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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 16 Recap

Sun Xun caught the assassin who was impersonating Zhu Wuji on the spot. Lin Shaochun told the whole family about the whole process. The person wearing the mask gave her a letter, framing Sun Xun and Liu Ying for conspiring to frame her father Lin Yuandao. Lin Shaochun went to the study to confirm Sun Xun’s handwriting. She saw from the paper that there was a fraud, so she handed the letter to Sun Xun overnight. Lin Shaochun asked Sun Xun to act in a play with her and captured the real murderer on the spot.

Sun Xun forced the real murderer bitterly. He took money from people and refused to give any instructions. Sun Xun was helpless. Lin Shaochun asked the man behind the scenes and gave the real murderer 10 thousand taels of silver, and Sun Yulou immediately sent someone to go. The bank investigated the matter. Su Yingxue was anxious, she quietly came to Jia Fengyuan, Jia Fengyuan learned that Sun Xun and Lin Shaochun had jointly found out the real culprit, he immediately reported to Liang Jingguan, Liang Jingguan worried that things would be revealed, Jia Fengyuan came up with a good way.

Liang Jingguan reported the case to Mr. Du, falsely claiming that his family had lost ten thousand taels of silver bills and that there was a thief’s handprint on the money box. The thief went to the bank to exchange money. He claimed to have lost the bank note. The shopkeeper asked him to press his fingerprints as evidence on the spot. Master Du’s men found that the man’s fingerprints were exactly the same as those on Liang Jingguan’s money box, so they arrested him for interrogation. The man claimed to be the brother of the robber who attacked Sun Yulou. He stole the banknotes from Liang Jingguan’s house to kill Sun Xun. As a result, the Dongchuang incident happened and Master Du ordered him to be locked up.

This incident alarmed the emperor. The emperor pacified Liang Jingguan and Sun Xun separately. Sun Xun had guessed that all this was arranged by Liang Jingguan. Suffering from lack of conclusive evidence, Sun Xun vowed to find the person who copied his handwriting. He Knowing that Jia Fengyuan is good at copying copybooks, he called him to confront him. Jia Fengyuan bit his right hand with a centipede in advance and successfully deceived Sun Xun.

Sun Xun and Shen Qingyao praised Lin Shaochun and asked her to assist Xu Fengqiao’s housekeeper. Xu Fengqiao pretended to leave all the family affairs to Lin Shaochun. Sun Yulou felt sorry for Lin Shaochun and didn’t want her to work too hard, so Lin Shaochun was willing to do everything for him. Wu Yuehong tried desperately to please Sun Shijie, and Sun Shijie didn’t appreciate her at all.

Wu Yuehong drank and became courageous, and forced to have sex with Sun Shijie, Sun Shijie struggled desperately, Wu Yuehong was furious. Su Yingxue didn’t want to continue secretly meeting with Jia Fengyuan, and wanted to fly away with him. Jia Fengyuan found all kinds of excuses to excuse him. Su Yingxue was angry about exposing him. Jia Fengyuan turned and left in a fit of anger. Su Yingxue was speechless.

Xu Fengqiao looked at Lin Shaochun not pleasing to his eyes and worried that she would replace him. Sun Jinge tried desperately to make Xu Fengqiao happy. Xu Fengqiao swears that she and Lin Shaochun are not at odds with each other. Cut it all off. Sun Yulou wanted to take Lin Shaochun into the palace to thank the emperor and concubine Sun Youzhen. Xu Fengqiao gave Lin Shaochun the begonia costume. Lin Shaochun changed it on the spot. She made a stunning appearance. The whole family admired her, and Sun Yulou took Lin Shaochun into the palace. Face Saint, Xu Fengqiao sneered secretly, hiding from the side.

When Sun Yulou and Lin Shaochun came to the palace, Sun Yulou suddenly discovered that the Ji suit was not right. Lin Shaochun tore off a silk thread. Unexpectedly, all the gold threads of the whole dress were cut. Lin Shaochun immediately understood everything, and in a hurry, she mixed with the paint on the table to draw the cloud shoulders of a magpie on her clothes.

The emperor found that Lin Shaochun had a special shoulder with clouds. Lin Shaochun claimed that Sun Xun had always been diligent and thrifty, and she could not be too extravagant. The emperor gave her a wishful satin embroidered colorful dress on the spot. Lin Shaochun knelt and Xie Longen, the emperor suddenly recognized that Lin Shaochun was allergic to pollen. Lin Shaochun lied that when she entered the palace draft, she met a doctor who helped her heal a stubborn illness. The emperor looked at Sun Youzhen’s face and no longer pursued him, but quietly reminded Sun Yulou to be careful in the future. Lin Shaochun could speak like this. The kind lady is hard to deal with.

The emperor rewarded Sun Yulou and Lin Shaochun with a lot of gold and silver jewelry. Aunt Mei congratulated Lin Shaochun again and again. Lin Shaochun gave all of those to the family, and Xu Fengqiao also came to ask for the reward. He pushed all the blame on the maid. Sun Yulou didn’t believe it at all. Fengqiao argued in every possible way, Sun Xun let the four daughter-in-laws live together peacefully, and Shen Qingyao let Lin Shaochun help the housekeeper.

Xu Fengqiao spoke ill of Lin Shaochun in front of Wu Yuehong and Su Yingxue and tried to win them over, but they were not interested. Su Yingxue accidentally heard that Jia Fengyuan had bought a house outside, and Sun Xun also paid for him to buy furniture. Xu Fengqiao was very dissatisfied, so Su Yingxue hurriedly found an excuse to leave.

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