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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 3 Recap

The woman was taken up to the second floor, and Huang Xi followed him up. Unexpectedly, she was discovered by the people there. Huang Xi was anxious to learn about their beauty loans. The so-called manager immediately welcomed her in. After taking Huang Xi’s ID card, the other party gave her a card and asked her to go downstairs to register, and then the money would arrive in the account within 24 hours.

Everything went smoothly, but the other party keenly discovered that the watch on her wrist was abnormal. After taking it off, it was found to be a camera. The other party was furious and wanted to show Huang Xi some color. The police came to the Medical Beauty Center at this time. , Arrest all the people here. Interpol Lin Hao of the Interpol Detachment of Luteng City Public Security Bureau seized Huang Xi’s watch in accordance with the law.

Sun Xing, owner of Lvteng Phoenix Nightclub, learned that the medical beauty center was closed by the police, so he rushed to deal with it. At the Public Security Bureau, Li Chengyang was preparing to reconcile with Xiang Tian, ​​Lin Hao walked in, followed by a Huang Xi, clamoring to get her watch back. Seeing Li Chengyang want to help Marshal and Xiang Tian reconcile, Lin Hao couldn’t help saying that he could do anything for Marshal. Lin Hao is Lin Han’s son.

Li Chengyang’s apprentice, his temperament is very aggressive, because of Li Chengyang’s changes over the years, he has no good attitude towards this nominal master. And Li Chengyang has been confined to Lin Han’s being framed all these years, and there is a certainty that he will not give up if he can’t find out. After completing the reconciliation procedures, Li Chengyang still gave Xiang Tian the 300,000, and promised that the remaining 300,000 would be sent to him by Marshal personally the next day. Therefore, Xiang Tian’s impression of Li Chengyang gradually improved.

Huang Xi and Li Chengyang have a close relationship. She called Li Chengyang to be an uncle. After learning that Li Chengyang and Lin Haosu, she asked him for Lin Hao’s contact information. He Yong called Special Service Xing Fei to ask Li Chengyang about Li Chengyang. Xing Fei had a good relationship with Li Chengyang. He said that Li Chengyang was clean. After he left the police force, he was often retaliated against by others. The problem of tinnitus when excited. In any case, Xing Fei felt that Li Chengyang always thought he was still a policeman in his heart.

After explaining the photo, He Yong no longer asked about Li Chengyang, but hoped that Xing Fei could help with the line and let Li Chengyang help solve the problem. Li Chengyang knew that Marshal had a secret to himself. He went back to the detention center to watch Marshal. He said that he wanted to make Marshal Marshal secretly tell him that year, but Marshal did not say at the time. He said that he would tell him the secrets as soon as he let him go.

Xing Fei and Li Chengyang drank together. Li Chengyang could tell at a glance that He Yong had approached him. He asked the same question as He Yong, whether Xing Fei is better with him or He Yong. Xing Fei was very good at talking. In front of He Yong, he said he was good with He Yong, and in front of Li Chengyang, he said he was good with Li Chengyang.

Li Chengyang smiled, seeming to see through Xing Fei. Huang Xi asked for Lin Hao’s phone number from Li Chengyang, and found time to call Lin Hao and asked him to return his watch. Lin Hao repeatedly stated that her watch needs to be taken down as an exhibit, and then ignored Huang Xi and hung up her phone directly. Huang Xi continued to fight, but Lin Hao didn’t pick it up once, she hit once, Lin Hao hanged up once, and finally pulled her black, Huang Xi was almost mad.

Sun Xing called Gao Mingyuan an uncle. Gao Mingyuan asked him about the beautiful loan. Sun Xing didn’t care. He said that he would not worry, he would take care of it. Gao Mingyuan immediately cold-faced. He told Sun Xing to stop these nasty things in his hands. Ten years ago, the trouble he caused was big enough. Now if he wants to cause trouble again, how did Gao Mingyuan save him in the first place? How can you make him disappear without a trace.

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