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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 2 Recap

Qi Yan led the team to hunt, Qiu Yanzhi specially came to wait for Cheng Ruoyu and asked her to protect Qi Yan. Qiu Yanzhi worried that she was injured and could not protect Qi Yan. Cheng Ruoyu vowed to promise, Qiu Yanzhi didn’t believe it at all. Cheng Ruoyu made a bet. If she could catch more prey, Qiu Yanzhi would never show up next to Qi Yan. The two hit it off.

Cheng Ruoyu reported to Qi Yan about her bet with Qiu Yanzhi, and Qi Yan did not object. When the game time came, Cheng Ruoyu brought her prey to the agreed place and found that Qiu Yanzhi was looking for help from the shogi camp, and he had more prey than she did. Cheng Ruoyu was not convinced, and Qi Yan came to help Cheng Ruoyu in time. According to the number of foxes, let them help Cheng Ruoyu hunt foxes.

Cheng Ruoyu hunted more foxes than Qiu Yanzhi, but Qiu Yanzhi had enough foxes captured by the merchants. Cheng Ruoyu had to admit defeat. She thought she was driven out of the Ziyi Bureau, but Qiu Yanzhi did not expect Qiu Yanzhi to make her embroider. Cheng Ruoyu could not embroider, so she had to ask her maid and Awu for help. Cheng Xi sent someone to investigate Qiu Yanzhi’s details. It was found that she had been living in Lefang eight years ago. Qiu Ziliang saw her guarding her righteous daughter. Cheng Xi sent people to continue investigating Qiu Yanzhi. The situation before Yanzhi.

Qi Yan summoned Qiu Yanzhi and forced her to ask her true identity. Qiu Yanzhi vowed to be loyal to Qi Yan and revitalize Daxing. The empress dowager Guo called Qi Yan and gave a severe lesson. Cheng Ruoyu gave the embroidery to Qiu Yanzhi, and Qiu Yanzhi recognized at a glance that it was embroidered for her by someone else.

Qi Yan did not go to court today, and wanted to go hunting. Cheng Ruoyu was very dissatisfied and decided that Qiu Yanzhi was a hindrance. Qi Yan asked Cheng Ruoyu to ride a horse with him and told her about hunting skills. Cheng Ruoyu saw Qi Yan’s success with his own eyes, and couldn’t help but look at him with admiration. Cheng Ruoyu suddenly noticed that an assassin was aiming at Qi Yan. She fought to push Qi Yan down, and both of them fell under the horse.

Cheng Ruoyu believes that the assassin sent by Qiu Yanzhi to assassin, Qi Yan took out the tip of the arrow that was broken off the scene, and found that it was not poisonous. Qi Yan concluded that the assassin wanted to blame Qiu Yanzhi, and sent Qiu Yanzhi to investigate from the tip of the arrow. I didn’t expect all the people in the forge to be poisoned by rat poison. Qiu Yanzhi hurriedly reported to Qi Yan that Qi Yan didn’t want to go to court today. Cheng Ruoyu suggested going to Heng’an City for a stroll and eating noodles by the way.

When Qiu Ziliang saw that Qi Yan was not coming to court, he ignored Cheng’s obstruction and sent someone to take away all the memorials. Qiu Yanzhi suggested going to the noodle restaurant that she and her sister used to eat when they were young. Cheng Ruoyu claimed that the boss had passed away and has now changed her name. Cheng Ruoyu ordered three bowls of noodles. Qiu Yanzhi went to the table next to him. Cheng Ruoyu gobbled it down and began to eat the noodles. Qi Yan was infected by her, but he took a bite and felt too sour. Qiu Yanzhi did not move his chopsticks. It’s too sour.

Qi Yan bite the bullet and ate it, Cheng Ruoyu was very happy. A few masked men in black broke into the noodle restaurant and stabbed Qi Yan. Cheng Ruoyu and Qiu Yanzhi rushed forward and beat them all without any effort. Qi Yan was unscathed, Cheng Ruoyu and Qiu Yanzhi Suspecting each other, Qi Yan hurriedly stopped the two of them.

Cheng Ruoyu returned to the Ziyi Bureau to return to Cheng Xi, begging Cheng Xi to give her an antidote, but it took three days for the antidote to recover all her skills. Cheng Xi suspected Qiu Yanzhi’s actions and suffered from no conclusive evidence. Today is the 59th birthday of Qiu Ziliang. He wanted to invite the girls from the Ziyi Bureau to dance and cheer. Cheng Ruoyu strongly opposed her. Qi Yan hurriedly stopped her and agreed to Qiu Ziliang’s request. Qiu Yanzhi complained that Cheng Ruoyu was too impulsive. It was Qiu Ziliang’s undercover agent who had inserted Qi Yan next to him, worried that her words and deeds would affect Cheng Xi and Cheng.

Cheng Ruoyu realized that he had made a mistake, and hurriedly went to inform Cheng Xi, Cheng Ruoyu

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