secretly investigate the details of the assassins. She felt that Cheng Xi would not plan to assassinate Qi Yan, because Cheng Ruoyu’s martial arts had been lost. Qiu Yanzhi suspected that someone was instigating behind him and wanted to do something about it. A big event.

Today is the 59th birthday of Qiu Ziliang. He sent Gao Ping to find Qi Yan and wanted to invite the girls from the Ziyi Bureau to perform sword dance. Cheng Ruoyu strongly opposed and scolded Qiu Ziliang as a slave. Qi Yan hurriedly stopped her and promised Qiu Ziliang. Requirements. Qiu Yanzhi complained that Cheng Ruoyu was too impulsive. Gao Ping would pass on Cheng Ruoyu’s words to Qiu Ziliang intact. This action not only affected Cheng Xi and Cheng Huaizhi, but also put Qi Yan in a passive position. Qiu Yanzhi let Cheng Ruoyu go well. Dance to Qiu Ziliang to eliminate Qi Yan’s wariness.

Cheng Ruoyu realized that she had made a mistake, and hurried to inform Cheng Xi. Cheng Xi immediately asked the girls to rehearse sword dance. Cheng Ruoyu wanted to take the opportunity to kill Qiu Ziliang. Cheng Xi gave her a severe lesson and confiscated her on the spot. Cheng Ruoyu had no choice but to leave angrily. Cheng Xi and her confidant Li Rong discussed countermeasures. She knew that Qiu Ziliang was cunning, otherwise she would not miss her assassination.

She had been hiding Cheng Ruoyu’s identity for eight years, but she did not expect Cheng Ruoyu to be so. Impulsively, Li Rong also felt that the timing was not ripe. Cheng Xi only wanted to arouse Qi Yan’s fighting spirit, and then borrowed the power of the court to take down Qiu Ziliang in one fell swoop.

Cheng Ruoyu dreamed that Qi Yan shot her again, and she was scared into a cold sweat. Today is Qiu Ziliang’s birthday. Qi Yan brought hundreds of civil and military officials to the Ziyi Bureau early in the morning. Qiu Ziliang took Qiu Yanzhi and came late. Cheng Ruoyu and the girls began to perform sword dance. Qiu Ziliang seemed to be absent-minded and closed his eyes, but in fact, secretly Observing Qi Yan’s every move, Qiu Yanzhi is even more like an enemy.

At the end of the dance, Awu suddenly drew a sword and stabbed at Qiu Ziliang. Cheng Ruoyu hurried forward and held the long sword. The blood flowed from her fingers instantly. She did not dare to let go. Gao Ping took the opportunity to punch and kick Awu, Cheng Ruoyu tightly protected her. While staying at Ah Wu, Gao Ping struggled to question the instigator behind the scenes. Ah Wu accused Qi Yan of being behind the scenes. Cheng Ruoyu didn’t believe it at all, but Ah Wu said it was conclusive.

Qiu Ziliang sent Qiu Yanzhi to try the case. Cheng Ruoyu asked for the trial together with Qiu Yanzhi. Qiu Ziliang promised, Cheng Ruoyu fainted to the ground due to excessive blood loss. Cheng Xi came to ask Qi Yan for leave, and Qi Yan insisted on waiting for Cheng Ruoyu to wake up. Cheng Ruoyu finally regained consciousness. She came directly to the cell to look for Auntie. She saw that Auntie was beaten up and dying. Her heart was twisted like a knife. From the jailer’s mouth, she learned that Auntie could live up to twelve hours, Cheng Ruo Yu was very distressed, Qiu Yanzhi took out the pain-relieving pill and asked Cheng Ruoyu to take it for her. Auntie wanted to kill her, begging Cheng Ruoyu to kill her.

Qi Yan personally came to the cell to supervise the interrogation. Cheng Ruoyu forcibly poured painkillers on Awu, explained her interests, and persuaded her to explain the truth. Cheng Ruoyu clearly remembered that Awu once paid homage to her father in a side hall. , Guessed that she wanted to avenge her father. Qiu Yanzhi sent someone to the partial hall to get the spiritual seat, only to know that Awu’s father was Zheng Lu, and Awu cried out for his father. Cheng Ruoyu asked Qi Yan to review the old case that year. Qi Yan ordered Awu to be released first. Wu suddenly drew his sword and died of suicide. Qi Yan closed the case on the spot, announcing that Wu was the murderer, and asked Qiu Yanzhi to return to Qiu Ziliang.

Cheng Ruoyu hurriedly caught up with Qi Yan and asked Qi Yan to re-examine Zheng Lu’s old case. Instead, Qi Yan accused her of being unfavorable and should kill the assassin Awu in time. Qiu Yanzhi heard the news and pointed out the serious doubts in this case. . When Cheng Ruoyu returned to the cell, she saw Awu’s cold body, and she was heartbroken. Then, Cheng Ruoyu took Awu back to the Ziyi Bureau. She wanted to find out who was behind her, and Cheng Xi would not allow her to cause trouble.

Cheng Xi gave a detailed account of the changes in the dew that year. Qi Yan is the adopted son of Qiu Ziliang. He was ordered to investigate the Zheng family. Auntie wanted to take the opportunity to escape and was shot by Qi Yan with an arrow. After the change of Chao Lu, Qiu Ziliang assisted Qi Yan to become emperor. Cheng Ruoyu couldn’t help being taken aback. He didn’t expect Qi Yan to be such a tyrant.

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