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Crush 原来我很爱你 Episode 8 Recap

Su Nianqu rushed to Wuyan’s home in time, looked at her listless fever, and decided to take her to the hospital. When holding a person down the stairs, he stepped on the air because he couldn’t see clearly. In order to protect Wuyan in his arms, Su Nianqu’s arm was hit on the back several times.

After a doctor’s diagnosis, Wu Yan had measles, but it was not serious and would heal after a few days of recuperation. Su Nianju took her back to her home to take care of her. Wuyan woke up midway that night and saw Su Nianquan in the living room reading a Braille biography of a celebrity.

Xu Qian helped Wei Hao wipe the music equipment that was wet in the rain, and informed that she had left the radio station and there would be a lot of interviews later. Wuyan didn’t understand her behavior because she had reason to be pure, and she Facing the reality and hardships of life, there is no pure confidence. Wei Hao said that he would make a lot of money with Xu Qian.

Wu Yan told Su Nianqu that he wanted to drink water. Su originally opened the refrigerator to get a bottle of water but suddenly stopped. After that, he started boiling water with an electric kettle, thinking that cool white water would be healthier for the body. Holding the boiled water that the idol specially boiled for himself, Wuyan was very happy, and asked him if he would watch a movie. As soon as he finished speaking, he realized that his expression was improper. How can people with eye diseases watch movies.

Su Nianqu said that he doesn’t watch movies. For him, what he touches is more direct than what he sees. Wuyan asked him if he heard the broadcast of his contribution. After not getting a timely answer from the other party, he directly touched his chest, and after experiencing the heartbeat, he said that he was actually “hearted.” Su Nianqu was a little surprised and gentle at Wuyan’s movement of touching her heart.

Wuyan felt exhausted due to illness, and fell asleep in the living room after a while. The quilt that Su Nianqu covered her was kicked away many times, but after putting a cooling sticker on her forehead, she slammed it up and sent it to the bedroom to sleep. .

The next day, Su Nianqu, who woke up early, made breakfast specially for Wuyan. He was scalded by the spilled oil when he was frying eggs. He grabbed a piece of aloe to wipe the wound, and hurriedly heard Wuyan’s cough when he woke up. Hide the aloe vera. After waking up, she saw a plate of burnt omelettes made by Su Nianqu and expressed her doubts about whether this breakfast could be eaten.

Xu Qian went to a financial company for an interview. The other party thought that although her school was very good and had a high grade point, she was not a student in a relevant major, and refused. After Wei Hao and others moved the music equipment out of the leaking training room, Xu Qian appeared in time and said that if everyone didn’t dislike it, she wanted to return to the band.

Wuyan received a call from Wei Hao, and after learning that the rehearsal room was flooded, she took the initiative to call Sister Xi to ask for help in finding the training room. Sister Xi and school girl Yu Xiaolu met with the Wei Hao band. Xiaolu asked everyone if they had the idea of ​​developing into the professional singer field. Wei Hao and others did not want to be kidnapped by commercial factors for their creative inspiration, saying that they did not have this idea for the time being.

After listening to a band rehearsal and singing, Xiao Lu expressed great affirmation to Wei Hao’s band, and recorded a section for music-making friends to listen to. Wu Yan took the scald medicine to Su Nianqu to wipe the wound burned by the oil, and Su felt sorry for his departure without saying goodbye.

Su Nianqu had a nightmare, Wuyan turned on the light in time and kissed him, and the two officially established a relationship. In the early morning of the next day, Xiao Lu came to Su Nianqu’s house, but she happened to see the little couple crooked, but she did not expect to become a single dog who was abused.

Wu Yan went home to pack her things and plan to live in Su Nianqu’s house for a few days. She happened to ran into Xu Qian. The two talked about their relationship issues. Xu Qian said that she could not choose her parents. The family situation was not good, and she had to be a daughter anyway. Take the responsibility, and she doesn’t want Wei Hao to experience this with herself, she doesn’t want to drag him down.

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