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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 16 Recap

When Yang Chuang went to Xia Wenxi’s house, he met Ye Youning and Lin Jiaqi who were preparing to confess to Xia Wenxi. Ye Youning asked Yang Chuang to send Xia Wenxi a message to bring Xia Wenxi to the park. After Lin Jiaqi learned that Ye Youning was in the park, he went to the park and ruined Ye Youning’s layout. Ye Youning happened to go to get flowers at the scene, and when she came back, she found that the scene was ruined. Lin Jiaqi was riding away, so he hurried to catch up with Lin Jiaqi.

Yang Chuang was here to help Lin Jiaqi guard the confession scene. Unexpectedly, Gao Xiaoai and Chen Tingting came downstairs to find Yang Chuang. Yang Chuang saw Gao Xiaoai coming over and was thinking of getting up. As a result, he squatted on the ground for too long and his legs were numb, and he was facing Gao. Xiao Ai knelt on one knee, holding a bunch of flowers in her hand. Chen Tingting thought that Yang Chuang had specially prepared a confession, so she pushed Gao Xiaoai forward.

Yang Chuang saw a rare opportunity, so she went to Gao Xiao. After confession of love, passers-by also booed. Gao Xiaoai agreed to Yang Chuang’s confession. Lin Jiaqi, who returned to the scene of the confession, was stunned when he saw this scene. Ye Youning also arrived and asked Lin Jiaqi if he had destroyed his scene. . Seeing Lin Jiaqi’s collapse, Ye You-ning didn’t want to say any more, he was pushing the car home, only to find that his mother was back suddenly.

Mother Ye is here to take Ye You-ning to the UK, and she also helps Ye You-ning pack her luggage. Ye You-ning said that she has always decided to go abroad, so she should respect her choice and don’t kidnap herself emotionally. Mother Ye said this. She cried, saying that she had always hoped Ye Youning, she could do anything for Ye Youning, she needed Ye Youning’s company, and Ye Youning was very helpless.

On the day when the results came out, Xia’s father and Xia’s mother urged Xia Wenxi to get up and check the results. Xia Wenxi scored 525 points on the test. Xia’s father and Xia’s mother were very happy, but the lowest admission score of Jiangcheng University was 540. Xia Wenxi felt I was very disappointed that I couldn’t pass the entrance exam to Jiangcheng University. Father Xia thought about pretending to be Mayday and write a letter to Xia Wenxi, so that Xia Wenxi should not be entangled in Jiangcheng University.

A few days later, when it came time to apply for a volunteer, Xia Wenxi received another reply. Xia Wenxi was very excited, but the letter had a counterproductive effect. In order to fulfill his wish, Xia Wenxi insisted on applying for Jiangcheng University and said that he failed to take the exam again. Father Xia came back and learned that the matter was a little broken. At this time, Mother Xia came back and said that Lin Jiaqi had quarreled with her parents because of her voluntary report. Now she ran away from home and asked Xia Wenxi to look for it.

Xia Wenxi found Lin Jiaqi at the beach and asked him why he gave up Huanhang. Lin Jiaqi said that Huanhang has always been his parents’ dream, not his own. He said that he wanted to stay in Jiangcheng, and there are people he likes. When Xia Wenxi wanted to kiss her, Xia Wenxi panicked and quickly avoided. Lin Jiaqi asked Xia Wenxi if he would let herself be with her, and extended a hand to Xia Wenxi. Xia Wenxi rejected Lin Jiaqi and left silently. After Xia Wenxi returned home, Xia’s mother talked about Xia Wenxi’s report to Jiangcheng University. She was angry and said that those letters were written by Xia’s father. Xia Wenxi broke down even more.

Xia Wenxi kept crying in the room. She sent a text message to the future Ye You-ning crying about the incident. Ye You-ning comforted a few words. Suddenly, he remembered something in his mind about going to the airport with his mother Ye before. He was worried that he would be going abroad, so hurry up. Sending a text message to Xia Wenxi to go to the airport to have a look, but just after sending the text message, the time and space on her side changed again. Xia Wenxi in this time and space has been sitting in a wheelchair for 13 years.

The telephone pole hit, and he quickly sent a text message to tell Xia Wenxi not to go out. Xia Wenxi had just come downstairs and stopped to read the text message. Only then did he escape the catastrophe, and Ye Youning also returned to the original timeline.

Xia Wenxi, who was worried about Ye Youning’s going abroad, rushed to the airport to find Ye Youning. She cried at the airport and was crying when she couldn’t find Ye Youning. Ye Youning appeared behind her. Xia Wenxi cried loudly, thinking Ye Youning. About to leave, Ye You-ning said that she did not want to go abroad, Xia Wenxi put her heart down and threw herself into Ye You-ning’s arms and started crying.

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