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Stop! Miss Hua 站住! 花小姐 Episode 14 Recap

Everyone was a little unwilling to pick up Hua Mingyue to go home. It felt like a little girl living with a group of old men was a bit shameful, but Hua Mingyue asked Fatty Uncle to obey her arrangements, and she would continue to stay there for a few more minutes. Going back to the sky again made Uncle Fatty feel a little embarrassed, but he didn’t dare to defy and had to go back silently.

Hua Mingyue was about to leave everyone and would cook for them personally. Qin Donghai was the first to taste it and told everyone that it was delicious. So a few people hurriedly tasted it. Unexpectedly, Qin Donghai was lying, but none of them vomited to pay. Say it’s delicious. After Hua Mingyue paid a bite, she knew that everyone was just showing up, so Hua Mingyue thanked everyone for taking care of her all the time.

The most grateful was the master, who taught Hua Mingyue all the life skills and work attitude. Hao Shuai gave Hua Mingyue a good wine he had kept for many years. He fainted after drinking it. Qin Donghai was also drunk by them. Brother Fei told everyone to lock them in the room and lock the door instead of telling them to go out.

Hua Mingyue and Qin Donghai slept very close together all night. They both felt embarrassed when they woke up early in the morning. So Qin Donghai wanted to confess and tell Hua Mingyue that he was reluctant to ask Hua Mingyue to go, but he just said nothing. No words, remember that Hua Mingyue didn’t know what to say. After that, everyone gave Qin Donghai an idea and contacted him by finding love words in the books.

Yao Shengnan wants his father’s support and hopes to give her a chance before her younger brother takes over the company. Dad gave Yao Shengnan a suggestion. If she leaves the company now, the existing equity is enough for her to do a great job outside. If she wants to keep the position, she must give all the equity to her younger brother. Yao Shengnan was helpless to her father’s suggestion, but she was very ambitious and finally decided to stay in the company.

Hao Shuai saw that Yao Shengnan was in a bad mood and took her to decompress. The two ran to the playground and played a children’s fighting game. Yao Shengnan played Hao Shuai with a bruised nose and swollen face. All the anger in his heart was vented on Hao Shuai. NS.

Hua Mingchen went to the countryside to look for Ye Xueer with his luggage. Her parents were surprised. Ye Xueer told them that her boyfriend was dead. Hua Mingchen quickly explained that he was Ye Xueer’s boyfriend, hoping that they would accept themselves.

After Chen Jingran returned home, he was urged by his father to get married and asked Chen Jiaorui to quickly complete the marriage contract with Hua Mingyue. Chen Jingran refuted his father’s statement. Before Hua Mingyue was kicked out of the house, they broke the marriage contract. Now Hua Mingyue takes back Flora and has to complete the marriage contract with others. Chen Jingran doesn’t want to be a snobby person, even if he likes Hua Mingyue. Also use action to fight for.

Qin Donghai wanted to confess to Hua Mingyue with flowers, but he still couldn’t say anything. Anxiously everyone went out to help Qin Donghai confess. At this moment, Chen Jingran entered and took a lot of certificates to tell Hua Mingyue that he was Chen Jingran himself. Chen Jingran told Qin Donghai not to harm Hua Mingyue, and now Flora’s share price plummeted because Hua Mingyue took over.

If it continues, it will be delisted soon. Qin Donghai told Chen Jingran that he knew that he had already discussed with the directors in the company and hoped that the directors would spend some time to reverse the situation. Chen Jingran told Qin Donghai that many people would pull Hua Mingyue down, and Qin Donghai was the living target of those people.

He hoped that Qin Donghai would stay away from Hua Mingyue and asked her to stabilize Flora. For the sake of Hua Mingyue, Qin Donghai had to ask Hua Mingyue to go back and ask her to take care of the company. Hua Mingyue thought that Qin Donghai would continue to confess to her, but did not expect that he would drive her away. Hua Mingyue was a little sad about Qin Donghai’s decision, but she had already decided to tell her to leave, and she couldn’t stay there.

Chen Jingran confessed after taking Hua Mingyue out, which surprised Hua Mingyue.

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