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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 1 Recap

In the nine years of Taian, the Daxing dynasty was precarious, and the eunuch Qiu Ziliang took power. In order to get rid of his control, Xing Wenzong united with Li Xu, Zheng Lu and the prime minister Wang Yang to jointly plan the eradication of Qiu Ziliang’s change of court. As a result, Li Xu and Zheng Lu’s temporary defiance led to the plan. It ended in failure. Qiu Ziliang led a talented army to chase and kill Wang Yang. Wang Yang had no choice but to escape from the secret road with his two granddaughters. However, Qiu Ziliang was caught by Qiu Ziliang. Qiu Ziliang shot Wang Yang to death on the spot, leaving the two granddaughters in fright. While fleeing, Qiu Ziliang ordered Wang Yang’s body to be taken back to the downtown area and cut in the middle.

When Xing Wenzong died, Qiu Ziliang supported Qi Yan, the younger brother of Xing Wenzong, and Qi Yan was the son of Qiu Ziliang. Qiu Ziliang pointed at him, but Qi Yan obeyed his words on the surface, but the idea of ​​getting rid of him emerged in his heart. Qiu Ziliang also violated yang and yin, bowed to Qi Yan in front of him, arguing at him everywhere in private.

Cheng Ruoyu is a powerful martial artist in the Ziyi Bureau. She defeated several people in a row. Cheng Wei’s next candidate for the swordsman, Cheng Ruoyu wanted to go out before entering the palace to relax, so she met with Awu and the others to go outing, and they ended up walking with them. When he was scattered, Cheng Ruoyu went to the woods to look for it, and suddenly saw a pair of horses galloping, he recognized at a glance that the leader was the handsome Qi Yan.

When Qi Yan saw the prey, he immediately bent her bow and shot it out. Feather arrows flew past Cheng Ruoyu’s side. She shouted in fright. Qi Yan ordered her to be killed. Cheng Ruoyu showed her Ziyi round waist card. He also made it clear that she was a candidate for the new swordman, and Qi Yan let her go.

The Ziyi Bureau is an organization dedicated to Qi Yan, and Qiu Ziliang hates this organization. Soon afterwards, Qi Yan decreed that Cheng Ruoyu was appointed the twenty-third sword bearer of the Ziyi Bureau. He personally handed the green light sword to Cheng Ruoyu. Cheng Ruoyu vowed to live up to his holy grace in public and serve the country wholeheartedly. Effectiveness.

Cheng Ruoyu met Qiu Yanzhi as soon as she left the palace. Qiu Yanzhi was the adopted daughter of Qiu Ziliang and the new banner holder of the shogi camp. She congratulated Cheng Ruoyu for fulfilling her wish. It turned out that when Cheng Ruoyu came to the capital, he took Qiu Yanzhi’s carriage halfway into the city. Qiu Yanzhi was gentle and elegant, always holding a book. Cheng Ruoyu took the initiative to chat with her and gave her snacks.

Cheng Ruoyu wanted to invite Qiu Yanzhi to dinner. Before Qiu Yanzhi could answer, Qiu Ziliang suddenly interrupted their conversation and took Qiu Yanzhi home. He asked her about the acquaintance with Cheng Ruoyu while playing chess. Tobacco weaving reports truthfully. Qi Yan sent someone to find out about Cheng Ruoyu and learned that her parents had died eight years ago and went to the Ziyi Bureau to go to the Shang Palace Chengxi.

Cheng Xi is the younger sister of the eunuch Cheng Huaizhi. The empress dowager Guo was very dissatisfied with Cheng Ruoyu as a sword bearer, and Cheng Huaizhi hurriedly explained to Qi Yan. Qi Yan remembered Gong Sunjing, the last sword-holder. After the death of the first emperor, Gong Sunjing swears to his death and no longer loyal to him. Qi Yan knows Gong Sunjing’s upright personality and can’t understand him being controlled by Qiu Ziliang. Qi Yan also No more reluctance.

Qiu Ziliang wanted Qi Yan to obey him wholeheartedly, and sent Qi Yanzhi a Xiaoyaowu Pill to Qi Yan. Qi Yan put the pill in the tea and forced Qi Yan to drink it in person. Qi Yan was very resistant, and Qiu Yanzhi moved out. Qiu Ziliang threatened. Cheng Ruoyu could see clearly outside the door. She rushed in and lied that she was too thirsty to go to the side hall to fight the fire. She picked up the teacup on the table and drank it. Cheng Ruoyu fainted on the spot, Qiu Yan. Zhizhi hurried back to report.

Qi Yan saw that Cheng Ruoyu was acting at a glance, and hurriedly woke her up. Cheng Ruoyu couldn’t wait to ask Qi Yan for credit. Instead, Qi Yan gave him a lesson. Cheng Xi came and blamed Cheng Ruoyu for being reckless and Qi Yan. He promised to give Cheng Ruoyu only one chance. Cheng Xi clicked Cheng Ruoyu’s acupuncture point angrily, not allowing her to leave the Ziyi Bureau for half a step.

Cheng Xi apologized to Qi Yan and reminded him to beware of Qiu Ziliang. Qi Yan was helpless, and Cheng Xi encouraged him to give it a go. Qi Yan witnessed the bloody change of the Chao Lu, and worried that Cheng Xi would betray like Li Xu and Zheng Lu. Cheng Huaizhi vowed to ensure that he and Cheng Xi would have no different intentions. Cheng Xi gave Cheng Ruoyu a pill and let it out. Cheng Ruoyu lost all martial arts due to taking the free pill, and could not serve the country within half a year. Qiu Ziliang learned of this and sent someone to investigate it. After the onset of the effect of this pill, it was confirmed that Cheng Ruoyu had taken Xiaoyaowaiwu Pill.

Qi Yan put on his dragon robe and wanted to go to court. Qiu Yanzhi hurried to inform him that Qiu Ziliang was furious because Qi Yan didn’t drink Xiaoyaowaiwudan and thunder. Qi Yan should go hunting today and make a plaything look like a plaything that paralyzes Qiu Ziliang. It is suggested that Qi Yan use the beauty trick to test Cheng Ruoyu, and Qi Yan fully agrees. Qiu Yanzhi is the adopted daughter of Qiu Ziliang, but she wants to avenge her grandfather Wang Yang.

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