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Serendipity 偶然闯入的世界 Episode 1 Recap

The world is dim, and a man stands on a high place and leads everyone to shout the slogan that there is no nobleman and never surrender. This is a virtual world formed by words. It is called a novel. The tasker can accumulate spiritual power when he travels through it for the unwilling supporting role to complete the counterattack, and he accumulates spiritual power in order to return home. Ten years ago, Yan Sui fell here and could only accumulate spiritual power silently, but Chuan Yun Jue who opened the way home was missing. After the banquet completed the task and returned home, Wanwan grabbed him and said that they were leaving in five days. A panicked girl came to the library, she said someone was chasing herself. Before she could stop Mu Xiaoru, she had already entered the world of fiction.

Two hours ago. The four sisters of Mu Xiaoru, who had always dreamed of entering the Longxiang auction house, were wiped out. The roommates were very angry, but Mu Xiaoru was busy watching her idol banquet. This year, 22-year-old Mu Xiaoru is a senior student of archaeology at Tongde University. Today is a special day because she wants to meet a male god. Yan Sui took the documents he had prepared, and was discovered by the security guards without any accident.

Mu Xiaoru’s unbelief in evil led the sisters to help him cooperate and entered the venue smoothly. Someone grabbed Yan Sui and said that his paintings were not fakes, causing a riot. Yan Sui said that the paper was from the Ming Dynasty, but it does not mean that the paintings are also from the Ming Dynasty. Mu Xiaoru was discovered by the security guard. She pretended to come to Yan Sui to appraise Yu Jue. Yan Sui quickly looked over there, but they disappeared in the blink of an eye. Yan Suibang Mu Xiaoru escaped the chase of the security guard. In the elevator, Mu Xiaoru asked him if he knew Yan Sui, but he didn’t know the idol was nearby. Yan Sui’s gaze fell on the Yu Jue on Mu Xiaoru’s wrist, followed Mu Xiaoru into the library, and the next thing happened.

Yan called Wanwan to find out the girl who broke into the auction house as soon as possible. Wanwan said that he had found Chuanyunjue, but some accidents happened. Mu Xiaoru entered the world of novels and became Qin Rou, surrounded by bullets. With the development of the plot, Mu Xiaoru’s current situation gradually appeared on the paper. Yan Sui did not intend to go in and help her, because some of the gains outweighed the gains by explaining the task and the Three Thousand World. System prompts appeared in Mu Xiaoru’s eyes continuously, and Yaodao held a gun and said that she would kill her. Mu Xiaoru thought that she would be able to go out if she died, but the real pain made her realize that this was not a dream. When Mu Xiaoru was almost taken home, Yan Wanwan finally appeared and rescued Mu Xiaoru.

Wanwan said that Mu Xiaoru was the wife of the banquet, and Mu Xiaoru panicked and talked a lot, but was slapped and fainted. In a daze, Mu Xiaoru saw the people passing by… When she woke up again, the system introduced Qin Rou to Mu Xiaoru. She was Tong Fangli’s wife, skilled in cooking and tidying up. Mu Xiaoru, who has always kept his fingers away from the Yang Chunshui, began to do housework uncontrollably, but the banquet downstairs watched Chuanyunjue in a trance. Chuanyunjue did not respond. He thought that he had been worn by Mu Xiaoru for a long time and recognized the thief as his father. .

The system kept reminding Mu Xiaoru to confirm the mission, and Mu Xiaoru finally looked at Qin Rou’s life tremblingly. In this age when only aristocrats can fly to the sky, Tong Fang wants to make flying machines, but he disdains sharing it with Qin Rou. Qin Rou tried his best to be considerate of her husband, but could only watch him bring the rebel scientist Tang Ya into the house. Qin Rou caused a murder. Mu Xiaoru shed tears unconsciously. Her goal is to be self-reliant and lead everyone to find the meaning of life. Wan Wanhe Yan followed the analysis and said that the door to spiritual power will be opened in a few days, and they still need Mu Xiaoru’s help, but Mu Xiaoru’s current trust in them is almost negative. Mu Xiaoru ran away.

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