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Serendipity 偶然闯入的世界 Episode 5 Recap

Mu Xiaoru was frightened and fleeing in this strange world, and when he was almost killed, a young man in white appeared. The identity of Yan Sui this time is Yanxiu, the second son of Nanzhao State, and Mu Xiaoru’s identity is Concubine Nian. Wanwan saw that Yansui was curious about the sentiment in Mu Xiaoru’s eyes. Does this character have any emotional lines?

The entourage of this banquet is still the face of Xiaomi, but it is called Mei Yanqiao. Mu Xiaoru’s role this time is Nian Ruolan, the concubine of Song Guocang, who was born in a family of generals who often advised the prince, but the prince not only refused to listen to her, but also gradually neglected her. It is a deep obsession. This time the novel has a double story line, but Mu Xiaoru’s task of banquet and easygoing did not come out.

When he came to Cangwang Mansion, Mu Xiaoru found a lot of familiar faces in real life, and he was a little out of control for a while. Mu Xiaoru lived a comfortable life of being waited for, bathing and changing clothes. Nian Ruolan was very independent after taking care of the door, saying that Israel could not serve the Lord. The prince left the concubine Yinger to organize the birthday banquet. Obviously, the concubine didn’t like Yinger, saying that the birthday banquet should be formally managed.

Although Nian Ruolan was straightforward, she was better than innocence. The toffee thought for a while and felt that the birthday banquet should not be held. Mu Xiaoru showed up and said that the toffee’s birthday banquet must be held! Mu Xiaoru received the task and successfully managed the birthday banquet to keep her status as a concubine. Nian Ruolan suddenly regained consciousness, and the toffee was very happy.

Mu Xiaoru went with Yan from time to time, and Yan received a task to find the assassin and protect Nan Zhao. Wan Wan didn’t worry at all. After all, the story of solving the case came at hand, and he didn’t expect the style of painting to gradually deviate from his sweet pet. Yan Sui-go Mu Xiaoru went shopping and shopping under the name of completing the task. Yan Sui bought a lot of things for her. Mu Xiaoru felt like a sugar daddy.

The time in the book is different from the real world, but too long a delay will still cause confusion, but Mu Xiaoru’s desire to play will not end the story so quickly. Yan Sui hugged Mu Xiaoru, who was almost hit by a car, raised his head and met Ying Er. After the two bounced off embarrassingly, Yan Sui asked Mu Xiaoru to have a good relationship with the concubines, but Ying Er and the others were unexpected. Without preparing anything, the prince almost scolded Mu Xiaoru.

Mu Xiaoru understood that she couldn’t complete the task if she didn’t take care of these concubines, so Yan asked her to be careful, perhaps the person who harmed her was among them. Nian Ruolan’s recent changes made the prince feel very strange, and deliberately found excuses to go to her yard. Mu Xiaoru felt that the three concubines and the roommates looked the same, that they were good people, and the banquet was very worried. Mu Xiaoru wanted to come to the banquet for a sincere heart. When the banquet saw that she wanted to give things to others, she was a little angry and grabbed her. s face.

When the prince arrived, Yan Xiu Mu Xiaoru recovered a safe distance in time, and Yan Xiu was about to get married, and Mu Xiaoru suddenly felt bitter. Mu Xiaoru gave a lot of good things to the ladies, but they were not spoiled. It was Yinger who was in charge of the affairs, so she could not accept her things.

The prince and the banquet drank together, and the banquet persuaded him to focus on national affairs. Mu Xiaoru persuaded several ladies to help her hold the birthday banquet and learn to live for herself. After the banquet entourage left the banquet, he rushed to find Mu Xiaoru, who was also looking for him. After the two met, the banquet wanted to explain the princess’s affairs, but Mu Xiaoru first said that Ying’er was suspicious, and she disappeared when she met Ying’er. Yan Sui couldn’t wait to finish the mission and leave. Before Yan Xiu got married, Mu Xiaoru almost misunderstood again, and Aojiao answered casually.

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