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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 28 Recap

When Lu Zhengan was fifteen years old, Father Lu took him back to the place where he used to live. After getting off the car, Lu Zhengan rushed to the house, but was told that Lin Yang and his classmates were out for dinner. Mother Lu didn’t come back because the restaurant was very busy that time. The three parents got together and talked about having them together if they were born of the opposite sex.

In the end, it was unavoidable that she felt a little pity. Lu Zhengan was waiting for Lin Yang at the door, and seeing her and a boy coming home shyly, Lu Zhengan immediately appeared and called his wife. Lu Zhengan successfully ruined Lin Yang’s first love, and since then he has also called her wife.

Lin Yang dressed up and went out on the spot. Mother Lin called to inquire about the progress of Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan, saying that time is not waiting for people and some things need to be planned, Lin Yang directly hung up the phone. Xenanke appeared as soon as he hung up, and the two went to the coffee shop together. Lin Yang hadn’t been out for many days, and finally went out to feel the fresh air in the tone of rejoicing.

She also crackled and complained about her own experience with Shenanke. Shenanke said that she had sacrificed a lot compared with Lu Zhengan. Xie Nanke went to see the client without talking a few words. Lin Yang picked up his mobile phone to meet a few friends for dinner. Before Bai Luocheng called to say that the guest invited for this event was Xi Song. I heard that he has a close relationship with Lu Zhengan. Okay, Lin Yang asked for the address very excitedly.

When Lu Zhengan saw Bai Luocheng waiting for Lin Yang downstairs, he thought Lin Yang was going to give himself a surprise, but Bai Luocheng said that the person she wanted to see was Xi Song, and Lu Zhengan’s face suddenly stinked. Xiao Zhe came to the company to look for Cao Ling. Li Tian suddenly remembered what Yao Dan said when she saw him, and quickly sent her a message. Xiao Zhe made a fuss in the company, clamoring to find Cao Ling, Yao Dan dragged him and met Cao Ling as soon as he was about to leave.

Lin Yang received the message that Xiao Zhe came to the company and hurriedly asked the master to turn around and go to the company. Xiao Zhe still came to ask for money this time, but Cao Ling was not afraid. She did not hide, and even publicly announced that she had married and had children. She doesn’t owe Xiao Zhe for the matter! Yao Dan said that Xiao Zhe also took Lin Yang 20,000 yuan. Cao Ling slapped Xiao Zhe on the spot. Xiao Zhe chased her to hit her and was stopped by his colleagues. Cao Ling stared at Xiao Zhe and warned him not to harass him again. , She was the one who died once, and it was a big deal.

Lin Yang hurriedly returned to the company and met Cao Ling and Yao Dan who had just finished the farce. Cao Ling didn’t blame them, they were protecting themselves. Cao Ling changed the phone wallpaper to a photo with Tongtong. She didn’t want to pretend it for a long time. In the past few years, she had been thinking about enduring it for her children, but then she realized that she should be a good example for Tongtong. Hearing that Lin Yang was going to see Xi Song, Yao Dan and Cao Ling left their jobs on the spot and rushed to meet their idols at a speed of 800 meters.

Lu Zhengan tried every means to delay Xi Song’s time for Lin Yang, and finally Lin Yang, Yao Dan and Cao Ling arrived. Lu Zhengan stepped forward to greet him excitedly. Unexpectedly, the three of them went to Xi Song without even looking at him. They were going to take a group photo with the tour ticket again. Lu Zhengan took a group photo for them with a good temper. After a series of operations, Lu Zhengan finally let Xi Song go to catch the plane.

Before Lin Yang came back home, he chased Lu Zhengan and asked how he and Xi Song met. Lin Yang said that she did not expect that she was already this age, and the throbbing in her heart was still there, which was really a very good feeling. Lin Yang thought that Lu Zhengan had to go back to work, but he didn’t expect that Lu Zhengan would go home with her tonight. After all, he missed her too much. Lin Yang rummaged in front of the mirror looking for pajamas, and took the time to tidy up the messy sofa.

After taking a shower, Lu Zhengan helped Lin Yang to pull a white hair, but Lin Yang cried because of the white hair. Lu Zhengan was so scared that he didn’t know what to do, and quickly said that as long as she didn’t cry, she would agree to anything. . Lin Yang immediately stopped crying and asked Lu Zhengan to call her sister. Lu Zhengan turned his face, Lin Yang was about to cry again, and Lu Zhengan directly hugged Lin Yang and returned to the room.

Lin Yang will grow white hair and wrinkles earlier than Lu Zhengan, and may have Alzheimer’s forget him, and may even leave before him. Lin Yang complained a bit, Lu Zhengan obviously had so many to choose from. Lu Zhengan is very gentle, because you are too old and he has no choice. Lu Zhengan called his sister affectionately. From the beginning of his love to the white sideburns, the only person next to Lu Zhengan was Lin Yang.

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