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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 29 End Recap

Lu Zhengan would go to Lin Yang’s house as soon as he was on vacation. Lin Yang’s parents happened to be away when he went this time. Lin Yang just came out of the shower and wiped her hair carelessly, making Lu Zheng’an a little bit irritated. Lin Yang had a scar on his back, so he covered it with a sticker. He also joked that Lu Zhengan would be responsible if he couldn’t marry in the future.

Of course, at that time, Lin Yang didn’t think of letting Lu Zhengan marry her, but let him support him in retirement. In this way, in the summer when Lin Yang had no impression at all, there was a scene that Lu Zhengan would never forget.

Today is Lu Zhengan’s new song press conference. Lin Yang was a little unhappy to see that all the signs of Xi Song after entering the venue. How to say tonight is also Lu Zhengan’s special performance, so she pulled Yao Dan and Cao Ling to support Lu Zhengan. Place. Lu Zhengan’s performance exploded, and all the fans in the audience were cheering.

Lu Zhengan continued to sing a love song, and a video of him and Lin Yang was shown on the big screen. Lin Yang in the audience looked at the shining stage dumbly, Yao Dan and Cao Ling were full of envy and gratification. Today, Lu Zhengan is still standing there, and there is still light on her body, but Lin Yang does not have the pride of an old mother, nor inferiority, but warmth, because Lu Zhengan shines light into her heart.

When the fans were encore, Xi Song came on stage, and the cheers of the fans resounded throughout the venue. Lin Yang was not so crazy, just standing outside the crowd and looking at the stage. Lu Zhengan suddenly appeared next to Lin Yang and hugged her shoulders, saying that it was an intermission, which frightened Lin Yang. Lu Zhengan took out his ring to propose to Lin Yang, and the tune played by Xi Song quietly turned into a wedding march. Lin Yang quickly agreed to Lu Zhengan’s marriage proposal. Lu Zhengan looked affectionate. From now on, she would really be his wife. Looking at Lu Zhengan, Lin Yang nodded firmly, and the two of them kissed each other in the audience.

Four years later. The incarnation of Hua Zong is a family cook, although the company is still very busy, but fortunately there is Lin Yang. Li Miaomiao has become a strong woman again, and her relationship with President Hua is still affectionate. Speaking of Li Tian, ​​she does not plan to come back in the past two years. She also found a boyfriend. Xenanke received the photo from Li Tian during his blind date, and he smiled happily. Cao Ling and Ma Le went to the tavern, and her mobile wallpaper became a family of three. Lin Yang received a call from Mother Lu when he was busy at work, urging them to go home as soon as they were on holiday.

The son Guoguo in the child seat in the back seat woke up. Guoguo was very happy when she heard that she was going to find her father. Lu Zhengan transformed into a behind-the-scenes producer. Upon receiving a call from Lin Yang, he immediately transformed from President Ba into a gentle and considerate husband. He turned around and held Guoguo, who was dressed as a daughter by Lin Yang, and the family of three went home happily.

Ma Le let the chairman improperly run to work as a coolie for Cao Ling, but Yao Dan urged him to get married. Lu Zhengan also felt that Ma Le was sincere to Cao Ling and persuaded them to get the certificate soon. Cao Ling drank a glass of wine proudly and agreed. Ma Le wept and thanked everyone. Although he had only met his favorite job and person at the age of forty-two, he felt it was not too late at all. Cao Ling also said that age does not give them restrictions, but more options. Lin Yang was also very happy. If two years earlier, she might not be so determined. She met Lu Zhengan at the most suitable age. Yao Dan’s announcement of her pregnancy shocked everyone.

Tongtong and Guoguo get along with each other in a familiar style. After Tongtong is eight years older than Guoguo, she chases after him and calls his sister, but Guoguo calls her by her name. From youth to maturity, Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan have always been with each other. In their ordinary lives, the two have jointly composed a love story of their own and stayed together.

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