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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 34 Recap

Xiao Yan and Mr. Hao had different opinions, which led to a dispute. Xiao Yan believed that Mr. Hao was stubborn and Mr. Hao also believed that Xiao Yan’s daily advocacy of women’s independence was a heinous crime, and the two soon fell apart. Xiao Yan returned to the car and regretted it instantly. She was out of anger, but the order was also broken.

She completely lost Mr. Hao, the important father of Party A. Li Cha called her to ask about the progress. Xiao Yan didn’t dare to tell the truth. Li Cha also thought that the progress was going well, so he reminded her not to talk about wife or family topics, because Mr. Hao was recently talking to him. Wife is awkward.

Mo Ming went to the hospital to see Hao Dawei. Hao Dawei thought he was here to harm him, but Mo Ming only came to give him ointment and reminded him not to get involved in Qi Bin and Xiao Yan’s feelings. Xiao Yan returned to the confinement center with a sad face, and Mo Ming knew that she must have not agreed with President Hao. Mo Ming then went to the hospital to see Hao Dawei, and learned that Mr. Hao was at odds with his wife, who had already ran away from home. Mo Ming asked Hao Dawei to help Mr. Hao to come to the confinement center.

Mo Ming decided to help Xiao Yan. If the mediation was done, not only could Mr. Hao’s marriage be restored, but also Xiao Yan would not have to leave Thea Group. Chen Jiaorui showed a pitiful look in front of Yan Zhi and asked him to help convey Mo Ming. If he agrees to withdraw the lawsuit, Chen Jiaorui will return the child’s visitation rights to Mo Ming. Yan Zhi was very soft-hearted, and he promised to help her tell.

Mo Ming is asking Youya about baby products. He is worried that he can’t take care of Tongtong. You Ya comforted him not to worry. If he doesn’t understand, he can always ask the mother of the confinement center. In the evening, Chen Jiaorui told her mother that Mo Ming was going to take the child away, and the company leaders felt that she was sick and refused to give her a long-term project.

While she was talking, she suddenly made it clear that she was not sick and that she would not let others bully. Only now did Chen’s mother discover that something was wrong with her daughter, and the next day she took Chen Jiaorui to the hospital for an examination. Qi Bin finished his work in the United States ahead of schedule. When he got off the plane, he came to Xiao Yan and gave her a pair of expensive earrings. Xiao Yan put down her hanging heart, she thought it was a ring. Hao Dawei helped. Mr. Hao came to the confinement center smoothly. Now that he has come, Mr. Hao no longer cares about Mo Ming and Hao Dawei who lied to come here.

Mo Ming took him to the confinement center and talked a lot with him, and Mr. Hao finally stopped being stubborn. Mo Ming took out the address given by Hao Dawei and asked Mr. Hao to find his wife at this address. After Chen Jiaorui went to see the doctor, the doctor said that she is now in a much better state than before. Sometimes the reason why she is not able to control her emotions may be due to her self-blame and guilt towards the child.

The doctor’s advice is to let her and The ex-husband reconciled. Someone took the expired baby food, and Lili felt that it was wrong, so she went to the warehouse to retrieve the surveillance video. She accidentally discovered that the two boxes of complementary food were taken by Chen Jiaorui. Just when Chen Jiaorui came back, she explained plainly that she had helped her destroy the two boxes of complementary foods, but she didn’t know if these words could dispel Lili’s doubts.

President Hao suddenly changed his mind and re-cooperated with Thea Group, Xiao Yan was very happy. Mo Ming hid her merit and fame deeply, he didn’t say that he helped her. After Hao Dawei recovered from his injury, he went to the confinement center again to find Xiao Yan. Mo Ming appeared from behind and once again helped Xiao Yan drive away Hao Dawei. Chen Jiaorui came to find Mo Ming, but Yan Zhi was a little surprised when she saw her.

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