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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 35 Recap

Qi Bin and Xiao Yan were dating together, and the atmosphere on the scene made Xiao Yan mistakenly believe that Qi Bin was going to propose to him, but later discovered that it was just a small misunderstanding. Then Qi Bin really took out the ring. He kept the ring on his body, but he didn’t know when to give it to her.

Xiao Yan was not ready to face Qibin’s marriage proposal, Qi Bin understood very well, and he was willing to wait for Xiao Yan. Yan Zhi handed over Chen Jiaorui’s inspection report to Mo Ming. He still believed that the child could not live without a mother. At the same time, Chen Jiaorui also handed over her test report to Li Cha, hoping that he could reconsider the case of Jingbao to her.

Qi Bin planned to take Xiao Yan home to see her parents. Xiao Yan was very nervous. She pretended to be unwell. Qi Bin had to call her mother to cancel the meeting. Chen Jiaorui went to Mo Ming. She was willing to return Tongtong’s visitation rights to him, and even agreed to report her mental condition to him regularly.

Mo Ming did not refuse or agree, changing the subject and saying that she would pour water for her. Chen Jiaorui used his mobile phone to call her mobile phone, and suddenly found that his password had not changed, and Mo Ming’s remarks to herself were still the word “wife”, which had never changed. She didn’t know what to think for a while. .

After eating, Qi Bin sent Xiao Yan home. He said that he was going to Beijing on a business trip tomorrow, and he was going to fly to Beijing after Mo Ming’s second trial. On the day of the second trial, Chen Jiaorui deliberately took the child there. The trial ended soon, and Mo Ming returned to the confinement center without saying a word.

Qi Bin also returned to the law firm, looking a little angry. Later, Xiao Yan went to Mo Ming and guessed that he had withdrawn because of soft heart. Xiao Yan has worked with him for so long, and she can understand why Mo Ming did this. But Qi Bin couldn’t understand. After all, he had spent a lot of effort and energy on this case. Mo Ming said that he would withdraw the lawsuit, which made him very angry.

With Youya’s support and encouragement, Cheng Haonan went to South Korea to play the game. He didn’t expect to pass the game all the way, and he might break into the top 32, so he could not return to China in time. You Ya is very open to it. Anyway, she is still some time away from the due date, so Cheng Haonan can play games abroad with peace of mind. Xiao Xia found Mo Ming. He said that the director had rectified his grievances for Mo Ming after he became the head of the hospital. He hoped that Mo Ming could return to work in the hospital. Xiao Xia bluntly said that he felt that Mo Ming’s work in the confinement center was meaningless. Xiao Xia’s words made Mo Ming hesitate. To be honest, being a pediatrician is indeed his professional ideal.

The next day, Mo Ming was preparing to talk to Xiao Yan about his resignation, but he had not been able to say it yet, so he needed to mediate in the kitchen. The chef who was invited thinks that the cooking skills are fine, and the mothers of the confinement center think that his dishes are salty. An old man went to the kitchen and talked to the chef. He didn’t expect to arouse the chef’s disgust. Willing to do it. In the evening, Xiao Yan sent a message to Qi Bin and asked him to come out for dinner.

Qi Bin did not refuse. When he arrived at the restaurant, Xiao Yan realized that Qi Bin was very tired and the stubble on his face had not been repaired. Xiao Yan asked him if he had encountered any problems at work. Qi Bin honestly said that he hasn’t slept for two days.

After the chef left, Mo Ming had to call Yan Zhi and asked him to come to help after get off work, but Yan Zhi naturally did not refuse. When Xiao Yan heard this, she wanted to send him back to rest, but Qi Bin refused. He said it would be troublesome to send him here, so Xiao Yan stopped insisting.

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