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Stop! Miss Hua 站住! 花小姐 Episode 12 Recap

Qin Donghai rushed to the scene and opened the back door from the trunk. Hua Mingyue told Ye Xueer to go out first, and then she slowly climbed from the co-pilot to the back door. At this time, the vehicle was swaying and she had to slide down the cliff at any time. Qin Donghai quickly took Hua Mingyue’s hand and pulled her out, and the car also fell down, which was extremely dangerous.

After returning home, Hua Mingchen told her mentally troubled mother that she was going to get married. Her mother was very happy. She took out the heirloom and asked Hua Mingchen to wear it to her beloved woman. Hua Mingchen held the ring from her mother to tears. Flowed down unconsciously.

Hua Mingyue was sent to the hospital by Qin Donghai because of excessive fright. Qin Donghai didn’t wake up because of alcoholism. Qin Donghai looked at Hua Mingyue lying on the bed and refused to walk away. And Ye Xueer was entangled by Hua Mingchen to tell her to listen to the explanation. Although he tampered with grandfather’s will, it was what he deserved. He wanted to get everything that belonged to him and his mother from grandfather.

Ye Xueer was very disappointed with Hua Mingchen. She didn’t expect that the man she had always loved would become what she is now. Ye Xueer’s affection for Hua Mingchen told him to stop. Don’t sacrifice family and love for profit. It’s not worth it. But silence. Ye Xueer knew that Hua Mingchen would not be sad because they gave up their future. left. Hua Mingchen also felt that Ye Xue’er’s words made sense, so she quietly went to check in front of Hua Mingyue’s ward. Seeing Hua Mingyue lying on the bed and Qin Donghai taking care of her meticulously, Hua Mingchen also left tears.

After Hua Mingyue woke up the next day, Qin Donghai and Chen Jingran were vying to take care of her. The two tea sculptures fought for this. The comrades in arms, um, have become accustomed to not participating in it and chose to turn around and leave.

Yao Shengnan took Hua Mingchen to take wedding photos. For Yao Shengnan, career is more important than anything. She has been working hard for the marriage. This time she finally got her wish, but Hua Mingchen seemed helpless.

Qin Donghai and Hua Mingyue confessed that they almost went to her this time, and when the two were about to kiss each other, Ye Xueer went in and interrupted their progress. Ye Xueer told Hua Mingyue that she was leaving there. Before, she hated Hua Mingyue, but now she feels that Hua Mingyue is a good girl. The two of them have regained their identity as friends. Hua Mingyue will reply when she sees Ye Xueer. A man who loved her so much went to see her.

Yao Shengnan and Hua Mingchen went to a custom-made hotel. Yao Shengnan arranged the wedding process. At this moment, Hao Shuai told her to ask for leave, and seemed a little sad about Yao Shengnan’s wedding. But Hua Mingchen thought of Ye Xue’er. He returned to the place where he was with Ye Xue’er before. Looking at the object in front of him, it was just that his sweetheart had disappeared. Hua Mingchen felt very heavy.

Just then Hua Mingyue went in and asked Hua Mingchen not to marry Yao Shengnan, but for the sake of Ye Xueer. At least now Hua Mingchen has grandpa and her, and the yamen are all Hua Mingchen’s family. But it’s no good but crying and telling Hua Mingyue that he most hates Hua Mingyue’s face, and when he was a child, he was most afraid of having a birthday with Hua Mingyue. She has always been the heart of grandpa, and Hua Mingchen can only be a supporting role.

After Hua Mingyue went to the hospital to visit her grandfather, she went to another ward to visit his mother. Unexpectedly, after seeing Hua Mingyue, Hua Mingchen’s mother had an illusion and regarded Hua Mingyue as Li Meilian, tearing Hua Mingyue to be with her. When they died together, Hua Mingyue was so scared that Hua Mingyue was panicked, and Qin Donghai hurriedly asked someone to take Hua Mingchen’s mother away.

After that, the people in the hospital called Hua Mingchen to report the incident. Hua Mingchen scolded them severely and told them not to allow anyone to see her mother without Hua Mingchen’s permission. After that, Hua Mingyue discussed with Qin Donghai that she must find out the matter, wondering if her mother was really the woman who ruined her father’s family.

Hua Mingyue took Qin Donghai to Hua Mingchen’s house to find out the truth about the facts, but Hua Mingchen always avoided Hua Mingyue and did not show up. Hua Mingyue had to go back, and Hua Mingchen felt a little uncomfortable watching Hua Mingyue leave. a feeling of. After Hua Mingyue went back, she discussed with Qin Donghai and asked Qin Donghai to act as Cheng Qingshan to solve the knot of Hua Mingchen’s mother.

To play her mother, Hua Mingyue must wear the same clothes as her mother, so Chen Jingran pushed a lot of clothes and asked Hua Mingyue to try them on. Unexpectedly, everyone was not satisfied. At this time, Qin Donghai went in with a bag of clothes. It was Qin Donghai who copied Hua Mingyue’s mother’s clothes. Hua Mingyue was very moved.

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