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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 33 Recap

Li Cha learned that Xiao Yan angered Mr. Hao, and Mr. Hao was annoyed to terminate all cooperation with Thea Group. He immediately called Xiao Yan to put pressure on him. On the other side, Mo Ming called Xiao Yan to the hospital, and he helped her lead Mr. Hao away. Xiao Yan knew that Hao Dawei was pretending to be asleep and deliberately frightened him awake, but he still didn’t want to talk to them about Cheng Haonan.

Chen Jiaorui first told Li Cha that she had figured it out and was willing to learn about the training program he was talking about. Then she asked Mo Ming to persuade him to give up Tongtong’s custody rights. If he signs the document, she will not take Tongtong to Germany. Mo Ming was discouraged. He did not sign the document. Before leaving, he said that they would not meet here again in the future.

After Li Mei’e learned that Tongtong’s father was Mo Ming, she revealed that she had worked with Mo Ming in the confinement center. She even said gossip about Xiao Yan and Mo Ming in front of Chen’s mother, making Chen’s mother think that Mo Ming had been with him. Xiao Yan is ready. Xiao Yan planned to help You Ya pick up Cheng Haonan back, and she told Mo Ming not to go, lest Cheng Haonan went crazy again.

Mo Ming said that he didn’t need to look at Tongtong’s photos anymore, he was about to take Tongtong back to him, Xiao Yan smiled and felt happy for him. Mother Chen persuaded Chen Jiaorui to reconcile with Mo Ming, but Chen Jiaorui said that it was impossible for her and Mo Ming. The next day, she took the initiative to call Lawyer Zhang, and she said that she did not plan to reconcile with Mo Ming.

You Ya still insisted on living in the confinement center, and Cheng Haonan no longer objected. After this incident, he also realized his mistake and handed his wife and children to Xiao Yan who was in the confinement center. Yesterday, after Mo Ming and Chen Jiaorui met, they were very sad. Today, I got better. Xiao Yan guessed that he might have gone to meet Chen Jiaorui. The Thea Group received two boxes of expired baby food supplements.

Chen Jiaorui arranged for Lili to dispose of the two boxes of food supplements. However, before Lili had processed them, Chen Jiaorui suddenly called the warehouse and told them not to deal with them. At the same time, Lili found that the two boxes of expired food supplements had disappeared. She told Xiaoxi about the incident, worrying that she would be mistaken.

Xiao Yan invited Mr. Hao to dinner, trying to restore his cooperation with Thea, but Mr. Hao cared more about his own son Hao Dawei. Hearing that Hao Dawei was going to date Xiao Yan, Mr. Hao took this opportunity to ask a few words. Xiao Yan smiled helplessly and said that Hao Dawei was joking, and she didn’t take it seriously.

On the other side, Mo Ming entered Hao Dawei’s ward, Hao Dawei was taken aback, and Mo Ming locked the door behind him, he was really afraid that Mo Ming would beat himself up. Mr. Hao asked about Xiao Yan’s personal affairs, Xiao Yan didn’t want to talk too much, only that the relationship between him and Qi Bin was very stable.

Mr. Hao never thought that it would be a heinous crime for her not to marry or not to have children, and that a woman should be a good wife and mother. Xiao Yan couldn’t help pointing out that his thoughts are dangerous and prone to marital misfortune.

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