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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 36 Recap

After Mo Ming withdrew the lawsuit, Chen Jiaorui returned the visitation right to him and allowed him to take the child back to live for a few days. Mo Ming was very happy and was about to leave with the child. Chen Jiaorui told Mo Ming about the outdoor parent-child project and invited him to go with him. Naturally, Mo Ming agreed immediately. Mother Chen thinks this is good, so Chen Jiaorui will have her own time. Li Mei’e heard that Tongtong had been picked up by Mo Ming, so she couldn’t worry about Tongtong, and took the initiative to rush to the confinement center, praising her as she came to see the sisters here.

Qi Bin came to Xiao Yan and apologized to her for yesterday’s rudeness. He planned to invite her to dinner tonight and then apologize. Xiao Yan originally wanted to refuse, because tonight she had an appointment with a client for dinner, but Qi Bin insisted on waiting for her no matter how late. Mo Ming found that Li Mei’e had appeared in the confinement center with Tongtong in his arms. He was a little worried, so he immediately walked over and took Tongtong into his arms. Li Mei’e accused a pair of parents who didn’t care about their children in front of Mo Ming, but Mo Ming didn’t hear that she was talking about herself. She spoke directly, but Mo Ming didn’t refute it.

When Xiao Yan learned that Li Mei’e had come to the confinement center, she hurried over and asked her what she was doing here. Li Mei’e was obviously a little guilty when she saw Xiao Yan. Li Mei’e still didn’t want to leave, so she looked at the children here reluctantly before she was willing to leave. Mo Ming told Xiao Yan that the hospital had issued an invitation to him, and he was going back to work in the hospital. Xiao Yan said that the confinement center needs him very much, but if he insists on leaving, Xiao Yan can’t stop him, but Xiao Yan hopes that he can give herself some time so that she can find someone who can replace him.

Mr. Zhu from Jingbao invited Chen Jiaorui to dinner. He made no secret of his appreciation of Chen Jiaorui, but when he learned that Chen Jiaorui had a one-year-old daughter, he still had some hesitation on his face. Qi Bin and Xiao Yan ate together. He clearly pointed out that Xiao Yan couldn’t accept his unpassionate side, but once the two were together, the imperfect side would definitely be seen by the other. If Xiao Yan couldn’t accept it, Then she and Qi Bin can’t stop it. In the evening, Xiao Yan and Chen Jiaorui were sent back by Qi Bin and Zhu respectively, and they happened to take the elevator together.

Xiao Yan exchanged a few words with her casually, and Chen Jiaorui showed a very nervous look. Xiao Yan said that no one was telling her gossip, but just a few polite greetings. You Ya was eight months pregnant and couldn’t eat any barbecue. She had to keep begging Xiao Yan to agree to go out for a few barbecues. Xiao Yan couldn’t help her, so she had to agree. As a result, Youya had a car accident on the way back. Xiao Yan rushed to the scene and saw blood stains. Then Youya was rushed to the hospital. Youya is eight months pregnant and is now born prematurely. The child must not be guaranteed. If you have to protect the child, the mother is very likely to be in danger.

The collapsed Xiao Yan called Mo Ming, Qi Bin called her office, and learned the bad news, he rushed to the hospital, but one step later than Mo Ming. When he saw Mo Ming comforting Xiao Yan, he suddenly felt sad. Xiao Yan kept keeping him out of her world. When encountering this kind of thing, the first person to inform was Mo Ming, not him. . Later, You Ya was out of danger, and Qi Bin planned to send Xiao Yan back, but Xiao Yan was sinking into self-blame at the moment, and she needed a person to be quiet. The successive blows made Xiao Yan’s body deteriorating. The previous bilateral cyst disease recurred again. She curled up on the sofa and couldn’t move.

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