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Crush 原来我很爱你 Episode 5 Recap

Sang Wuyan interviewed original singer Zheng Ye and asked why as an original singer, he would cooperate with the current popular songwriter. It was originally an unintentional question, but Zheng Yefang thought that he was deliberately harming himself, so the major news soon The news broke that Wuyan questioned the reason for Zheng Ye’s cooperation with Yi Jin, and Wu Yan got into trouble, fearing that Yi Jin would hate him for it.

The next day I went to work at school, and I went to the piano room to find someone to investigate the situation. Su Nianju didn’t show a bad mood, and told Wuyan that the Piano Museum will hold a public event on weekends, and I like pianos. Blind friends of music popularize the knowledge of piano.

In order to please Su Nianzhu, the two seem to have more common words, Wu Yan said that he likes the pianist Chopin because his music is very good. Su Nianqu said that many people follow the crowd to like a musician, but they have never really understood it deeply. In order to show that he really understands the relevant musicians, Su Nianqu went home to go home and not to take notes.

On the weekend, at the museum, Sang Wuyan came to watch and was selected to play with Su Nianqu on stage. In order not to reveal his identity, he closed his mouth and dared not make any sound. Unexpectedly, Su Nianqu recognized her a long time ago.

Wuyan got a call from Su Nianqu from the school teacher Li, he hesitated for a long time and finally got the courage to call it, but the first sentence after he answered the phone definitely said that he is now, Su Nianqu hesitated for a moment, no deny. Wuyan is very sure now, Su Nianqu is now.

Wuyan told Su Nianqu that a very close friend passed away in high school. It was Yijin’s song that accompanied him through the dark time that no one understood, so I always thought that if I could see him in person one day in the future, I want to thank him.

After learning that Sang Wuyan knew that Su Nianqu was a matter of Jin, the agent Xiaolu wanted to talk to her to avoid being leaked to the media. Su Nianqu stopped, he believed Wuyan would not do this. On Xiaowei’s birthday, Su Nianqing and Sang Wuyan came to the orphanage to celebrate her birthday. They both bought strawberry cakes by coincidence. When leaving the orphanage, Wu Yan asked Su Nianqu if the sister who often came to pick him up was his girlfriend, and Su Nianqu said that he was not. In exchange, you can also ask a question back, and Su Nianqu asked to owe it first.

After returning home, Wu Yan was very happy, but Cheng Yin said that the woman who often picks up Su Nianqu now is not a girlfriend now does not mean that she will not be in the future.

Wei Hao begged Xu Qian to return to the band, because the band will perform at the graduation ceremony. If Xu Qian, the lead singer, quits now, the show will not be possible. Xu Qian simply said that she didn’t have time and would not participate. The exchange between the two was heard by Wuyan who was back to school. As a psychology student, she analyzed that she and Wei Hao grew up together, tacitly inseparable from each other, until a certain point, Wei Hao and Xu Qian liked each other The other party kept concealing it. This is what I feel most angry about.

Wei Hao said that Xu Qian has been hiding from herself. Wuyan, who had figured it out, was no longer angry, and directly persuaded him to chase Xu Qian back. A couple intends to adopt Xiaowei, Wuyan is happy, but Su Nianquan said that this is not a good thing, a series of questions that may arise after being adopted. The two conflicted on this point of view.

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