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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 17 Recap

Ye Youning and Xia Wenxi returned home. Ye Youning repeatedly promised that she would not go abroad. Xia Wenxi said that she learned that Xia’s father lied to herself early this morning, and now she has no motivation to enter Jiangcheng University. Ye Youning took out her application form and said she applied for the exam. When I arrived at Jiangcheng University, Xia Wenxi was very surprised. She thought that Ye Youning was going to Tsinghua University and Peking University. Ye Youning hesitated and wanted to tell Xia Wenxi that she stayed because of her.

This is because Father Xia came out to find Xia Wenxi. She interrupted Ye Youning’s words and took Xia Wen. Sheila went back. After Ye You-ning returned home, Grandpa Zhou asked him if he really decided to stay. He worried that Ye You-ning would regret it in the future. Ye You-ning said that he has grown up and he wants to choose his own life. He has a family here for the first time. It feels, and I know so many good friends who are willing to tolerate him, so I don’t want to leave.

In 2019, Ye Youning took Xia Wenxi to the Pottery Art Museum for a date. The owner of the Pottery Art Museum was teaching Xia Wenxi how to do it. Ye Youning looked a little jealous and drove the boss away. Instead of doing homework the day before, the two went to the beach after finishing their pottery work. Xia Wenxi said that the lighthouse had always been her wish.

Unfortunately, Ye You-ning left at that time and she did not realize this wish. Ye You-ning expressed that she had many regrets in the past and wanted to be well. Making up for Xia Wenxi, making up for the word made Xia Wenxi a little unhappy, Ye Youning quickly explained that his memory of the past is a bit vague, but whether it is the past or the future, he only likes Xia Wenxi alone.

In 2006, You-Ning Xiao Ye was making a confession gift to Xia Wenxi. Someone sent a letter of admission to You-Ning Ye. Ye You-Ning was admitted to Jiangcheng University. Chen Tingting, Lin Jiaqi and Gao Xiaoai also received them one after another. Only Xia Wenxi did not receive the admission notice, which made her feel a little nervous and worried that she could not go to university with Ye Youning.

Xia Wenxi and her parents were anxiously waiting for the admission letter at home. At this time, Ye Youning came to Xia’s house. Seeing that Xia Wenxi was so worried, he took her out to relax. With Ye Youning’s comfort, Xia Wenxi’s mood improved a lot. She decided if she didn’t take the exam. Shangjiangcheng University, will continue to study for another year. After Xia Wenxi returned home in the evening, Xia’s father and Xia mother happily gave Xia Wenxi the admission notice, saying that as soon as Xia Wenxi left, her admission notice had arrived.

Although she was transferred to major in archaeology, she was finally admitted to Jiangcheng University. The restaurant at Yang Chuang’s family prepared a college entrance banquet for Xia Wenxi’s people, but Lin Jiaqi had already gone abroad and went straight to Huanzhou to attend college after returning. Yang Chuang was a little surprised to learn about this, and asked Xia Wenxi if he knew about Lin Jiaqi’s going abroad, Xia Wenxi He looked a little uncomfortable, saying that he didn’t know.

When the school start time came, Xia Wenxi went to Jiangcheng University to report. Roommates Hu Ling and Yang Lechen also came. There are only Hu Ling and Xia Wenxi in the Department of Archaeology, and Yang Lechen is from the Music Department. The three of them packed their bags and went to attend the freshman entrance ceremony.

Ye Youning and Yao Siyao from the Department of Architecture came to the stage as student representatives to give a speech. Hu Ling looked at the two on stage and casually said that the two look very good, they are just a beautiful girl. As a result, these words irritated Xia Wenxi. After the meeting, she and Gao Xiaoai went to Yang Chuang for dinner, and even forgot to call Ye Youning.

The next day Xia Wenxi and Ye Youning were strolling around the various clubs in the school. Ye Youning chose the Stargazing Club. Xia Wenxi saw that Yao Siyao was also at the Stargazing Club. She remembered what Hu Ling said yesterday. She was a little bit lost. Xiao Ai ran away. Ye Youning wants to catch up with Xia Wenxi, but Xia Wenxi deliberately avoids Ye Youning.

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