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Crush 原来我很爱你 Episode 9 Recap

Wuyan planned to move to Su Nianqu’s house for a period of time, but Xu Qian was about to rent a house, so she invited her to live in her own house temporarily. Wu Yan squeezed a glass of lemon juice for Su Nianqu, Su Nianqu received the band audio from Xiaolu, and he heard that it was the practice sound of Wei Hao’s band.

Sister Xi and Xiaolu had a dinner. Xiaolu said that Su Nianqu heard the band’s contact audio and said it was very good. Sister Xi is going to open a new show focusing on young independent musicians, and she intends to find guests using Wei Hao’s band as a sample. Xiao Lu was excited and secretly informed her that Su Nianqu was in a relationship recently, but she did not expect that Sister Xi did not show a gossip expression, but rather nervously asked who the girl was. After learning that Wuyan was shocked, she seemed to be worried. generally. Xiao Lu hopes that she will keep this matter secret, and Sister Xi wants her to rest assured.

Wuyan took Su Nianqu to watch a horror movie. There were only two people in the early stage of the movie theater. Even though he was very scared, he helped him explain the plot in a low voice. At the end of the movie, the two went home on the same subway, but they caught up with the morning rush hour. They were dispersed by the crowd. One got into the car and the other could not get in because there were too many people. Everyone had their mobile phones in their bags. After getting off the bus at the next stop, they quickly got into the car in the opposite direction. When they returned to the previous stop, they found that Su Nianqu was waiting for him at the place where he was waiting for the bus.

Su Nianqu told her not to worry, no matter where she was lost, she would wait for her where she was. Xiaolu came back to visit, and saw that Su Nianqu’s relationship became more talkative, and she was very happy for him.

Nie Xi transferred Wuyan back to his group. Wuyan wanted to come back, thinking that Sister Xi really wanted to help herself, so she packed her things and went back home happily. However, for some reason, Xi’s current attitude towards her has changed drastically, and she is very indifferent to hand in a lot of tasks.

Sister Xi was very dissatisfied with the results of Wu Yan’s work. After seeing the results of Wu Yan, my colleagues felt that there was nothing wrong with Wu Yan’s results, and thought that maybe Sister Xi wanted to exercise her. Su Nianqu passed by the radio station, and deliberately looked downstairs without a trace. Sister Xi saw the scene of the two embracing her, and her expression instantly changed. Xiao Lu in the car happened to witness all this.

Wuyan talked to Wei Hao and Xu Qian about her recent work. She didn’t understand why Xi Sister would change her attitude so much. Wei Hao thought she had been rectified, and the frizzy might offend someone. Xu Qian thought she was an intern. Health, nothing can threaten colleagues.

During the New Year holiday during the winter vacation, Wuyan and Su Nianqu separated briefly. When they returned to their hometown for the New Year, they were almost discovered by their mother. Wei Hao visited Xu Qian’s grandmother and happened to meet Xu Qian’s mother. Xu Qian privately informed that she hoped that in the future, regardless of whether her mother actively contacted him or borrowed money from him, she would ignore it. Doing nothing is the greatest help to herself.

At the end of the winter vacation, Wu Yan prepared for the next public class, and also consulted Su Nianquan what the children generally like. Su Nianquan said that she only stayed in the orphanage until the age of six. I can’t remember the course very well. Wuyan wanted to ask about his later life experience, but was rejected.

The public class was successfully completed. Wuyan deliberately took a photo with Su Nianqu, and received a call from her mother in the middle. Her mother found a job as a middle school psychology teacher in her hometown and was rejected by Wuyan. She felt that her daughter had been sneaking up recently. Awkward.

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