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Serendipity 偶然闯入的世界 Episode 3 Recap

Tong Fangli ran to find his wife, and as soon as Yan Sui was about to drive him away, Mu Xiaoru raised his hand to stop him, clutching his heart and cried out for pain. Wanwan explained that it was caused by the original owner, and Yan Sui would kill Tong Fangli if he didn’t agree with him, but Mu Xiaoru still stopped it. After all, it was her who felt the heartache. Tong Fangli accused Qin Rou of losing his face in her revealing clothes and kept coaxing Mu Xiaoru.

The banquet in the corner gradually clenched her fists. Tong Fangli wanted Mu Xiaoru to go with him, or else he would have to beat her. Yan Sui suddenly appeared to rescue Mu Xiaoru, and predominantly announced that Qin Rou was no longer the only one, she was her own woman. Yan followed her disagreement and picked up Princess Mu Xiaoru, and led her away in Tong Fangli’s resentful eyes. Xiaomi and Wanwan were a little embarrassed when they met this scene, and Yan followed embarrassingly to put Mu Xiaoru down, saying that he was just saving the scene.

Mu Xiaoru ran to the banquet room to look for him, and accidentally ran into him with his upper body naked, and almost fell in fright. Banquet let Mu Xiaoru live here from today. This is the fastest way to drive Tong Fangli away. Mu Xiaoru chased after the banquet and said that he knew the task, and accidentally threw him to the ground. The necklace showed a faint light. The two understood that maybe this was Tong Fangli’s goal.

Tong Fangli couldn’t find the necklace, and begged Tang Ya to give him a few days. The atmosphere between Yan Sui and Mu Xiaoru became a little awkward and ambiguous. Mu Xiaoru was thinking about the management plan of the dining car, and he also pulled Yan Sui to help her teach the scumbag. Mu Xiaoru and Yan followed Tong Fangli to perform flamboyantly, Wanwan advised Xiaomi not to mix up, after all, Yan Sui said that he had no idea about Mu Xiaoru.

In the evening, Mu Xiaoru was thinking about a solution, and her tone was a little angry, and Yan didn’t understand what was wrong with her. It turned out that Mu Xiaoru had heard what Wanwan said, and complained that the banquet was easy-going and Tong Fangli was the same, and the banquet who was named a scumbag for no reason was innocent. Yaodao sneaked into the Haining base. Yan Sui was holding Wanwan and Xiaomi and asked them what they said last night.

The Yaodao and others suddenly appeared provocative and kept saying that they were here to eat. When Yan Sui was about to start his hands, Mu Xiaoru stopped him, saying that if he shot a gun here, no one would dare to come here for dinner.

Mu Xiaoru entertained them on the principle that the visitors are the guests, and did not do anything at the banquet. Mu Xiaoru squeezed out a smiling face to the Yaodao and tried his best to sell Aiqinhai French fries. Yao Dan satirized that it was not potatoes, but after tasting it, he fell into trouble. I went in, feeling how there are such delicious potatoes! Mu Xiaoru explained that a potato can bring them hope for progress, which is the meaning of the dining car.

Tong Fangli found the necklace and hurriedly contacted Tang Ya. The Demon Saber still refused to be easily changed, Mu Xiaoru served another tomato sauce, and the Demon Sabre was moved to tears at the moment of the entrance. Mu Xiaoru said that he opened this store out of hope. In order to awaken everyone’s hope, Yaodao left silently without saying anything, and the residents of the Haining Gang celebrated happily. The system prompts that Tong Fangli of Qin Rou’s family is replaced by the Haining Gang.

Millet and Wanwan were caught by Yan Sui and reflected, but Mu Xiaoru had already looked away. After all, Yan Sui was not such a person. In fact, what Tong Fangli stole was a fake pendant. As for Qin Rou, he was relieved. Yan Sui blamed himself for involving Mu Xiaoru in this world. On the contrary, Mu Xiaoru found it very interesting and said that he had gone through a graduation trip.

Mu Xiaoru said that she had experienced a stranger thing. It was a story that happened ten years ago. One day she went home from school and passed by an alley. She saw an injured boy. Mu Xiaoru rescued him, but waited to go back. At the time he was gone, and what was left was a piece of jade, which she kept wearing.

The banquet then took out Yu Jue and said to help Mu Xiaoru tie it, his eyes were full of emotion. Yan Sui expressed his belief in Mu Xiaoru and told her that this jade jue is a key prop to enter and leave the world of novels, so don’t lose it again. Mu Xiaoru thought he could see him again, at least he could know that he was safe and sound. Wanwan didn’t understand why Yan Sui gave Chuanyun Jue to him, it was less than three days before the opening time.

Mu Xiaoru hugged the bed to the banquet and picked it up in the room. She hit the floor on the floor, but she didn’t expect to fall asleep on the bed. Yan casually lay on the ground looking at Mu Xiaoru who was sleeping, and remembered what happened when she was a child. The next day, Mu Xiaoru made pudding and mousse, and took the first bite at the banquet. When the two were flirting, they were smashed by Xiaomi, saying that Boss Shen and the others had killed them.

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