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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 18 Recap

The unhappy Xia Wenxi called Chen Tingting and said that Ye Youning had reported to the club because of Yao Siyao. Chen Tingting said that Xia Wenxi hadn’t realized that she liked Ye Youning, and that Ye Youning must also like Xia Wenxi. Now that Xia Wenxi is sure of her own mind, she hurry to find her. Ye Youning confessed that Xia Wenxi worried that Ye Youning did not like herself.

Xia Wenxi secretly went to Ye Youning’s class to see how the relationship between Ye Youning and Yao Siyao was. The teacher asked him a question. Ye Youning found Xia Wenxi and helped Xia Wenxi get out. When the teacher started, Xia Wenxi would After sneaking away, Ye Yuning was a little anxious seeing Xia Wenxi gone, so he took out the confession gift from the bag and skipped class.

Ye Youning catches up with Xia Wenxi. Xia Wenxi couldn’t help saying that Ye Youning joined the Stargazing Club because of Yao Siyao. Ye Youning explained that it was just a coincidence that she didn’t pay attention to Yao Siyao at all. Ye Youning asked Xia Wenxi if she was in her class deliberately to confirm herself. With regard to Yao Siyao’s relationship, was she unhappy, did she like herself, Xia Wenxi was extremely shy when asked, and bit the bullet and admitted that she liked Ye Youning, Ye Youning took out the time machine he carved, and confessed to Xia Wenxi, Ye Youning said I have liked Xia Wenxi for a long time.

I wanted to confess to Xia Wenxi after the college entrance examination. Unfortunately, some reasons could not be realized. Xia Wenxi cried with joy when she saw Ye Youning’s gift to her. She originally wanted to confess to Ye Youning, but now it becomes Ye Youning confessed to herself. It’s really overwhelming.

Yang Chuang told Lin Jiaqi about the fact that Ye Youning and Xia Wenxi were together. Lin Jiaqi suddenly came back to talk to Ye Youning. Lin Jiaqi asked if Ye Youning was sincere to Xia Wenxi. Ye Youning didn’t want to tell Lin Jiaqi the truth, but under Lin Jiaqi’s stimulation, Ye Youning said I would be nice to Xia Wenxi and make Xia Wenxi happy because of herself. Lin Jiaqi knew that it was impossible for him and Xia Wenxi. After the two talked, Lin Jiaqi was about to leave. Xia Wenxi stopped him and wanted to chat with him alone. She apologized to Lin Jiaqi and asked if the two could be friends like before. Lin Jiaqi paused and asked Xia Wenxi to give herself again. a little time.

In 2019, Ye Youning and Xia Wenxi went home after dating. Xia Wenxi mentioned that the most desired wish on her wish list is to watch a meteor shower. Ye Youning checked the weather forecast and found that there will be a meteor shower tomorrow. When she was talking, Ye Youning suddenly I received a call from the police station saying that Grandpa Zhou was lost. The police sent Grandpa Zhou home, saying that Grandpa Zhou seemed to have a bad memory, so Ye You-ning should pay more attention. Ye You-ning suspected that grandpa had Alzheimer’s disease and worried that what should happen would still happen.

The next day, Ye You-ning asked Yang Chuang to take care of Grandpa Zhou. She took Xia Wenxi to see the meteor shower. The two drove up to the mountain to wait for the meteor shower. They finally waited for the meteor shower at about 12 o’clock. Xia Wenxi stood by the cliff and watched. Meteor shower, the stones under her feet suddenly loosened, Xia Wenxi stumbled and fell off the cliff. Ye Youning rushed to send Xia Wenxi to the hospital. Although the rescue was timely, Xia Wenxi was no longer in danger, but the optic nerve was damaged. The doctor said she might never see it again.

Arrived. When Ye Youning was with Xia Wenxi in the ward, she accidentally saw Xia Wenxi’s diary. Xia Wenxi wrote a lot about meteor showers in her diary. She especially hoped that Ye Youning would watch the meteor shower with her, but Ye Youning never realized her wish. Ye Youning called Gao Xiaoai and asked if Gao Xiaoai knew why Xia Wenxi was so obsessed with the meteor shower. Gao Xiaoai said that the rebroadcast of Meteor Garden that year caused a rush to watch the meteor shower. Xia Wenxi would keep talking about it, but Ye Youning never realized her. Wish.

Ye Youning quickly sent a text message to Xiao Xia Wenxi, asking her to go to see the meteor shower with Ye Youning and make a wish, and said that there will be a Draco meteor shower tonight, but Xiao Ye Youning said that the moon phase is not good tonight, and the meteor shower may not be observed, Xia Wenxi I found out that as long as I went to the top of the mountain to watch the meteor shower, I could see it, so I made a temporary camping strategy. I also specially borrowed money to prepare to buy the equipment La Ye You Ning to go to the top of the mountain, but Ye You Ning refused Xia Wenxi.

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