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The first operation in 100 days after

The first operation in 100 days after (Novel)
Other Name: 签到100天第一台手术震惊医学界, In 100 days of sign-in, the first operation shocked the medical world!

Genre: novel, Fantasy
Author: Qinglige y
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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“In 100 days of sign-in, the first operation shocked the medical world! “Is a freshly released male frequency system article. The wonderful plot makes people want to stop. Liu Xin and Zhang Ya, as the main characters in the article, have received a lot of attention. The summary is: Liu Xin is a general in the emergency department of the city hospital. Doctor, together with several colleagues, he received the task of picking up a patient with kidney disease in a remote mountainous area. I didn’t know that on the way back, Liu Xin experienced a mudslide and was unfortunately buried in the earth. It was this crisis that made him bind the sign-in system, and since then the fate of the young doctor has changed! As long as you complete a simple sign-in, you can get a variety of difficult medical skills. It is not too easy to become a surgeon!

Free Reading Highlights:

Liu Xin looked behind him. The skin outside the patient’s throat was as thin as a cicada’s wing. Now if he is sent to the skin surgery department, the risk is very high. Although they don’t need to be responsible, they can’t ignore it.

“This is the work of the dermatology department. We are only responsible for first aid! Send it out, there are still many patients waiting outside!”

Wang Donghe was obviously angry.

“Xiao Rou, notify the dermatologist to pick up people.”

“it is good!”

Xiao Rou walked out of the operating room, and only Wang Donghe was left at this time.

“Wang Donghe, I know what your methods are. I advise you to leave the emergency room early. This is not for you.”

“Liu Xin, what do you mean?”

Wang Donghe’s emotions were thoroughly aroused.

“What do you mean, you know that the patient is already in critical condition. If you don’t have skin grafts right away, I thought of the skin surgery operating room. There is also a great risk. Such thin skin can be broken by a single wind. If you even I can’t afford it, so it’s better to get out of the emergency room.”

After Liu Xin finished speaking, the people from skin surgery have arrived. They covered the patient with a hood. Director Wang of skin surgery was in charge of the operation. He sighed slightly when he saw several skins that were as thin as cicada wings. Duoyan, he pushed people out of the operating room of the emergency room.

Although he didn’t say anything, it was enough to prove the problem.

Liu Xin changed into the sterile clothes and looked at himself in the mirror on the wall. He frowned again, thinking that he wanted that person to survive, but when he had just operated on him, he saw calluses on the man’s hands. It seems that they belong to long-term manual laborers. For the high medical expenses and hospitalization expenses, the future is no longer bright even if they are paid in full.

In his mind, he privately thought that this was the best decision.

The fire rescue caused the two to stay in the operating room for nearly ten hours. Almost all of them were the same people as the previous burn patients, but none of them were more serious than him.

Liu Xin was paralyzed on the chair, and there were many burn patients outside.

At this time, the dean walked into the office.

“Little Liu!”

“President, why are you here?”

Liu Xin looked puzzled.

“Hehe, look at who is here.”

Dean staggered half a step, and Dean Ma walked out from behind him. ,

“Dr. Liu, last time you came to our hospital to help. I heard that your emergency department was not busy, so I came here to help receive patients. You can rest assured.”

The timely appearance of Dean Ma gave Liu Xin a complete sigh of relief. At this time, Xiong Yuanyang walked in angrily.

“Liu Xin! You don’t want to stay anymore!!!”

Sternly, the volume was high until he saw the dean standing beside him.

“President! You must punish this kid!”

“what happened?”

“You come with me!”

Xiong Yuanyang took out the video of the operation and opened it to the director of the operating room for review.

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