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The opening confession that the teacher was the teacher by mistake

The opening confession that the teacher was the teacher by mistake
Other Name: 开局表白错把掌教当师妹

Genre: novel, Fantasy
Author: Mo Yang
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The fantasy systemic essay “Beginning Confession: The Wrong Master Teacher Being a Junior Sister”, written based on the experience of the male protagonist Gu Changge after passing through. The other protagonist in the story is Leng Ruyan, a carefully compiled by the online writer “Mo Yang” High-quality male frequency works, wonderful content, welcome to read! Detailed introduction: Once crossing, Gu Changge became the saint son of the Heavenly Demon Sect. He was nothing but fortunately awakened the system. However, the system is very arrogant. At the beginning, he even asked him to confess to a girl. Fortunately, he was dignified and suave, and confessing to a girl shouldn’t be a problem. Unexpectedly, Gu Changge mistakenly regarded Master as a junior sister and had an oolong time. However, since you have all confessed, let Master give yourself an answer! An even more incredible thing happened, and the master master agreed to his confession. This is the rhythm to let him eat soft food!

Free Reading Highlights:

“Xin Ran has good aptitude, but her personality is not tenacious enough to face the difficulties and dangers of the great road, so the progress of her cultivation is slow. When practicing in the future, we must not slacken and move forward.”

Gu Changge’s voice was ethereal and long.

The Grand Elder was slightly taken aback.

Xinran seemed to understand something, and looked up at him: “The admonition of the Saint, Xinran keeps it in her heart…”

“When I attacked you just now, there was already a spiritual power in your body. You can try to activate this spiritual power.”

Gu Changge said suddenly.

“Now?” Xin Ran asked in surprise.

Gu Changge nodded.

Xinran urged her own aura and circulated in her body for a week. Suddenly she noticed an extra spiritual energy in her meridians. This spiritual energy was like a large net, converging from the place where Gu Changge hit just now.

“Activate spiritual power…”

Xinran thought of what the Son said, and used her own spiritual power to urge this spiritual power.


That spiritual power suddenly exploded in the body, impacting the meridians and acupuncture points in Xin Ran’s body very powerfully!

“Ah, I won’t die, am I?”

Xin Ran was terrified in her heart, allowing this powerful spiritual power to impact in her body, but she couldn’t contain it.


After a while, Xin Ran discovered that her meridians had been completely flushed out, and the flow of breath in the meridians was unimpeded.

The spiritual energy between heaven and earth continuously flows into the body.

“It’s too much, it’s going to swell to death!”

A large influx of spiritual energy from heaven and earth caused Xin Ran to panic for a while, not knowing what to do.

“Idiot, run the exercises and start building the foundation!”

Gu Changge’s voice suddenly rang in his ears.

It’s like a sacred voice.

Xin Ran suddenly realized that she immediately ran the technique to guide her aura into the spirit sea…


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