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Broker 掮客 Episode 26 Recap

Molly received a call from Uncle Cha asking why Zhou Xiaoshan had to give up the task because of Qiu Jianing? Zhou Xiaoshan obviously can survive and live the life he wants, but without Qiu Jianing, there would be no life Zhou Xiaoshan wants. Molly asked Zhou Xiaoshan if he had forgotten his grandmother? Zhou Xiaoshan said that as long as he can leave this task with Qiu Jianing, he can do anything, and he does not need to leave Uncle Cha.

Zhou Xiaoshan couldn’t destroy this project, because it was equivalent to ruining Qiu Jianing. Zhou Xiaoshan asked Molly to help cut the fruit, and then turned on the computer to delete all the information about this project. After Molly found out, it was too late. Molly was very broken. Zhou Xiaoshan persuaded her not to do this again, otherwise his day would be Mo. Li’s tomorrow.

Ama Zhou Xiaoshan had no choice in Uncle Cha’s hands, but Molly was still young and didn’t care about it, but Molly started a new life because of Zhou Xiaoshan, she wanted to follow Zhou Xiaoshan. Zhou Xiaoshan asked her to learn to be independent, because she won’t have him in her future life. Molly cried very sad. If Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t plan to be responsible for her, why should she save her. Zhou Xiaoshan replied that he regretted it. If he knew that saving Molly would bring her into this world, he would rather not meet her. Similarly, Molly couldn’t forget the friendship with Qiu Jiaxin. With so many dirty pasts on their backs, can they really participate in the world of ordinary people?

Qiu’s mother and Qiu’s father talked about Molly. She felt that Molly was very scheming, and she owed Molly such a big favor without a father or mother, who had never been to college. Molly was very angry when she heard these words, and left with the fruit basket she was going to visit Mother Qiu. There were three customers in the fighting hall who spoke frivolously.

Molly was even more angry when she thought of Qiu’s father and Qiu’s mother. The resignation of Zhou Xiaoshan made his colleagues very sad. Mr. Wang is now lying in the hospital, and he left his hands when the project reached the most critical point. Molly was driven away by the boss, but the boss refused to pay her salary. Molly threatened him and agreed to pay her tomorrow.

Zhou Xiaoshan packed up his things and left the company. Qiu Jianing did not try to retain him, and his colleagues could only sigh silently. Sun Lei heard that Zhou Xiaoshan had left and was a little worried about Qiu Jianing. Mr. Huang originally had opinions about them. Sun Lei felt that Zhou Xiaoshan’s resignation should be suppressed first and not reported to the head office. Qiu Jianing is a person Sun Lei admires, and I believe that no difficulty can crush her.

Molly went to see Qiu Jiaxin to say goodbye, saying that Zhou Xiaoshan had resigned and they were going back. Qiu Jiaxin was very reluctant, and said that she would go to Molly on vacation. Molly said that she was a bad person, but after meeting Qiu Jiaxin, she has been struggling between the bad guy and the chivalrous girl. She is very grateful to Molly. It is she who made herself feel the world she had never felt before.

Uncle Cha went to find his son-in-law Wen Zhao, and said that Zhou Xiaoshan had not been very obedient recently and asked him to help him teach a lesson. He also said that Xianglan has been gone for so many years, and Wen Zhao should start a new life. Wen Zhao rejected Uncle Cha. He said that Xianglan had not returned yet, so he would not move Zhou Xiaoshan. Qin Bin was preparing to go to City A for a meeting. Qiu Jiaxin said that Zhou Xiaoshan had resigned and returned to City A.

Qin Bin couldn’t understand it. Qin Bin called Zhou Xiaoshan and asked him to meet at Xu Qianya’s bar. Qin Bin said that Zhou Xiaoshan’s resignation at this juncture was adding chaos to the project. He didn’t believe that Zhou Xiaoshan had no feelings for Qiu Jianing. Zhou Xiaoshan said he was afraid of hurting Qiu Jianing before leaving. Qin Bin was speechless, he could feel Qin Bin’s love for Qiu Jianing, but he turned his face when he said that he turned his face. Zhou Xiaoshan had a heavy face, and even told Qin Bin that if they got married one day, remember to tell him.

Xiao Yuer said that there was a meteor shower to make a wish at night. His wish was to find his father. Qin Bin’s expression was stunned. Xiao Yuer said that the adults are too pessimistic, because they are afraid of bad consequences and will never do it, but if they do not do it, they will never do it. There are no consequences. Zhou Xiaoshan and Molly will leave tomorrow, Qiu Jiaxin asked Qiu Jianing if they wanted to send them off, but Qiu Jianing refused to go.

In the middle of the night, Qiu Jianing looked at Zhou Xiaoshan’s family and had a safe journey. Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t intend to let Molly go with her, but Molly chose to go with him because she felt that she could not lead a normal life, no matter how hard she tried. Qiu Jiaxin specially came to send Molly off, and Molly was a little touched. As soon as Qiu Jianing went to work, he was told that Mr. Huang had come.

Mr. Huang had come here specially when he heard that Zhou Xiaoshan had resigned, and believed that Zhou Xiaoshan’s resignation was due to the emotional entanglement with Qiu Jianing. Qiu Jianing admitted that she didn’t handle this matter well, but everyone was serious about the experiment. Li Chunran, Xiaoxiao and others also rushed to ensure that the relationship did not delay work. Sun Lei said that since Qiu Jianing came to the laboratory, the working atmosphere has become particularly good, and he is willing to stand on Qiu Jianing’s side.

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