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Broker 掮客 Episode 25 Recap

Everyone booed Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan to drink. At first, Qiu Jianing wanted to avoid suspicion, but finally stood up and had a drink. Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t expect to drink more. Under the premeditated drunkenness of everyone, Zhou Xiaoshan became drunk. Li Chunran said that he opened a room upstairs for him and asked Qiu Jianing and his colleagues to send him up. After Qiu Jianing and his colleague sent Zhou Xiaoshan back to their room, the colleague said to go to the front desk of the hotel for sober medicine.

Qiu Jianing was busy taking care of Zhou Xiaoshan and was suddenly taken into his arms. The drunk Zhou Xiaoshan thought he was dreaming, and he couldn’t forget Qiu Jianing. Can’t forget. The truth from Zhou Xiaoshan’s drunkenness caused Qiu Jianing to break the defense again. She stopped resisting and hugged Zhou Xiaoshan tightly with tears. Qiu Jianing fell asleep in Zhou Xiaoshan’s arms. Zhou Xiaoshan woke up and touched her head. The two fell asleep in this posture.

The next day, Qiu Jianing woke up and looked at Zhou Xiaoshan, who was sleeping. She looked at Zhou Xiaoshan and left with her bag. Zhou Xiaoshan was already awake. After Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan went to work, Xiaoxiao and Li Chunran thought that they had already cooked rice and cooked rice last night, but they didn’t expect Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan to look more stinky. Qiu Jianing received a call from his wife saying that Mr. Wang had fainted and hurried to the hospital.

Mr. Wang was rescued, but his consciousness was still blurred. Qiu Jianing asked Sun Lei to go back and notify his colleagues in the laboratory to send the wife back to rest. She finally agreed to rest. Qin Bin and Qiu Jianing explained the situation of the elder Wang, even if it is cured, there will be sequelae, but they will do their best.

Qiu Jiaxin took Molly to her home for dinner. Molly didn’t want to see Mother Qiu because of the last time. She approached Molly for a purpose at first, but Qiu Jiaxin gradually began to understand Molly. She must like Zhou Xiaoshan. It was very hard, not to mention that Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing had broken up, and their relationship was much simpler.

The laboratory faced a problem. Huang pointed out that he wanted to see Qiu Jianing and Sun Lei. Wang had a stroke and was in a coma. The patent application was sent back to the head office and he was worried. Qiu Jianing explained that before attending the meeting, he started to study the new synthesis process. Huang said that he was very satisfied. .

Qiu’s mother asked Qiu Jiaxin how she met Jiang Xiaoye last time. Qiu Jiaxin said it was not bad. She didn’t expect Qiu’s mother to book a hotel to get married in the next second. Qiu Jiaxin was speechless, she didn’t even remember what Jiang Xiaoye looked like. Molly persuaded Qiu Jiaxin to fight for love again, but Qiu Jiaxin decided to look forward and watched the e-sports god she was obsessed with with Molly. Qiu Jiaxin didn’t know that Jiang Xiaoye was her favorite e-sports god, but he was afraid that he would be recognized when walking on the road and refused to post a frontal photo on the Internet, so even the frontal photo was very vague. Mother Qiu asked Qiu Jiaxin to buy rock candy, saying that she wanted a dessert for Molly.

Sun Lei felt that Qiu Jianing was too impulsive. Everyone was unable to do anything about the new synthesis process. The attitude of colleagues was also very pessimistic. Sun Lei also worried that Qiu Jianing was too nervous. After Qiu Jiaxin opened up Qiu Jiaxin, she chatted with Molly and asked which university she was studying. Molly said that she had never gone to college and that her parents had passed away very early.

On the other hand, Qiu’s mother said that their family backgrounds are different and Qiu Jiaxin has been kind since she was a child. Afraid of being deceived, she opened Qiu Jiaxin’s wardrobe and let her see if she had any clothes and bags she liked. Qiu Jia’s caring attitude made Molly uncomfortable. Mother Qiu said that they shouldn’t be together all day, and that they should give each other some space, hoping that Molly won’t bother them in the future. Molly nodded to clarify. She didn’t expect Mother Qiu to faint as soon as she got up. Molly hit 120 and went to the bedside table in her room and found the antihypertensive medicine.

Qiu’s mother was taken to the hospital, Qiu Jiaxin was very worried. Fortunately, Molly found the antihypertensive medicine on the side of her bed today, but the consequences would be disastrous. Mother Qiu said she would repay her well, but Molly refused and hurriedly left. Everyone has been working overtime for many days, but things still haven’t made any progress. One of the synthesis processes has been patented, and everyone’s work is getting more and more difficult.

Zhou Xiaoshan was working overtime to go home and saw Qiu Jianing lying on the table asleep. He was very worried about Qiu Jianing’s condition. He admitted that they were wrong and hoped that Qiu Jianing would not go on like this. But Qiu Jianing didn’t use work to paralyze herself because of feelings, she was already learning to forget the past. Qiu Jianing was going to see Elder Wang, and Zhou Xiaoshan went with her.

Shi Niang said that Mr. Wang should have retired 20 years ago, but because the source plan has been stranded and has not retreated, she ended up in the hospital directly. In the past ten years, the teacher has not complained, but she also understands that this source plan is the knot of Wang Lao. He said that China is now at the time when achievements are being made, and now we can only rely on Qiu Jianing, which is also Wang Lao’s lifelong wish.

Zhou Xiaoshan asked Qiu Jianing if it was worth it to work hard for a job, but Qiu Jianing felt that their current efforts might change the future of some people, so they would do their best. Zhou Xiaoshan tried to find out what to do if Yuan Plan had an accident. Qiu Jianing bluntly stated that there would be no accidents and that she would use her life to guard the source plan. Now the Source Project is not only a scientific research project, but also a sense of pride in the national mission of Chinese scientists. After thinking about it, Zhou Xiaoshan decided to withdraw from this mission. Uncle Cha was very angry and asked Molly to do everything possible to stop Zhou Xiaoshan.

Zhou Xiaoshan sent a letter of resignation to Qiu Jianing, because they are not suitable for working together now. He said that the more noble Qiu Jianing, the more narrow-minded Qiu Jianing. In short, he had enough. Qiu Jianing didn’t understand whether Zhou Xiaoshan really wanted to leave at such a critical time. She even lowered her attitude and begged Zhou Xiaoshan not to leave. Zhou Xiaoshan’s answer was still impossible.

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