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Pandora (Anime)
Other Name: 重神机潘多拉, Last Hope (重神机潘多拉)

Genres: Anime, Science, fiction, adventure, machine war
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“Pandora” is an original TV animation directed by Masaharu Kawamori and directed by Eiichi Sato. It consists of the three series of Nemoto Sui and produced by SATELIGHT.

In 2031, on the day of the “Xianglong Crisis”, Liu Leiang was at the center of the accident. Quantum reactor-the next-generation energy device researched and developed to replace the depleted environmental resources suddenly went out of control, and a big explosion occurred under the release of a large amount of unknown energy. The world environment has changed drastically. Biology and machinery other than humans have undergone unique evolution, and the special evolutionary creature “BRAI” was born. It is them that have pushed mankind to the brink of extinction step by step.

Seven years later, Leon lived in the wilderness outside Xinxianglong City, an absolute defense city. While living with Liu Keyi who made the , he conducted independent research to fight against BRAI. . The sloppy Leon and the caring can depend on each other, the peaceful days often make people forget the cruelty. However, the threat is tangibly approaching…

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