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Broker 掮客 Episode 22 Recap

Qin Bin grabbed Zhou Xiaoshan and wanted to apologize to Qiu Jianing. Qiu Jianing hurriedly protected Zhou Xiaoshan and let him go. Qin Bin asked him if he was serious about breaking up with Qiu Jianing. After getting an affirmative answer, he held Qiu Jianing’s hand and Zhou Xiaoshan responded. Don’t care about the appearance. Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan apologized. In short, it was because of her. Qiu Jiaxin went to the fighting hall to find Molly, but Molly avoided her, making Qiu Jia very depressed.

Qiu Jianing was taken away by Qin Bin as soon as he got off work, and Li Chunran was stunned to see this scene. Qin Bin promised not to trouble Zhou Xiaoshan, and Qiu Jianing was willing to tell him why they broke up. Molly went to Zhou Xiaoshan in despair. Zhou Xiaoshan was still angry with her, but she couldn’t help but care when she saw her fever. Molly said that she knew it was wrong. She really didn’t expect that she and Qiu Jiaxin would become good friends, and now she didn’t know what to do. Zhou Xiaoshan asked Molly to tell Qiu Jiaxin all of this.

The emotion she is experiencing now is normal emotion, and the pain she is experiencing now is a kind of happiness, because she has finally become a normal person. If they did something wrong, they would be punished. Zhou Xiaoshan said that if they did too many wrong things, how could they easily get happiness? If he could stay with his grandmother in the tea plantation, it would be great. After listening to Qiu Jianing’s words, Qin Bin concluded that Zhou Xiaoshan was an international Phoenix male.

Qiu Jianing was depressed because of her broken love, Qin Bin told her that as long as she was drunk, she wouldn’t be so sad. Suddenly Qin Bin had to go back to the hospital in a hurry. Qiu Jianing paralyzed himself in the bar alone, but Zhou Xiaoshan hurried to the bar after receiving a call from the bartender. When Qiu Jianing saw Zhou Xiaoshan, she said drunkly that she would grow up and would not die as before. She didn’t believe Zhou Xiaoshan really didn’t love her. Zhou Xiaoshan hugged Qiu Jianing home. In fact, she was nothing like Xianglan.

He had only loved Qiu Jianing in his life. After Zhou Xiaoshan sent Qiu Jianing back to the dormitory, Qiu Jiaxin asked him if he really wanted to break up? Zhou Xiaoshan’s face was bitter. Qiu Jianing was still chanting Zhou Xiaoshan’s name when he was drunk. Qiu Jiaxin knew that she still loved Zhou Xiaoshan. She felt that Zhou Xiaoshan still had affection for Qiu Jianing. The two people who loved each other should be together. Isn’t it a pity to break up like this?

The company gave everyone benefits. Everyone screamed Zhou Xiaoshan to take Qiu Jianing. Unexpectedly, neither of the two would pay attention to each other. They laughed and thought they had a quarrel. Unexpectedly, Qiu Jianing answered indifferently and broke up. Everyone wentssiping about it again during lunch. Zhu Zhu obviously didn’t like Zhou Shanshan and Qiu Jianing, and was refuted by both Xiaoxiao and Momo. Li Chunran asked Zhang Yu to go to Zhou Xiaoshan to ask about the situation, after all, they couldn’t be together without them.

Qin Bin felt that Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing must have something wrong, Qiu Jiaxin also felt very strange, after all, Molly had been hiding from her recently. Qiu Jiaxin lied before meeting Molly, and the two sat awkwardly in the convenience store. Molly confessed that the person she liked was Zhou Xiaoshan, Qiu Jiaxin immediately understood that from the beginning, Molly called Qiu Jianing for more than simple purpose, and being with her was only to grasp Zhou Xiaoshan’s emotional trends. Qiu Jiaxin was very angry, she didn’t expect Molly to be such a gloomy person, it was terrible!

Qiu Jia broke off with Molly in a fit of anger, and returned home to tell Qiu Jianing about the incident, but Qiu Jianing’s reaction was calm. Qiu Jiaxin felt unwilling to be fooled by Molly, Qiu Jianing patiently solved it, as she and Zhou Xiaoshan had already passed. Qiu Jianing said that she had some insomnia recently and asked Qiu Jiaxin to prescribe sleeping pills for her. Qiu Jiaxin couldn’t sleep over and over all night because of this incident, while Qiu Jianing secretly looked at Zhou Xiaoshan’s house opposite, whose light was still on.

Uncle Cha urged Zhou Xiaoshan to start as soon as possible. Zhou Xiaoshan was worried that he and Molly would not be able to get out of the way. Zhou Xiaoshan took the opportunity of foreign visitors to invade the server, Wang Lao and Qiu Jianing hurried to check the situation after finding out. Zhao Yan persuaded Qin Bin to take advantage of this opportunity to enter. Qin Bin said he didn’t want to, but he went to Qiu Jianing after get off work.

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