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Broker 掮客 Episode 27 Recap

Mr. Huang didn’t want Qiu Jianing to go to City A for a meeting. He replaced the person attending the meeting with Sun Lei. He also hoped to fight for Zhou Xiaoshan again. Xiaoxiao was very angry when she heard about this. The company was unfair to Qiu Jianing. She was the leader of the project. Xiaoxiao asked if Zhu Zhu had sue Zhuang with the head office. She liked Zhou Xiaoshan in the first place, but then he and Qiu Jianing were together.

Qiu Jianing quickly left with a smile and told her that not everyone has the ability to be her opponent. No matter who filed the complaint, Qiu Jianing made Xiaoxiao do what she should do, and understood that she was fighting for her own injustice, and her situation was much better than when she had just returned to China.

Zhou Xiaoshan and Molly returned to City A, Qiu Jianing also found a new solution, and everyone immediately prepared to experiment. Zhou Xiaoshan went to buy a drunk as soon as he went back, and regarded others as Qiu Jianing. Finally thrown out by the bar. Molly was sad to see Zhou Xiaoshan’s so decadent appearance. It’s been half a month, and Zhou Xiaoshan still bet and drink every day. Molly went to Uncle Cha to let Zhou Xiaoshan go.

He was alive and dead now. Uncle Cha obviously refused to let Zhou Xiaoshan go, and he could see Molly’s feelings for Zhou Xiaoshan. Uncle Cha said that he wasted a lot of money to train Zhou Xiaoshan, how should this debt be repaid, Molly said that she could use her life as a cow and horse to repay Zhou Xiaoshan’s debt.

The executive handed over a book to Qiu Jianing, saying that he had found it from Zhou Xiaoshan’s dormitory. Qiu Jianing turned two pages and saw the familiar Han Hanlong in it. The result of the laboratory synthesis came out. When I wanted to check it, Qiu Jianing posted the Han Hanlong on the computer and said it was a mascot. The experiment was successful, and the laboratory burst into cheers. Xiaoxiao took Sun Lei to dinner and asked him if he was unhappy because Qiu Jianing could not go to the conference.

She also said that she had a way to let Qiu Jianing go, but she couldn’t go there if she went to Sun Lei. Participating in the science conference is Sun Lei’s dream. Sun Lei is indeed lost, but he thinks this qualification belongs to Qiu Jianing. Qiu Jianing smiled, Sun Lei is indeed arrogant, but also upright. Sun Lei said that Xiaoxiao grew up very quickly, and he liked it very much whether it was the previous one or the current one.

Zhou Xiaoshan was very happy when he received the news that the experiment was successful. He did not miss Qiu Jianing. Qiu Jianing felt a little depressed when she returned home. When she needed Zhou Xiaoshan the most, he was not by her side. Sun Lei said that he was going to Guangdong on a business trip, and the time overlapped the time of the Science and Technology Conference, so he had no choice but to leave it to Qiu Jianing, and Mr. Huang also agreed. Qiu Jianing could see that Sun Lei deliberately gave her the opportunity.

Except for Mr. Wang, who has been with this project for the longest time, he is more qualified to stand on the stage of the world. Sun Lei said that the appearance of Qiu Jianing changed his views on researchers returning from overseas. It is not his origin but his practice that can determine the height of a person. Qiu Jianing expressed his gratitude and went to the hospital to visit Mrs. Wang, but Mrs. Wang still did not wake up. When leaving the hospital, Qin Bin told Qiu Jianing that he had given her a place in the science conference.

Qiu Jiaxin took out a gift and asked Qin Bin to give it to Molly. The next day, Qiu Jianing and Qin Bin landed in City A. After checking into the arranged hotel, Qin Bin took Qiu Jianing to eat together, and went to the city hall by the way. Here Qiu Jianing met Harry. Harry and his partner introduced Qiu Jianing as his former employee, but he had betrayed him. What is more interesting is that Qiu Jianing and his research direction are the same.

Qiu Jianing calmly stated that there will be a global launch of the source plan here in three days, and Harry is welcome to attend. When Qiu Jianing and Qin Bin ate together, Zhou Xiaoshan was nearby. Qiu Jianing heard a familiar song on the street, which reminded her of the feeling of being abandoned.

Qiu Jianing was entangled whether to find her mother, Zhou Xiaoshan suddenly appeared and asked her why she didn’t dare to go in, and when she was going to escape. Zhou Xiaoshan persuaded Qiu Jianing not to let this shadow affect her forever. Once some people missed it, it would be a farewell. Zhou Xiaoshan took Qiu Jianing to find her mother, Lili, who was doing cleaning in the hotel. Qiu Jianing called her mother. It was her 22nd birthday when she came to see her six years ago, but Lily refused to recognize her. At that time, Qiu Jianing hated her mother, but now that Qiu Jianing has an inexplicable relationship, she understands her.

If she chooses again, she will still choose to fall in love with Zhou Xiaoshan, and she does not regret it. Qiu Jianing took Lily’s hand and said, there are many kinds of maternal love, she is the bravest kind, she will be good, and persuaded her mother to bravely pursue the life she wants to live. Qiu Jianing left in tears, Zhou Xiaoshan chose to stay with her silently.

Zhou Xiaoshan would dream of Qiu Jianing every day when he came back for a month. He missed her very much. Qiu Jianing was speechless, he was the one who wanted to be together, he was the one who wanted to break up, and he was the one who wanted to resign. Now it is him who is looking for her. Zhou Xiaoshan said that he had figured out one thing.

From the beginning, the person he fell in love with was Qiu Jianing. But Zhou Xiaoshan only said these words now, Qiu Jianing didn’t have any waves in his heart, he had cried and hated, and it would be better to keep that relationship in his heart. But Zhou Xiaoshan wanted to continue this relationship. He hoped that Qiu Jianing would give him another chance. Qiu Jianing refused to say that once something was missed, it would be difficult to come back.

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