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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 1 Recap

In September 2018, the police arrested a gang that illegally smuggled fuel. The leader was named Yu Dasheng, nicknamed Yutou. He Yong, the leader of the Anti-Dangerous Detachment of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Public Security Department of Zhongjiang Province and the leader of the September 15th task force, followed the clue of Yu Dasheng, confirming that 14 years ago, Ma Shuai asked Yu Dasheng and Yang Dong to beat Mai Zili.

Yu Dasheng repeatedly stated that it was Yang Dong who started, and he also admitted that it was Ma Shuai who instructed him and Yang Dong to go to Mai to stand on their own. A huge case began to slowly surface. At this time, Ma Shuai was detained at the No. 1 Detention Center in Luteng City, Zhongjiang Province because of a fight with Xiang Tian. The “former criminal police” Li Chengyang was reading him a document on the eradication of crimes, and Marshal was eating all kinds of seafood and sashimi in the detention center, which shows that the guards here have been eroded by the evil forces.

Li Chengyang joined Marshal’s Marshal Group ten years ago and is currently the legal counsel of Marshal Group. He has a life-long friendship with Marshal. Li Chengyang’s cell phone rang, and Ma Shuai put away the expression on his face. He knew that the central supervision team was coming. On September 21, 2018, the 36th Supervision Team of the Central Committee entered Luteng City, Zhongjiang Province to carry out the work of sweeping the black and evil, and sinking the supervision work.

It is like a stagnant pond of Luteng City, ushering in a ray of light, which also means The fragile balance between black and white in Luteng City was completely broken. Mai Zili’s wife Xue Mei recorded a video in which he reported Ma Shuai by her real name and accused him of killing her husband Mai Zili. She said in the video that on June 19, 2004, Marshal called Mai Zili out, but he never came back.

Li Chengyang showed Marshal some information about the leadership. Marshal didn’t understand the use of them coming to Luteng City to make such a big disturbance. Li Chengyang whispered, the most important thing is not to enter the portfolio of the Central Supervision Group. During the ten years when Li Chengyang supported Ma Shuai, he was confident that Ma Shuai did not enter the portfolio of the Central Supervision Group.

The supervision team rushed to Luteng City from the airport special line. Wang Zheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor of Zhongjiang Province, welcomed their arrival. Xue Mei rushed to call her husband for 14 years. After she had some evidence in her hand, she wanted to defend her husband on the way into Luteng City by the supervision team. She didn’t expect to be hit and killed by a sanitation vehicle. The other party was obviously very purposeful. After hitting Xue Mei to death, the other party took her body and buried it in the suburbs where the night was dark and windy.

Li Chengyang began to think that Marshal had deliberately clashed with Xiang Tian, ​​intending to escape the supervision team through the period of detention. Li Chengyang reminded him that if he entered the portfolio of the supervision team, it would be useless to hide here. Ma Shuai said that he had done nothing, and the two were talking. He Yong came to the detention center to inquire about Ma Shuai, and Li Chengyang needed to evade.

He Yong asked him about Yang Dong. Marshal remembered Yang Dong’s affairs in 2004 very clearly, but he avoided talking about his own affairs. He Yong reminded him that if he didn’t talk about it now, the nature would be completely different when he was officially arraigned. Even so, Ma Shuai refused to confess the truth. He Yong took out an interrogation to clarify the evidence. It was inevitable to dismiss Ma Shuai. He actually twisted his left little finger to self-mutilation. Out of humanitarianism, He Yong had to suspend the interrogation and ask him to go to the infirmary for treatment. .

Zhongjiang Province hosted a banquet for the supervision team. Xie Zhonglin, the governor of Zhongjiang Province, introduced He Yun, the executive deputy director of the Luteng City Public Security Bureau, and the director of the Anti-Magazine Office of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and Dong Yao, the mayor of Shimen District, Luteng City, to Luo Shanhe.

At the banquet, several people looked at Luoshanhe and looked very suspicious. Soon after, news of Mar Shuai’s self-harm to avoid interrogation reached Luo Shanhe’s ears. He mentioned Marshal’s name in public. Someone accidentally broke a cup, and the cracking sound was particularly harsh. Luo Shanhe smiled and said, hoping that those who are eating here now can still participate in the celebration banquet in a month’s time.

There was something in Luo Shanhe’s words, and the smile on Wang Zheng’s face was stiff for a moment, but it was fleeting. At the same time, Zheng Yihong, president of Luteng City Union Media Media Company, told Luteng Mayor Teng Capital’s chairman Gao Mingyuan that Ma Shuai broke his pinky finger in the detention center. Gao Mingyuan immediately guessed that it was the pinky of his left hand that he had broken off. He learned that the police and the supervision team had found out about 14 years ago and some clues. Gao Mingyuan gave Zheng Yihong an order and let her start to pinch off this clue.

At that time, Li Chengyang assured He Yong with the feelings of their four years in university that the New Commander Group and Marshal had been clean for the past ten years. He Yong didn’t say anything, only mentioned that Marshal had broken his finger. Li Chengyang’s expression changed. After He Yong left, Li Chengyang began to have strange tinnitus frequently. This is a problem that he had fallen into many years ago, tinnitus will appear when he gets excited.

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