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Crush 原来我很爱你 Episode 7 Recap

Su Nianqu raised a question that Wuyan owed before, so she asked her if she liked herself. After getting the affirmative answer, he said that he had nothing to like, and then turned and left. After returning home, Wu Yan really couldn’t figure out Su Nianqu’s uncertain character.

Su Nianqu’s substitute class in the special school is coming to an end. After the last class, the children stand up to thank Teacher Su for teaching these days. Su Nianqu said that it is an honor to be a teacher for these children. Xiaowei chased it out and gave a piece of candy to Su Nianqu, saying that it was a parting gift. Teacher Sang told herself that Teacher Su didn’t like sweets. It was a lie. No child would dislike sugar. Su Nianqu put away the sugar.

Wuyan Xu Qian worked overtime on the radio at night, and stayed up late before leaving get off work. As a result, the elevator was out of power and the two were trapped. Wuyan and Xu Qian talked about each other while they were waiting for the overhaul. Wuyan said that he was partly responsible for the relationship between Wei Hao and Wei Hao. However, Wei Hao and Xu Qian have always concealed themselves. This is also true. Be regarded as one of the fault.

Xu Qian said that she had never established a boyfriend or girlfriend relationship with Wei Hao. Later, she left the orchestra not only because of Wuyan, but because of her own mother. After being dumped by a man, she came to ask herself for money. There is such a mother. Now, there are many things to worry about, and there is no time to take care of others.

After Wu Yan was busy with school matters and returned to the internship unit, she discovered that Su Nianqu had finished substitute lessons, and no one answered the phone when she called him, so that he did not show up on the day Xiao Wei was formally adopted.

Xiaolu called Su Nianqu and no one answered, so she could only ask him personally and suggested that he should go home and have a look. After learning that Su Nianqu had deliberately shut down and did not want to receive Wuyan’s call, she was very angry at Su’s stinky and indifferent appearance, and proposed to take a vacation. Before leaving, she angrily told Su Nianqu’s ignorance of Wuyan’s behavior, which was very correct. With his stinky temper, being with them is a waste of others.

Su Nianqu came outdoors, recalling the scene of hiding from the rain with Wuyan, and then grabbed a leaf of a privet flower. Xiao Lu saw that he was obviously missing someone else’s girl like this, so she asked him why he didn’t look for someone. Su Nianqu said that although Xiaolu had said angry words before, it made sense. The most correct choice was not to provoke Wuyan.

Xu Qian went to the bar to work part-time, and was met by Wuyan who was drinking too much. Wuyan immediately contacted all of their mutual friends on WeChat. The band members all came to the bar. Xu Qian sang a song for Wuyan who was alone and lost in love. Yan listened to the singing and recalled the few bits and pieces he had experienced with Su Nianqu, and he became more saddened.

Wuyan came to visit Xiaowei. Xiaowei told Teacher Su that she had just visited her the day before, and she realized that Su Nianqu was deliberately hiding from herself, and she was a little sad. Xu Qian intends to leave the radio station. The current radio station is no longer mainstream. It takes a long time to make a program less popular than an official account. She has to consider her future.

Wu Yan knew that Su Nianqu had the habit of listening to the radio, so he finally worked hard and contributed to the radio station, putting in everything he wanted to say to him. When the host read Wu Yan’s contribution on the radio, Su Nianqu happened to be listening.

Wuyan got sick and tired because he was busy with graduation thesis writing and busy with radio station work before. When he slept dizzy, he called Su Nianju, and he finally answered this time. After learning about Wuyan’s situation Hurried to her house.

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