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Crush 原来我很爱你 Episode 10 Recap

Wuyan’s mother made several deathly phone calls to urge her daughter to return to her hometown to teach. After she discovered that Wuyan had sworn to death, she changed her strategy and started calling Cheng Yin to inquire about the news. Cheng Yin was also too annoyed to persuade Wuyan to fall in love as soon as possible. Tell the family.

After another phone call from Wuyan’s mother, she finally told her about the relationship. Her mother asked several questions about the man. After learning that he had visual defects and grew up in an orphanage, and his family was unknown, her mother Apart from anything else, immediately book a flight ticket to stay for a few days.

Wuyan’s mother came to visit Wuyan, and she immediately packed up her daughter’s things when she came to the rental house and asked her to go back to her hometown with herself immediately. Wu Yan originally wanted her mother to meet Su Nianqu, but she didn’t expect her mother to have this idea at all. Wuyan’s mother told this matter that she and her father disagreed. She believed that she was still young and had not experienced the hardships of life. She was dazzled by love for a while. Love cannot rely on impulse, but must have a sense of security and responsibility. Wuyan disagrees with her mother’s attitude, and the mother and daughter conflict.

Xiao Lu picked up a woman from the airport, and the two of them drove to the door of Su Nianqu’s house. Xiaolu stepped forward and opened the door. The woman looked at Nianqu from a distance in the car. After learning that Wuyan might bring her mother to meet, Xiaolu went out to buy groceries and made a large table of food, but the two waited until nine o’clock in the evening to see no one.

The next day Wuyan sent his angry mother away and came to Su Nianqu’s house. He just heard him arguing with Xiaolu about his father. Xiaolu was angry and told Wuyan that it was Su Nian the day before. The birthday of the quilt. In order to make up for a birthday, Wu Yan took Su Nianqu to a noodle restaurant to line up for dinner and ordered a bowl of longevity noodles for him.

The woman who had seen Su Nianqu from a distance from the car returned home and blamed Su’s father for not being angry with Su Nianqu’s child, so that he is now reluctant to go home.

After Wuyan’s mother went home, she told Wuyan’s father about her daughter. As a result, his father had a brain hemorrhage for a while and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment and then into the ICU ward. Mother didn’t tell Wuyan about this.

Su Nianqu had a nightmare and started talking about piano again. He told Wuyan that his mother had asked him to practice piano since he was a child, and that his mother had passed away on a certain birthday when he was a child. He believed that his mother was suffering from the moment she gave birth to her child with eye problems.

Wu Yan officially moved to Su Nianqu’s house for a long time, and he was called to take care of him. As a result, he couldn’t even cook food. After tossing for a long time, he burned his hand. Su Nianqu grabbed a piece of aloe to help her wipe the wound.

Wuyan wanted to buy a suitable watch for Su Nianqu, but when she was choosing it, she happened to be seen by Sister Xi. Sister Xi suddenly improved her attitude and said that she would help keep it secret.

When Su Nianqu put on the watch he chose, Wuyan told him that his time had started again, and he had to live a good life, take care of himself, and change his bad temper, so that the two of them could grow old forever. Su Nianqu said that this confession was used. The words are too old-fashioned.

Wu Yan found a photo of Su Nian Chu’s family that looked like a family portrait, but Su Nian Chu had no idea about it. After hearing Wu Yan describe the content of the photo, he was very angry. It turned out that this photo was his father’s remarriage. After taking pictures with myself, I obviously hated everyone in this photo except Xiaolu, but Xiaolu told me that it was a decorative painting without telling me that it was a decorative painting and put it at home grandiosely.

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