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Serendipity 偶然闯入的世界 Episode 6 Recap

Yinger was dragged by the prince to the prince’s room. The prince thought it was Mu Xiao Tathagata who was a little excited, but was very disappointed to see Yinger. Mu Xiaoru and Yan suddenly realized that Ying’er’s life was a bit strange, and Mu Xiaoru remembered that she was from the Central Plains. Mu Xiaoru and Yansui talked in detail about the scene they had just met. She met Yinger sneaking in hiding in the corridor. The plot has exceeded the content of a Gongdou novel. Mu Xiaoru and Yansui are very curious. Mei Yanqiao came to find the banquet and reported it.

An lone man and a widow stayed in the same room late at night. Mu Xiaoru hurriedly hid behind the banquet, and the banquet listened to her report in a strange posture. Mei Yanqiao exited suspiciously. He didn’t expect to hear a scream and hurriedly returned to the Savior, only to find that Mu Xiaoru accidentally slipped and kissed the savior. Yan Yi and Mu Xiaoru had a sweet conversation, and Mei Yanqiao was so anxious that everyone was stupid.

Wanwan sold the books in the bookstore. In the novel world, Mu Xiaoru and the banquet finally got rid of the attendant and went to the rouge shop that Yinger had visited yesterday. The boss said that the rouge was out of stock, and the banquet called Mu. Xiaoru was his wife, and Mu Xiaoru took his hand carefully. Mu Xiaoru asked the boss to help him choose a color number, and when the boss had a headache, Yan went into the store room quietly.

At this time, Ying Er came, and she came to pick up the pearl makeup that the boss helped her carry. Yan Sui found the knife wound medicine and the bloodshot bandage. Obviously Yinger and the boss might be the ones who harmed Nian Ruolan, and Mu Xiaoru had an idea in his heart.

Mu Xiaoru suggested that everyone rehearse a program to celebrate the Toffee’s birthday. Both the prince and the Toffee thought it was very good. Mu Xiaoru took a few side concubines to rehearse the dance. Yan Sui sees that Yinger’s footsteps are steady and she should have practiced Kung Fu. Turning her head to complain about the good and evil, the prince still dares to be a idiot to Mu Xiao, it’s really a dead wood and can’t be carved.

Yinger returned to the room viciously, and the maid felt that she had changed a lot recently, not only had her body improved, but her personality had also changed drastically. Yinger asked her to do things obediently. The prince overheard Mu Xiaoru said that he was very curious, and he started to check the information overnight. But unfortunately, after searching the information, he didn’t find the meaning. After guessing the meaning, he thought about admiring Mu Xiaoru.

The prince temporarily changed his mind and did not go to Ying Er’s place, Ying Er was very angry. Wanwan was worried when he noticed that the door opened, and there was no time! Yinger’s story line appeared in the book. She did not belong to this time and space, but came from a remote parallel space. Because of the failure of the mission, she was born again into Yinger’s hands. This is not a mystery novel, but a rebirth novel!

The banquet told Mu Xiaoru that Yinger would be able to martial arts, and when the two of them caught their eyes, petals suddenly appeared in the sky, which added a lot of romance to the atmosphere at this moment. The prince made a romantic creation and read a poem to appear on the stage, and found that the banquet was also there. Yan Yan unhappily took Mu Xiaoru to prepare for the birthday banquet. The prince eagerly told Mu Xiaoru what she wanted and gave it to her no matter how valuable it was!

Yan Sui was a little jealous, and Mu Xiaoru comforted him that this is just a book. They will have many tasks in the future, and one day they will go on adventures together, but Yan Sui has run out of time. Mei Yanqiao reminds Yan Sui that he should return to Nanzhao soon. Nan Zhao needs him, but Yan Sui doesn’t care at all. The prince had a letter to be given to Mu Xiaoru, and the banquet was opened for Mu Xiaoru as soon as he discovered it. Toffee and Mu Xiaoru were surprised and funny when they saw the scene of the prince holding the banquet.

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