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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 37 Recap

Mo Ming made up his mind to stay in the confinement center. He specially invited Xiao Xia out and told him his decision. When Cheng Haonan learned that Youya had a miscarriage, he hurried back home and rushed to the confinement center without stopping. He couldn’t help crying regretfully. He felt that maybe he did not go abroad to compete, Youya would not have an accident. Xiao Yan fell ill and went for an examination. The doctor said that her bilateral cysts were not optimistic. They would mainly preserve Xiao Yan’s fertility and provide her with a treatment plan. Xiao Yan eagerly said that she does not need conservative treatment and can be treated with surgery now, and she does not plan to become pregnant and have children.

But the doctor still asked her to think about it. Even if the operation is successful, the recurrence rate of the disease is still high. She suggested that Xiao Yan get pregnant as soon as possible. After this incident, Cheng Haonan finally repented. He apologized to him for the wrong things he did to Mo Ming before, and Mo Ming asked him to love Youya well in the future. Xiao Yan returned to the confinement center, but found that Youya could no longer live in the original room. Mo Ming explained that Youya felt that this place was the memory of her and the stars, so he moved Youya to the west room. Cheng Haonan asked Cong Cong to accompany her, but You Ya did not speak, Cheng Haonan finally brought Cong Cong over.

Li Mei’e helped Chen’s mother and Chen Jiaorui with their children, but she always deliberately told Tongtong that Chen Jiaorui didn’t want her anymore, and even asked Tongtong to call her mother. Her approach seemed very permeating. Chen Jiaorui was in a meeting with the leaders of Li Cha and Jingbao, but she didn’t put the pictures on the presentation. Fortunately, Mr. Zhu from Jingbao helped her out. Chen Jiaorui returned home from get off work and was surprised to find that Li Mei’e was sleeping on the sofa holding Tongtong. She was a little angry, and she woke Li Mei’e and let her leave. Li Mei’e said that Tongtong called her mother today, and Chen Jiaorui exuberantly asked Tongtong to call her mother.

Li Mei’e found it funny, she admitted that she was teasing her, and troubled Chen Jiaorui to accompany her children in the future. Chen Jiaorui felt that she was too lenient, so she immediately gave her a sum of money and opened Li Mei’e directly. . Qi Bin asked Xiao Yan to come out, and Xiao Yan asked Qibin to break up. Xiao Yan was in a bad mood recently, and You Ya had an accident. She herself found out that she was sick again, but she didn’t tell Qi Bin all of this. Qi Bin was very broken, I don’t know why she suddenly broke up. After that, Xiao Yan began to lose his temper at work. Mo Ming said that he would not leave and he wanted to stay in the confinement center.

Xiao Yan was absent from work for no reason, and neither Mo Ming nor the people at the Confinement Center knew where she had gone. Chen Jiaorui went to her mother to pick up Tongtong, and told her that she had opened Li Mei’e, and a new aunt would come for an interview tomorrow. Mother Chen blamed her for not discussing with herself in advance and was very angry. Xiao Yan was drunk and sat at the door of Chen Jiaorui’s house. You Ya pushed Tongtong back, but Xiao Yan, who was not drunk, had to let her in. The two opened a bottle of wine, and Chen Jiaorui rarely enlightened Xiao Yan. She said that You Ya’s matter was an accident, and Xiao Yan didn’t need to blame herself too much.

Yan Zhi made a confinement meal at the confinement center. The other mothers thought that the confinement meal he made was delicious, but Youya felt that this confinement meal was very unpalatable. Yan Zhi was very angry. Mo Ming who knew the inside story should hurry. Pull Yan Zhi out. Although Chen Jiaorui and You Yahe have not known each other for a long time, she is very accurate. She feels that You Ya is very resilient, has clear goals and strong vitality. She just needs some time to heal herself. Chen Jiaorui’s words made Xiao Yan feel much better.

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