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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 15 Recap

The crisis in Sun Yulou was lifted, and he was commended by the emperor. Sun Shijie also took Wu Yuehong back. The haze that had been hanging in Sun’s mansion for many days finally dissipated, and the atmosphere of peace in the past was restored. Sun Xun and Shen Qingyao were very happy and asked Xu Fengqiao to prepare a family banquet for Sun Yulou. Both of them said they would support Wu Yuehong, and Wu Yuehong happily closed their mouths from ear to ear.

The butler found that Huanlang was knocked out and threw it at the gate of the mansion. He found a letter from him, and the butler hurriedly handed it to Sun Xun, which was a blackmail letter. Sun Yulou was robbed and demanded a ransom of 300,000 taels. Otherwise, he would kill Sun Yulou. Sun Xun was immediately dumbfounded. He did not dare to pay for the redemption, fearing that he would be accused of corruption.

Shen Qingyao immediately sent people to beg Lin Shaochun. Lin Shaochun brought a cart full of silver to rescue Sun Yulou. The robber found that the surface of the box was covered with silver and the bottom was all stones. The leader of the robber gave an order to kill Sun Yulou. Lin Shaochun desperately blocked them, explained their interests to them, and suggested that Sun Yulou write down Sun Xun’s crimes one by one, and they could take this to regularly withdraw money from Sun’s house. Sun Yulou resolutely refused to do it. He didn’t want to tarnish his father’s fame. Lin Shaochun wrote a few crimes on his behalf and forced Sun Yulou to print his fingerprints. The robbers decided to go to Sun’s house on the first and fifteenth day of every month to ask for money.

Sun Yulou was worried that this move would bring disaster to his father, and Lin Shaochun repeatedly promised that he would not. The robbers escorted the money halfway, and they were surrounded by officers and soldiers. The two sides fought fiercely, and the robbers were all arrested. Master Du conducted a surprise trial on the robbers. The head of the robber took out the guilt of Sun Xun written by Sun Yulou, and found that it had become a piece of white paper. Master Du immediately ordered them to be cut. It turned out that Lin Shaochun used the medicated special ink to write the crime, and it disappeared within half an hour. Sun Yulou thanked Lin Shaochun for his life-saving grace and promised to marry Lin Shaochun as soon as possible.

Sun Yulou came to return to the emperor, and the emperor wanted to give him a reward. Sun Yulou only asked the emperor to marry him and Lin Shaochun. The emperor gave him permission to marry him and Lin Shaochun. . When Lin Shaochun received the imperial decree from the emperor, she felt so happy, and the mother was also happy for her.

Sun Xun personally came to find Lin Shaochun and took her to the calligraphy and painting stalls on the street. Sun Xun introduced the calligraphy and painting stalls. The scholar who used to be a nobleman, because he married a poor girl, not only resigned and lost his career, but finally went down to the street. Set up a stall.

Sun Xun originally wanted Lin Shaochun to retreat, but Lin Shaochun stepped up to meet the difficulties, enumerating one by one the advantages of her not losing out to the ladies. Lin Shaochun thinks that there is nothing wrong with the life of rough tea and light rice, as long as two people agree, no matter how hard it is, then tired. Happily, Sun Xun couldn’t help but admire her and told her to go back and get ready to get married at any time.

Liang Jingguan had long heard of Lin Shaochun’s abilities, and worried that Lin Shaochun would help Sun Xun by marrying into the Sun family. Jia Fengyuan persuaded him to stay calm and vowed to overthrow Sun Xun sooner or later. Jia Fengyuan forced Su Yingxue to ask Sun Xun for the Diamond Sutra copied by him. He claimed that he wanted to sell the money to take Su Yingxue away. Su Yingxue was so confused by him that he asked Sun Xun for it, and Sun Xun gave it to her on the spot.

Today is the day when Lin Shaochun and Sun Yulou got married. The mother helped Lin Shaochun dress up early, and the wives from all the famous gates in the capital sent congratulatory gifts. Among them was a picture book of the appointment and removal of officials from the treasury. She calculated that her father died of injustice.

One year, Sun Xun was the first assistant of the treasury, and the messenger called Lin Shaochun to meet in the ruins outside the city. Lin Shaochun came to the ruins on time. The other party came to the ruins wearing a mask. He insisted that Sun Xun had planted and framed Lin Yuandao, and then pushed the charges on Liu Ying and Wu Xiang. The other party claimed that his father was also murdered by Sun Xun and also took out Liu. As evidenced by the letter between Ying and Sun Xun before her death, Lin Shaochun was dubious, and the other party asked her to put the poison of oleander processing into Sun Xun’s tea.

In fact, the person wearing the mask is Jia Fengyuan, and he wants to use Lin Shaochun to get rid of Sun Xun. Lin Shaochun came to see Sun Yulou suddenly, under the pretext of giving a gift to Sun Xun, and wanted to go to Sun Xun’s study. Sun Yulou didn’t think about it, so he took her to the study. Lin Shaochun found that the letter was exactly the same as Sun Xun’s. She didn’t. Say goodbye to Sun Yulou.

Sun’s house was lit up and down, gongs and drums were noisy, Sun Xun and Shen Qingyao waited patiently with the whole family, the family members beat gongs and drums to take Lin Shaochun into the house, and Sun Yulou held her in a kneeling worship service. The two were in the crowd. All the ceremonies were completed in the sound of blessing. Finally, Lin Shaochun offered tea to Sun Xun and Shen Qingyao respectively. Soon after Sun Xun drank it, he began to vomit blood. Xu Fengqiao insisted that Lin Shaochun had poisoned the tea. Lin Shaochun confessed to this. Shen Qingyao ordered Lin Shaochun to be detained, Sun. Yulou was dumbfounded.

Liang Jingguan couldn’t wait to know the situation of Sun Xun after being poisoned. Jia Fengyuan sent Su Yingxue to inquire. She learned from Shen Qingyao that Sun Xun was still unconscious and his life was in danger at any time. Liang Jingguan found out that Zhu Wuji, the genius doctor, could come back to life, and worried that he would save Sun Xun.

Sun Yulou felt that Lin Shaochun’s poisoning was unspeakable. He took Huan Lang to search in the living room carefully, and finally found a tea pole, and hurriedly handed it to the doctor Jiang for testing. The tea was not poisonous at all. The fake Zhu Wuji came to Sun Mansion. He wanted to take the opportunity to kill Sun Xun. He didn’t expect that Sun Xun would wake up suddenly. He was not poisoned at all.

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