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Stop! Miss Hua 站住! 花小姐 Episode 11 Recap

Chen Jingran was not welcomed. Everyone did not cover his bed, and even the quilt was not given to him. As a result, Chen Jingran’s neck was stiffened in sleep. Hua Mingyue was very angry when she learned about it and told Qin Donghai that they had no way of hospitality. Chen Jingran massaged his neck, which made Qin Donghai jealous. Hua Mingyue not only gave Chen Jingran a massage, but also asked him to use various life skills, including washing his face. Qin Donghai felt even more uncomfortable. Watching Hua Mingyue wash Chen Jingran’s face, he used an excuse to help and replaced Hua Mingyue.

Qin Donghai saved the video of the workshop director’s manipulation in the first factory and showed it to Mr. Niu. Not to be outdone, Chen Jingran gave the information he investigated to Mr. Niu to show his merits in front of Hua Mingyue. Qin Donghai took out a pollutant discharge report again. The truck driver had a relationship with Lawyer Liu, so President Niu could impeach Hua Mingchen at the meeting. Both Chen Jingran and Qin Donghai brought up their various favorable evidences and asked Mr. Niu to compete with Hua Mingchen. The two were always competing with each other and wanted to leave a good impression on Hua Mingyue.

The comrades gave Qin Donghai an idea, telling him that he must defeat Chen Jingran and chase Hua Mingyue, so Qin Donghai asked Hua Mingyue to go back to the room to accompany him to sleep. This told Chen Jingran to go out and look for Qin Donghai desperately. Thinking that Hua Mingyue had taken a shower and went out, he told Qin Donghai not to worry, she was going to dry it. Chen Jingran became even more angry when she heard that, but Qin Donghai’s comrades were all there and forced Chen Jingran back to the room.

Brother Fei told Chen Longping to calm down, because Qin Donghai had been insomnia and could fall asleep as long as he smelled the body scent of Hua Mingyue. Afterwards, they also checked the information for scientific reasons, and showed Chen Jingran Qin Donghai’s sleep records to verify that they did not lie.

The next day the company held a meeting. Mr. Niu took Hua Mingyue to the conference room very early to wait for Hua Mingchen and the sensibles. At the meeting, Mr. Niu presented the report of the first factory to the managers to report, hoping that Hua Mingchen can follow the previous promise. He also showed to the directors the evidence that Hua Mingchen had committed a ghost in order to close the factory.

Unexpectedly, Hua Mingchen was prepared and arranged lawyer Liu to commit the crime for him. At this time, Mr. Niu and Hua Mingyue did not expect it. Hua Mingyue told Hua Mingchen not to be acting. Lawyer Liu would not dare to do that without his permission, and Hua Mingchen did not deny the closure of the first factory, but it was not yet that time. He wants to bring Flora into the overseas market, and Niu always supports his decision.

Hua Mingyue asked Mr. Niu to help her say something, but he didn’t expect Mr. Niu to turn to each other, telling Hua Mingyue not to embarrass them outsiders. Those are their family affairs. If Hua Mingyue is anxious about the family property, he will wait until his grandfather wakes up. When Hua Mingyue heard that President Niu could say that kind of thing, she was anxious, and quarreled with them. Qin Donghai, who had been calling off the office outside, hurried in and took Hua Mingyue away.

After that, Hua Mingchen’s confidant asked him to announce the marriage with YE earlier, otherwise he would not pay attention to Hua Mingchen when Niu got the overseas market. Originally, Hua Mingchen was very disgusted with the marriage, but for the sake of The future had no choice but to do that. Hua Mingyue’s attitude towards President Niu was very disappointed and sad, and Qin Donghai had to silently accompany her.

Ye Xueer found out that Hua Mingchen was about to marry YE and went to him angrily. After making a lot of calls without answering, she broke up with Hua Mingchen after seeing Hua Mingchen at the company. Hua Mingchen told Ye Xue’er not to be impulsive. It was just his right to act. He loved Ye Xue’er, but Ye Xueer didn’t listen to any explanation from Hua Mingchen. He didn’t want to participate in everything now.

Chen Jingran comforted Hua Mingyue while pruning the flowers and plants, and wanted to encourage Hua Mingyue to survive in the cracks through the viability of the flowers and plants, so as to remove the stone that was on his head. After that, Hua Mingyue went to Yao Shengnan and told her not to marry Hua Mingchen. Yao Shengnan couldn’t play with Hua Mingchen. Unexpectedly, Yao Shengnan feels that Hua Mingyue is just a spoiled princess.

She is used to that kind of life, and she is a person who wants to do whatever it takes for her career. Although she doesn’t like Hua Mingchen, everyone should see that she is a capable person. After Yao Shengnan bid farewell to Hua Mingyue, he went to lawyer Liu and threatened him to confess everything between him and Hua Mingchen. After that, he went to Hua Mingchen with evidence and wanted to use the evidence to threaten Hua Ming. Chen and her get married quickly, don’t contact Ye Xueer, otherwise Yao Shengnan and Hua Mingchen will turn their faces and make the matter public.

Ye Xueer asked Hua Mingyue to meet, Hua Mingyue felt that Ye Xueer was not worthy for the kind of people like Hua Mingchen, but Ye Xueer thought that it was Hua Mingyue who had taken everything that belonged to Hua Mingchen, otherwise Hua Mingchen would not Treat Hua Mingyue like that. So Hua Mingyue took out a recording and played it to Ye Xueer.

It was the conversation between Yao Shengnan and Hua Mingchen. Ye Xueer became even more angry after hearing it. He felt that Hua Mingyue was going to laugh at her, and he was driving away. Hua Mingyue told Ye Xue’er not to drive in anger, which would be dangerous. She didn’t expect that Ye Xueer got stuck on the edge of the cliff when she drove, so she was so scared that Hua Mingyue quickly called Qin Donghai for help.

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