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Crush 原来我很爱你 Episode 6 Recap

When performing on the school stage, Xiao Wei took the initiative to find Wuyan and asked for help with rehearsal. Wuyan helped Xiaowei call Su Nianqu and asked for help. During the rehearsal, Wu Yan sat among the children to sing, and after singing, she asked Teacher Su to praise her.

After the rehearsal, it started to rain. Looking at Su Nianquan, who was unable to walk without an umbrella, Wu Yan asked to accompany him to a convenience store to buy an umbrella. As a result, he got wet a lot in order to open an umbrella for him on the road. At the reminder of the staff, Su Nianqu bought a towel for Wu Yan to wipe the rain off his body.

After returning home, Xiao Lu began to beat Sang Wuyan on the side whether she liked Su Nianqu, and whether Su had always been cold in front of her.

After the children’s performance on the weekend, Su Nianqu went back to the classroom to play the piano alone. Wuyan specifically came over to apologize for finding Xiaowei adoptive parents the day before. He may be too naive to be responsible for Xiaowei’s future after being adopted.

Su Nianqu said that when he was a child, he also performed a performance like Xiaowei today in the orphanage. Although some of the caring entrepreneurs in attendance really wanted to help these children, most people did not know that these special children really What is needed. Repeat disability, abandonment, orphans in front of the children, to remind and emphasize, let these children feel inferior since childhood. What children really need is not sympathy, but equality.

Xu Qian couldn’t get a taxi after get off work because of the remote location. WeChat Wuyan helped, Wuyan changed hands to inform Wei Hao of the news and asked him to pick up people. As soon as she returned to school, Xu Qian’s mother came over and asked her daughter for money. After Xu Qian transferred her only five hundred yuan to her, she left indifferently and helplessly.

Su Nianqu sent Xiaolu to investigate the background of the couple who was about to adopt Xiaowei. After learning that they were good without a criminal record, they finally agreed to the adoption.

Wu Yan relied on his own psychological expertise to judge that Su Nianju had a certain personality disorder because of his childhood experience, so after returning home, he devoted himself to research related professional knowledge, and wanted to deal with this problem from a professional perspective.

Wuyan planned to take Xiaowei to the amusement park. Xiaolu persuaded Su Nianqu to go there with him and was refused. However, Su Nianchu came to the amusement park the next day, nicknamed he was afraid of being careless and taking care of the children. The three of them went into the amusement park to ride the Ferris wheel.

On the Ferris wheel, Wu Yan tells Xiao Wei that her idol is a talented songwriter. Then she looks at Su Nianqu, who is sitting opposite, is handsome. She can’t help but want to go up and kiss her, but her face is halfway. So he was interrupted by Su Nianqu, Su said that this kind of thing should generally be a man’s initiative. Wu Yan thought that Su Nianqu couldn’t see it at all, but he didn’t expect that she was not completely blind, and objects within three feet of movement could be seen.

After returning home, Su Nianqu was in a good mood. He played the upbeat piano music and played the wrong tune. Under Xiaolu’s reminder, he insisted that the music is right or wrong, as long as he can express his mood. He asked a doctor to see that many of his recent behaviors were too abnormal.

The teacher Su Nianqu’s substitute for the class will officially return to class one week after the maternity leave ends early. Ms. Li expressed his gratitude to him for the substitute class these days. Wuyan and Xu Qian were criticized by the leaders for improper news interviews.

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