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Serendipity 偶然闯入的世界 Episode 4 Recap

Tong Fangli brought back the design drawings and straightened his back. Unexpectedly, this was a fake. Boss Shen and Tang Ya were very angry and wanted to step down on the Haining Gang. Xiaomi found out that Mr. Shen’s person was coming to us and quickly went to inform Mu Xiaoru, the easygoing banquet, Haining helped everyone to bring things, and Mu Xiaoru didn’t understand what he was talking about. Give them the drawing, otherwise it would be equivalent to giving them control. Mu Xiaoru was very worried and told them to pay attention to safety when they were about to leave.

Wanwan Xiaomi and the others are ready to go shopping with Mr. Shen’s people. Mu Xiaoru and the children stay in the room. Boss Shen threatened Yan to hand over the blueprints, and Yan then asked him what he could do if he built a flying machine, and how could he let them do things for so many years if it was so easy to fight against the nobles.

Tang Ya snatched a banquet and abducted other people’s wives and drove a dining car to win people’s hearts. Xiaomi couldn’t listen to it and shot directly, and the two sides fought. Mu Xiaoru took the children to move things, but was discovered by the demon knife.

It turned out that Yao Dao and Boss Shen wanted to use Mu Xiaoru to deal with Yan Sui, and Yan Sui immediately returned to rescue her when they noticed it. At this time, Ai Qinhai’s dining car suddenly strayed between the two factions in the melee. Mu Xiaoru told everyone that once she didn’t know what to do just like everyone else. Later, after seeing the desolation here and experiencing life and death, she understood that she hoped that she had to fight for it on her own.

Mu Xiaoru encouraged everyone to ignite hope and start again. Then the banquet put the pendant in Mu Xiaoru’s hand, and Mu Xiaoru threw it to Boss Shen and the others. They never thought about building a flying machine, but encouraged everyone to start again. , Start from eating full. After the banquet put down the gun, Mu Xiaoru led everyone with practical actions to bring hope to the people of this world. Yaodao brought the French fries to Boss Shen. Tang Ya thought they were crazy. Can the delicious food be compared with the food of the nobles in the sky? But the food for the nobles also came from the ground. Boss Shen agreed to talk, and Mu Xiaoru also completed the task, leading everyone to find the meaning of life.

It was time to leave here, but Mu Xiaoru was a little bit reluctant, worried about what would happen to these people, and the story of Yan Sui said would be preserved. Mu Xiaoru left the world of fiction and returned to the real world. Mu Xiaoru, who had disappeared all day, worried the roommates, and Mu Xiaoru’s words made them think she was crazy. As soon as Mu Xiaoru wanted to show her hands, she realized that her peerless culinary skills had failed. Immediately afterwards, Mu Xiaoru received a call from Longxiang Auction House.

Mu Xiaoru went to see the banquet with anxiety, but he did not expect that he was the Haining in the novel. Yan Sui had already prepared the contract, and Mu Xiaoru was still immersed in the unthinkable. After receiving the news from her roommate, she believed that the person in front of him was really Yan Sui. The banquet asked Mu Xiaoru to come to the bookstore tomorrow to complete the next task, so that he could enter the Longxiang Auction House, and he would accompany him throughout the process.

The roommates were very excited to hear that Mu Xiaoru got the internship. Mu Xiaoru confessed that her relationship with Yan Sui was only a transaction. She thought that their relationship was very close, but she didn’t expect that he would only use himself as a tool. The roommates thought I got even more excited when I was crooked. Suddenly someone knocked on the door, but Mu Xiaoru opened the door and found that it was Yan Sui.

The Yan Sui sent her a bunch of flowers, hoping that she would not get angry. Mu Xiaoru blushed more and more as he left the banquet. Yan Sui felt that Mu Xiaoru must be angry when he ran away like that this morning. He chose a very simple task that would ensure her safety. Mu Xiaoru rolled his eyes silently, wanting to hear him talk about the traversal mechanism.

This time Mu Xiaoru chose Prince Charming and Cinderella on campus. He went to help her find the way after the banquet. Mu Xiaoru curiously asked many questions, and suddenly the mountain was shaken, Wan Wan said Spiritual power fluctuations will affect the Three Thousand Worlds. Mu Xiaoru accidentally crossed again. This time she was wearing an ancient costume, surrounded by the sounds of soldiers slaughtering her.

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