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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 5 Recap

He Yong led people to check in the detention center and retrieved all surveillance videos for viewing. He felt that it was impossible for Marshal to die suddenly for no reason. Xing Fei told He Yong privately that Marshal had already let go. He planned to tell Li Chengyang all the facts as soon as he came out, but he did not expect an accident.

The sudden death of Ma Shuai heralded the first head-on confrontation between the big hand behind Luteng and the supervision team, which also made Luo Shanhe once again feel the strength of this hidden power in the dark. After repeated considerations, Luo Shanhe decided to adopt the policy of loosening outside and tightening inside, to avoid harassment, and secretly deployed Suodong to cooperate with the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the investigation was initiated internally.

Pei Wei, captain of the Second Brigade of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Public Security Department of Zhongjiang Province, called for surveillance and found that the day of Xue Mei’s disappearance happened to be the day when the supervision team came to Luteng City, but it is currently unclear whether she was in the woods or had arrived at the airport. Dedicated line.

They continued to inquire and investigate on the spot, and finally confirmed that Xue Mei came to the airport special line, and Pei Wei ordered an investigation of this area. Sun Xing and Mr. Wang “talked about business” together, but in the end they couldn’t get together. Sun Xing ran to the bathroom when he was drunk and said to himself that he was Gao He and the secret of killing. There happened to be a waiter in the bathroom who recorded this scene with his mobile phone.

Since there was no watch in her hand, Huang Xi had to use the previous material to make this episode, and the editor-in-chief asked her to make the content of Meilidai in the next episode. The waiter Sun Xiaoshan used this secret of Sun Xing to blackmail him, but Sun Xing was the result. The police came to stop, and the person who called the police was Sun Xing himself. Later, Sun Xing, Xu Xiaoshan and others were detained at the Shannan Road Police Station, Shimen District, Luteng City. Gao Mingyuan contacted Hu Xiaowei, the director of the police station there, to ventilate him in advance. Afterwards, Hu Xiaowei got Xu Xiaoshan’s phone, he deleted the video inside, and threatened him with racketeering. Xu Xiaoshan was scared to pee his pants, and Hu Xiaowei realized that he was a scared kid.

Hu Xiaowei reminded Sun Xing not to hold on to this matter anymore. Sun Xing heard that Xu Xiaoshan was so frightened that he peeed his pants, and felt very funny, and finally stopped worrying about Xu Xiaoshan. Xu Xiaoshan’s sister came to the detention center, and Sun Xing saw her. On the other side, Li Chengyang recalled that he was retaliated against by his enemies, and he was kept in a cage like an animal. It can be said that if it weren’t for Ma Shuai, Li Chengyang would not be today. The New Commander Group once acquired land in Yihe Village, Luteng City. This land was to be used as a train station. When Marshal died, Wu Shuangling, the deputy mayor of Luteng City, decided to hold a meeting to discuss how the project should be handed over to Changteng Capital. Do it.

Li Chengyang went to see Ma Shuai’s body. He Yong reminded him that whether Ma Shuai’s death is related to him or not, he will not live in peace from today. As soon as he finished speaking, Li Chengyang received a call from the city government, who asked him to attend a meeting hosted by Mayor Wu tomorrow. A vegetable vendor with a bruised nose and swollen face provided the police with clues to Yang Dong’s bullying, but he was very scared and did not dare to identify Yang Dong. Xu Xiaoshan’s sister Xu Yingzi and Lin Hao are classmates. She knows that Lin Hao is now a policeman, so she specifically asked him to go to the detention center with herself.

Lin Hao brought Xu Yingzi to the police station to find out the situation. Hu Xiaowei said that he inquired with the other party to see if the other party was willing to reconcile. Huang Xi called Lin Hao on the way, this time Lin Hao arrived.

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