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Stop! Miss Hua 站住! 花小姐 Episode 13 Recap

Hua Mingyue took Chen Jingran and Qin Donghai to find Hua Mingchen’s mother, Zhang Baozhu, but the security had been told by Hua Mingchen that no one was allowed to see her mother. At this time, Fei Ge and Gao Ren pushed their wheelchairs over, and told the security guard that they had made an appointment and wanted a restaurant sanatorium, and the security hurriedly invited them in.

Hua Mingchen was shooting wedding photos with Yao Shengnan and received a call from the nursing home, telling him that the previous Hua Mingyue took someone to find his mother. Hua Mingchen left Yao Shengnan and ran to the nursing home. Yao Shengnan was very angry and followed him.

After Gao Ren got into the nursing home, he sneaked out with the doctor’s clothes and asked them to change it. Several people pretended to be a doctor who got in. Chen Jingran was called by the patient as a doctor to see the patient. Qin Donghai and Hua Mingyue went in Zhang Baozhu. Ward.

Just then Hua Mingchen also went in and asked Hua Mingchen to leave as soon as possible, but Hua Mingyue told her brother that her mother had not taken her father away, and also showed her brother the video of her father’s marriage. The video shows the wedding scene between Dad Qing Shan and Zhang Baozhu. Qing Shan obviously doesn’t like Zhang Baozhu.

After the witness told them to exchange the rings, Qing Shan left the scene impatiently. This proves that they are also a political marriage, but Yao Shengnan is not happy. He is afraid that Hua Mingyue will replace Hua Mingchen as the chairman of Flora, and tell Hua Mingchen not to be fooled. There is an agreement between them, if Hua Mingchen Repentance is about to breach the contract. So Hua Mingchen asked Hua Mingyue not to bother, he must get Flora.

When Hua Mingyue watched Hua Mingchen insist on making a mistake, she told Zhang Baozhu that she was Li Meilian and asked Zhang Baozhu to forgive her and Qingshan. Zhang Baozhu was agitated when she heard that Li Meilian finally apologized, and asked Li Meilian and Qing Shan to deceive her feelings, and asked Hua Qingshan to go out and take responsibility. Don’t Li Meilian face everything alone. Hua Mingyue told Zhang Baozhu that Hua Qingshan was no longer there and left a diary to Zhang Baozhu.

Inside is Hua Qingshan’s words of confession to Zhang Baozhu, hoping to be forgiven by Zhang Baozhu. Zhang Baozhu cried out of his diary, Hua Mingchen told his brother not to abandon his favorite person and marry a politically married woman before taking the road before his father. Hua Mingchen seemed to be shaken too, but Yao Shengnan continued to mess around and told Hua Mingchen not to listen to Hua Mingyue’s words.

Zhang Baozhu spoke and told his son not to go wrong. So Hua Mingchen told Yao Shengnan that he would not get married, and Yao Shengnan slapped Hua Mingchen in the mouth. Hua Mingchen asked Hua Mingyue to take good care of her mother and ran away to find Ye Xueer.

Yao Shengnan blamed the fault on Hua Mingyue. When she wanted to fight Hua Mingyue, Chen Jingran grabbed her. Yao Shengnan scolded Chen Jingran as the wild man Hua Mingyue sought. Chen Jingran was angry and told the truth. He was the heir of Tongda Logistics. Chen Jingran, also the fiance of Hua Mingyue. Both Hua Mingyue and Qin Donghai were shocked by Chen Jingran’s words. Unexpectedly, Chen Longping, who was always by his side, turned out to be Chen Jingran himself.

Hua Mingchen caught up with Ye Xueer’s car and took out the ring to tell her that she had regretted it, but Ye Xueer did not get out of the car and asked the driver to drive away.

After Yao Shengnan was mad, Hao Shuai followed closely behind him. Yao Shengnan accidentally injured his ankle. Hao Shuai took out the medicine kit and rubbed the medicine on her heart warmly. Yao Shengnan was moved a little.

After Chen Jingran went back, he explained to everyone why he pretended to do Chen Longping’s thing, but now he wants to do Chen Jingran normally. However, everyone is not interested in what Chen Jingran said. He is even more so not Hua Mingyue. He also told Chen Jingran to rest assured that Hua Mingchen had promised him that he would do it to save their company, and he and Qin Donghai would continue to show affection. , This made Chen Jingran very uncomfortable.

After Yao Shengnan returned home, her father advised her not to hate Hua Mingchen. He asked her to marry before for the company. Now the company’s difficulties have passed. I hope Yao Shengnan can find someone he likes, but Yao Shengnan is not happy and wants to spend money. The hatred will be resolved by paying the price tomorrow morning.

Hua Mingchen announced to the directors at the meeting that his grandfather’s will was given to Hua Mingyue before, and he had altered his grandfather’s will. Hua Mingyue was very surprised by his brother’s decision. Mr. Niu also thought that Hua Mingyue could not manage the company, and asked Hua Mingchen not to be willful.

But Hua Mingchen told everyone that it was Grandpa’s decision and he has no right to continue working in the company. Hua Mingyue chases out and tells his brother not to leave, but his brother refuses to forgive the mistake he made before. He told Qin Donghai to continue to take good care of Hua Mingyue, and he had more important things to do.

Hua Mingchen held a press conference to tell everyone that he had been making mistakes and hoped to be forgiven by his beloved. Ye Xueer cried as she watched the video.

Qin Donghai asked Hua Mingyue to take over Flora’s company. He will continue to support Hua Mingyue in the future, but he wanted to change his relationship with Hua Mingyue. When Qin Donghai wanted to woo Hua Mingyue, the fat uncle appeared and wanted to receive the flower. Mingyue goes home.

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