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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 15 Recap

In 2006, Xia Wenxi and Ye Youning are working hard to prepare for the exam. It is only ten days before the college entrance examination. Ye Youning and Lin Jiaqi are helping Xia Wenxi make up classes to make her catch up. In 2019, Ye Youning is working hard to pursue Xia Wenxi and wants to start again with Xia Wenxi. But Xia Wenxi remained unmoved.

The day before the college entrance examination, Xia Wenxi was very nervous. She picked up her old mobile phone and sent a text message to Future Ye Youning, asking him if she could be admitted to Jiangcheng University. In the future, Ye Youning was planning to go to Yuxia Wenxi to watch the Mayday concert, and replied that as long as Xia Wenxi believed in.

If you are firm enough, you will be able to succeed. Ye Youning said that he planned to ask someone to go to the movie and asked her if she would succeed. Xia Wenxi also encouraged him to say something. Ye You-ning was planning to send the concert tickets. Seeing that Sanfen was at home, he pulled Sanfen to Xia Wenxi’s door and asked Sanfen to give the ticket to Xia Wenxi. He hid in the corridor and observed secretly.

After getting in, it didn’t take long for Ye Youning to hear the cry of three points. Ye Youning was very worried and rushed in to check the situation. He saw Xia Wenxi lying weakly on the ground and sent Xia Wenxi to the hospital without any explanation. After a checkup, The doctor said that there was a polyp in Xia Wenxi’s stomach, and surgery was recommended. Assistant Ye Youning called to ask Ye Youning to choose a plan, and Ye Youning let her assistant make a decision and stayed with Xia Wenxi.

Xia Wenxi had to be hospitalized for observation for two days after the operation. Ye Youning took good care of her in the hospital. When Xia Wenxi woke up, she saw Ye Youning lying tiredly on the table beside her with wounds on her hand. She couldn’t help touching Ye Youning’s hand. , Ye Youning woke up, she asked Ye Youning how her hand hurt, but Ye Youning didn’t tell her that her hand was hurt because of cooking for her.

Xia Wenxi said that she had to submit the paper today, and Ye Youning went back to help her get the computer without saying a word. After Ye You-ning left, Xia Wenxi called and told Chen Tingting about her inner hesitation. Reason and sensibility were constantly intertwined. Chen Tingting saw Xia Wenxi so entangled, so she let her go. Maybe she already has the answer in her heart, but it still needs to be reached. a period of time.

After Ye Youning took the computer to the hospital, she found that the wallpaper on Xia Wenxi’s computer screen was a photo of the two in a sea of ​​red flowers. Xia Wenxi was a little embarrassed. Ye Youning took the computer again and said that Xia Wenxi would not be able to keep up with the manuscript. Help Xia Wenxi type, Xia Wenxi reluctantly agreed. Ye Youning helped Xia Wenxi finish writing the manuscript. Xia Wenxi suddenly held Ye Youning’s hand and asked them to try again.

Ye Youning didn’t react for a while. When he recovered, he also held Xia Wenxi’s hand and said that he would use it for the rest of his life. His love fills the gaps that were missing in the past when I was away. After the company’s situation stabilized, Ye Youning decided to invest in a publishing house to help Xia Wenxi publish a new book. Xia Wenxi’s body almost recovered. The doctor said that he could be discharged from the hospital in the afternoon, but Xia Wenxi suddenly said that she was in pain and did not want to be discharged.

In 2006, Xia Wenxi and their college entrance examinations were over. Teacher Wang held the last class meeting for them. When it comes to moving, the eye sockets of the students are a little moist. Finally, Teacher Wang bowed to everyone, and the students also bowed back. , Class 9 of high school, officially graduated. Xia Wenxi’s heart was empty. She thought she would be happy after the college entrance examination was over, but she didn’t expect she would be so disappointed. On the other hand, Ye You-ning’s mother called Ye You-ning and asked Ye You-ning to consider studying in the UK. Ye You-ning refused and hung up the phone.

After the college entrance examination, Xia Wenxi and Gao Xiaoai and Chen Tingting were bored at home, so they wanted to ask Ye Youning to play board games at home. As a result, Lin Jiaqi and Ye Youning both said that they were busy, and only Yang Chuang came. Xia Wenxi didn’t know that Lin Jiaqi and Ye Youning were preparing to confess to Xia Wenxi.

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