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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 4 Recap

Fourteen years ago, Yang Dong had a conflict with Mai Zili and even threatened Mai Zili’s life. After Mai Zili disappeared, Yang Dong was also expelled from the New Commander Group by Marshal. Although there is currently no direct evidence that Yang Dong is related to Mai Zili’s disappearance, Yang Dong is still the subject of the next major investigation by the September 15th Task Force.

Yang Dong is a proper food tyrant. The comrades of the task force pretend to be customers buying food and go to the food market to investigate. Unexpectedly, the food vendors here are only willing to do their own business, and they are very secretive about the management fees of the food market. He Yong made an appointment with Li Chengyang, hoping that he could tell everything he knew about Ma Shuai.

Li Chengyang said that as long as Li Chengyang and the Central Supervisory Team found out about his master Lin Han 14 years ago, he would trust them. If they are just watching and watching the flowers, Li Chengyang will not accompany them. The supervision team came to Luteng these few days. It did not arouse attention and public opinion as expected.

Everything seemed calm and orderly. However, the key witness of the September 15 case, Xue Mei, remained silent. The suspect Ma Shuai was about to be released abroad. Luo Shanhe seemed to see a pair of big hands enveloped. With the whole green vine, people never can’t make a sound, they don’t dare to make a sound. How to break the deadlock has become a test for the entire supervision team.

Li Chengyang went to Ma Shuai’s wife, Li Lijuan, to get his passport. Li Lijuan asked if Ma Shuai had an accident. Li Chengyang didn’t tell the truth and lied that Ma Shuai had other projects abroad. Xue Mei has not been whereabouts, and Luo Shanhe is sure that she will not leave the green vine, but Xue Mei cannot be found, and it is difficult for Marshal to break through. Marshal is about to be released, and He Yong applied to Luo Shanhe to try Marshal again.

He Yun also appeared in front of He Yong during the interrogation of Ma Shuai. If Ma Shuai refuses to say, the police can go to his wife Li Lijuan. When talking about Li Lijuan’s name, Ma Shuai became emotional and repeatedly asked to see Li Chengyang until he finally fainted. He Yong went to check and found that he was in a coma. The police immediately sent Ma Shuai to the hospital for rescue.

Li Chengyang also learned the news that Ma Shuai was sent to the rescue room and hurried to the hospital. He was in the empty corridor and recalled the things he had experienced with Ma Shuai that year. At that time, Li Chengyang was still a policeman. When he was arrested, he met his enemies and directly fought with them. In the end, both of them were admitted to the hospital. Ma Shuai has a special status, and He Yun informs Lin Hao to bring a second group of people to come to support.

The New Commander Group also brought a group of people to the hospital, and the two sides were crowded in the corridor, looking very crowded. Soon, the light in the rescue room went out, and the doctor walked out with the expression on his face indicating that Ma Shuai could not be rescued. The new coach and Lin Hao’s second team started fighting.

Li Chengyang’s inner mood was ups and downs, and his tinnitus was guilty again, and he couldn’t hear any sound. Li Lijuan suddenly appeared behind him, crying and slapped Li Chengyang in the face. Da Jiang wanted to stop, but Li Chengyang stopped him. Li Chengyang was also awakened by Li Lijuan. He walked to the door of the rescue room step by step, and Lin Hao stepped aside under He Yun’s instructions.

Li Chengyang said in He Yong and He Yun’s ears that this matter is endless. Later, the doctor said that the patient’s blood supply to some branches of the coronary arteries was reduced, and the blood supply to the myocardium was insufficient, which caused an imbalance of myocardial oxygen supply and demand, resulting in acute myocardial infarction.

He Yun said that if Mar Shuai died because of her interrogation, she would be willing to take responsibility. She suggested that an autopsy be performed on Mar Shuai so that the specific cause of death can be known, but this requires the consent of the family. He Yong agreed with her suggestion, and Lin Hao told Li Chengyang about the matter.

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