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Broker 掮客 Episode 24 Recap

Qiu Jiaxin walked out of the coffee shop and called Qin Bin to let her wait for herself. She had very important things to say! Qin Bin was confused, Qiu Jiaxin gradually strengthened her heart. She liked Qin Bin, and she had to say if she liked him! Before Qiu Jiaxin rushed back to the hospital, Qin Bin received the ordered flowers and cakes, saying that it was for Qiu Jianing’s birthday.

Qiu Jiaxin understood that he was working overtime today to celebrate Qiu Jianing’s birthday, and he felt bitter in his heart. Can’t come out. Qiu Jia returned home with a calm face. When he was about to get off work, Qin Bin came with cakes and flowers, and everyone wished Qiu Jianing a happy birthday. Amidst the laughter, fireworks suddenly appeared outside the window. Everyone was attracted by the fireworks. Qiu Jianing looked at the brilliant fireworks and remembered what he had said to Zhou Xiaoshan, and immediately understood what he had to leave.

Zhou Xiaoshan left the station early, and he set off the fireworks specially. When Qiu Jianing arrived, he saw an hourglass, Zhou Xiaoshan hid, but Qiu Jianing saw his shadow. Qiu Jianing said that she had changed her mind. If she wants to become a fish in the next life, because the memory of the fish is only seven seconds, she can forget Zhou Xiaoshan in seven seconds. Qiu Jianing did not regret falling in love with Zhou Xiaoshan. As soon as Zhou Xiaoshan appeared, Qin Bin took Qiu Jianing and left. When Molly was about to go home from get off work, Qiu Jiaxin came. She said that she was in a bad mood and wanted to vent, so that Molly would not stay with her after get off work for a while.

Qin Bin knew that the fireworks must have been set off by Zhou Xiaoshan. Qiu Jianing explained that they had agreed to complete ten little things for a couple together. Qin Bin felt that Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing had a problem with the breakup.

If he didn’t love her, why did he come back to set off the fireworks. However, Qiu Jianing said that Zhou Xiaoshan’s nostalgia for her was definitely not love, this kind of feeling was short and cheap. Qin Bin felt that Qiu Jianing was too cruel to him, but Qiu Jianing became more and more sober. Molly asked Qiu Jiaxin to imagine the sandbag as an enemy. Qiu Jiaxin hit the sandbag with one punch, and her complaint against Qin Bin grew deeper and deeper.

After venting, the two went to drink together again. Qiu Jiaxin gradually understood Molly’s feelings. Feelings are inherently involuntary. Qiu Jiaxin poured wine into her belly cup by cup, saying that she wanted to celebrate the love that never started but ended. Today is the first anniversary of Qiu Jiaxin’s acquaintance with Qin Bin.

At first, Qiu Jiaxin hated Qin Bin and felt that he was everywhere, until one day Qin Bin taught her a lesson and Qiu Jiaxin discovered his warm and kindness. Qin Bin was almost ten years older than Qiu Jiaxin, and Qiu Jiaxin didn’t expect that she would like him, and Molly was shocked. In fact, Qiu Jiaxin is very contented. After all, the process of liking Qin Bin is very beautiful. Seeing her with a smile and saying that she has experienced love and broken love, Molly’s heart is equally obscure.

Qiu Jiaxin drank too much and was sent home by Molly. Qiu Jianing thought that Molly did something to Qiu Jiaxin, but Molly said she should think about herself. Qiu Jiaxin cried and said to Qiu Jianing that she couldn’t be as free and powerful as Qiu Jianing, and Qiu Jianing comforted her to have herself and parents, not to be so strong.

Qiu Jiaxin cried louder and louder, and also called Qin Bin a big pig’s hoof. Colleagues were discussing the fireworks last night. Since Qin Bin did not set it off, it was naturally set off by Zhou Xiaoshan. Everyone felt that Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing broke up very strange. After some analysis, Zhou Xiaoshan broke up because he felt that he was not worthy of Qiu Jianing.

Qiu Jiaxin fell asleep all day and night, Qiu Jianing sighed before interrogating her what was going on last night, Qiu Jiaxin found a bunch of excuses to ask Qiu Jianing to cook for her. Qiu Jianing opened the refrigerator and found it was empty, inevitably thinking of Zhou Xiaoshan. Zhou Xiaoshan fell asleep on the sofa, a bit bitter after waking up.

Qiu Jianing made some food for Qiu Jiaxin. Qiu Jiaxin asked her how to stay in the same room with her ex-boyfriend without looking embarrassed. Qiu Jianing said let it go and be friends after breaking up. Qiu Jia was speechless, simple to say but difficult to do.

Qin Bin sent a message to Qiu Jiaxin to buy him breakfast and called to urge her. Qiu Jiaxin was angry and annoyed, so he just relied on her to like it! When Qin Bin went to work early the next morning, he received the attention of his colleagues and hurried to the office to ask Qiu Jiaxin what was wrong with him. Zhao Yan told the truth.

It turned out that someone put Qin Bin on the Internet, and the culprit Qiu Jiaxin smiled silently. Li Chunran and Zhang Yu were going to get the certificate in two days, and Xiaoxiao planned to take this opportunity to let Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan cook mature rice. When Li Chunran and Zhang Yu came back with their marriage certificates, they were coaxed to treat. Zhou Xiaoshan excused that there was nothing to do. Xiaoxiao and Li Chunran quit ten thousand times, and finally forced Zhou Xiaoshan to agree.

Li Chunran and Zhang Yu invited everyone to dinner, everyone blessed them one after another, Li Chunran and Zhang Yu were toasted in turn, Zhang Yu had to ask Zhou Xiaoshan for help.

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