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Broker 掮客 Episode 23 Recap

Qin Bin took Qiu Jianing to uncompress, but Qiu Jianing became relaxed physically and mentally because of the bumpy vehicle, and fell asleep for three hours. Qiu Jianing understood that Qin Bin treated her as a child, but unfortunately she was no longer a child. Qin Bin sends Qiu Jianing home. Qiu Jianing is indeed not in a good state recently. She is also very grateful to Qin Bin for being with her, but she has no idea of ​​starting a new relationship for the time being.

Qin Bin said that he really didn’t want to take advantage of it. After being rejected by her, Qin Bin fell in love with a young nurse in the hospital and almost caught up with him, but it seemed unreasonable to forget the pain with a new relationship. Of course, if Qiu Jianing was willing to consider him, he would also be willing. Qin Bin will wait until Qiu Jianing completely forgets Zhou Xiaoshan before coming to pursue her.

I heard that Qiu Jianing and Qin Bin had a meeting together, Zhu Zhu complained about her hanging Qin Bin and Zhou Xiaoshan, smiled directly through her careful thinking that she could not eat grapes and said grapes are sour. Zhou Xiaoshan took the initiative to find Zhu Zhu, saying that his breakup with Qiu Jianing had nothing to do with anyone, and he also hoped that Zhu Zhu would stop doing nothing wrong. Zhu Zhu satirized Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing was promoted. In the next year, this project will go to City A, and she has a way to let Zhou Xiaoshan go. Zhou Xiaoshan ignored this and threatened her to shut up with Zhu Zhu’s nasty things.

After the meeting, Qin Bin and Qiu Jianing had a meal together, but Qiu Jiaxin felt a little sour when she saw this, and realized that she might like Qin Bin. Qiu Jiaxin asked Zhao Yan what it felt like to like someone. Zhao Yan mistakenly thought she liked herself. Afterwards, Qiu Jiaxin reacted fiercely to Qin Bin, making Qin Bin confused.

Zhou Xiaoshan still hates Molly. Molly took out many photos of Qiu Jianing and Qin Bin together, saying that Qiu Jianing and Qin Bin are the same people in the world, and Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing cannot have a future! Zhou Xiaoshan was a little excited. Zhou Xiaoshan deliberately made trouble upstairs, and was finally taken to the police station. Qiu Jianing hurried to the police station after receiving a call, and Qin Bin who had a meeting with him also went. Qin Bin said that he wanted to chat with Zhou Xiaoshan alone.

He could see that Zhou Xiaoshan still liked Qiu Jianing, thinking that he proposed to break up because of past events. He wanted to tell Zhou Xiaoshan that Qiu Jianing was much stronger than he thought, but Zhou Xiaoshan said, He doesn’t know anything at all. Molly asked Qiu Jianing if she was really with Qin Bin, and Qiu Jianing said it had nothing to do with her. When Zhou Xiaoshan was about to leave, Qiu Jianing hoped that he could think about the consequences next time he did something.

The next day, Qiu Jianing coughed all morning, and smiled when she found out that she had a fever and quickly found someone to accompany Qiu Jianing to the hospital. She had to go to the factory. Li Chunran and others pretended to be very busy and asked Zhou Xiaoshan to accompany Qiu Jianing. Zhou Xiaoshan refused at first, but when she saw her weakness, he agreed. After Zhou Xiaoshan took her to the hospital, he went back and asked Qin Bin to see Qiu Jianing. Suddenly, Qiu Jianing received a call saying that something went wrong in the laboratory, and hurriedly ran out of the hospital without even taking the medicine.

The source plan patent application was rejected because of the duplication of patents. Qiu Jiaxin was worried when she heard that Qiu Jianing was ill. Qin Bin asked her to take the medicine back. Qiu Jiaxin had been absent-minded recently, and Qin Bin made her happy. Qiu Jiaxin felt that if he liked someone, he had to do his best, but Qin Bin understood that fate depends on feelings, and it was you after all. There is a synthetic process repeater in the source plan, Harry, Qiu Jianing blamed himself, and decided to develop a new synthetic process in the shortest time.

Qiu Jianing got busy again, Zhou Xiaoshan couldn’t help urging her to take medicine, and after turning around to help her pour water, Qiu Jianing had already taken the medicine. Qiu Jianing went into work desperately, Zhou Xiaoshan was very worried about her body, but Qiu Jianing was a little excited after reading the information for the whole afternoon. Harry let her open up a new way of thinking. Qiu Jianing did scientific research just for enjoyment. She was not the kind of person who was broken in love and was hit by work as Zhou Xiaoshan thought. Difficulties would only become her motivation.

I was about to enter the laboratory. I smiled and forgot to wrap my hair with a pen and hurried in. In the afternoon, I cut short hair directly. I didn’t expect that the straight man Sun Lei said that her short hair is not as good as long hair, and Momo is speechless. NS. Mother Qiu began to worry about Qiu Jiaxin’s lifelong affairs, saying that Aunt Chen has a son who is playing professional e-sports, and Qiu Jiaxin fooled him. Although the patent application failed, it also gave Zhou Xiaoshan new inspiration. He told Uncle Cha that he would never make a mistake.

Tomorrow is Qiu Jianing’s birthday. Everyone wants to have a dinner together. Qiu Jianing said that everyone has been busy recently, so let’s just forget it. After the busy schedule, I would like to invite everyone to have a big meal. When Qin Bin came to see Mr. Wang, he was told by the front desk that tomorrow was Qiu Jianing’s birthday.

While waiting for her blind date, Qiu Jiaxin grabbed the petals and asked herself again and again whether she liked Qin Bin. The blind date Jiang Xiaoye appeared and said that if she didn’t work hard, she would regret it in the future, let alone how much she had missed. Qiu Jiaxin picked up her bag and ran out like a cloud and saw fog, and she didn’t have time to meet Jiang Xiaoye.

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