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Serendipity 偶然闯入的世界 Episode 2 Recap

Mu Xiaoru fled around in this turbulent world, and the whole person was very scared. The banquet called people everywhere to look for Mu Xiaoru. Millet was dragging him to ask Mu Xiaoru what was going on, and Wanwan answered that if she had any shortcomings, his boss would not survive. Mu Xiaoru found that her bracelet was missing, but there was an extra necklace on her body. A little boy broke out suddenly and kidnapped her necklace. Mu Xiaoru ran over and found that the little boy who robbed her was with a little girl. They said they would go to the Haining Gang. In this world lacking food, the little girl gave Mu Xiaoru a piece of corn. .

Mu Xiaoru started cooking, Tang Ya and Tong Fangli hid in the dark, looking at Mu Xiaoru so they didn’t understand. And Mu Xiaoru made a delicious noodle for the two children, and Qin Rou’s craftsmanship is indeed very good. The banquet came with Wanwan and Xiaomi. The two children asked Haining to adopt them, and the banquet replied that they would pay protection fees. In the corner, Tong Fangli and Tang Ya heard that Qin Rou was the sister-in-law of the Haining gang. They were so surprised that they turned their heads and were shot by the banquet.

Wan Wan and Yan Sui explained what happened to Mu Xiaoru, because she would not wear it into the novel until she entered the library. Wan Wan is the book spirit of the library, and Yan Sui is the owner of the library. Mu Xiaoru yelled to go out, Yan Sui suddenly agreed with a cheerful face, turned around and shut Mu Xiaoru outside the door. Yan Sui knew all about Mu Xiaoru’s information, and Mu Xiaoru climbed upstairs unbelief, only to be discovered by a group of Xiaomi. Xiaomi said that Mu Xiaoru was injured and very weak while cooking.

Mu Xiaoru was not injured. Yan Sui said that she needed to complete the task before she could go out. In exchange, he could provide an internship opportunity at Longxiang Auction House. Mu Xiaoru also added a condition to see Yan Sui. Tang Ya and Tong Fangli completed research on the aircraft, but half of the drawings were in Qin Rou’s hands, and they found Boss Shen. Yan Easygoing pointed to the system task head, which was so difficult, Mu Xiaoru looked puzzled. Mu Xiaoru found a way to change the weak character of Qin Rou. Mu Xiaoru stared at the things in the shop window. The boss saw that she had no money to drive her away, so he came here to collect protection fees. Mu Xiaoru couldn’t bear it, but she had to adapt to the rules of each world.

Mu Xiaoru decided to give full play to Qin Rou’s expertise and open a restaurant. The banquet then said that there was no restaurant, but there was a dining car. The Haining Gang remodeled the dining car under the leadership of Mu Xiaoru. The Yaodao told Shen Lao that the Haining Gang was moving. Tang Ya thought they had to implement a flight plan. The dining car has no power, only the car with the banquet. Mu Xiaoru is not discouraged, she can handle it herself. After finally tossing and opening, Mu Xiaoru only sold one copy, which he bought at the banquet.

Yan Sui looked at the dining car’s name and was unable to complain, it was called Aiqinhai Restaurant. Mu Xiaoru was a little embarrassed. Yan Sui hoped that she would not judge the world based on her own cognition. It is unrealistic for the world to spend money on meals. Feifei and Weiwei took some potatoes and wanted to exchange them for food. The banquet said that there are a lot of potatoes in the world, and you can buy a car for ten dollars. Even so, Mu Xiaoru accepted it.

Mu Xiaoru had an idea, prepared fresh ingredients, beautiful uniforms, and trained everyone in his service attitude. After the banquet, he stared at Mu Xiaoru with a daze and smirked. When the dining car opened, Yan Sui was forced to squeeze out a smile and stand beside Mu Xiaoru to welcome the guests. The fast food truck business is very hot, because Mu Xiaoru made potatoes into French fries, which made everyone feel very fresh. After Boss Shen and Tang Ya heard about them, they silently glanced at Tong Fangli.

Mu Xiaoru was very busy, and Yan helped her to put on her coat. Xiaomi was fascinated by CP. He didn’t believe anything could take them apart. At this time, Tong Fangli appeared.

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