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Broker 掮客 Episode 21 Recap

Qiu Jiaxin ran to Molly and said that she needed to vent. The two frustrated little girls discussed the pain of love together, and Qiu Jiaxin took Molly to eat and relieve pressure. Qiu Jiaxin took Molly back to her home, because the best food in the world is the dishes made by her mother. Mother Qiu is very boring at home alone, it is rare to see Qiu Jiaxin come back with her friends.

Qiu Jiaxin and Qiu’s mother teased each other, and the corners of Molly’s mouth gradually rose. After eating, Qiu Jiaxin took Molly back to her room, and Mother Qiu gave them fruits. Qiu Jiaxin and Molly complain about Qiu’s mother, but Molly is a little envious. It’s nice to have a mother.

Qiu Jiaxin comforted her, she shared happiness with Molly. Molly received a call from Uncle Cha and asked her to do what she said. I heard Qiu’s mother and Qiu Jiaxin inquiring about Molly’s family background, but Qiu Jiaxin felt that making friends didn’t need to understand this, but Qiu’s mother was afraid that she would be deceived, and felt that Molly hadn’t studied much when she came out to work at a young age. Molly was very uncomfortable and quickly found an excuse to leave.

Mother Qiu’s words pierced Molly’s heart fiercely. Although she didn’t come to take advantage of Qiu Jia’s heart, she came to want Qiu Jianing’s life. Since they all looked down on her, don’t blame her for being unfeeling.

From now on, Molly only believes in herself. Sun Lei announced at the meeting that Xiaoxiao had been transferred back, but Xiaoxiao thought that Sun Lei was pitying her by doing so, and ran aggressively to Sun Lei and told him not to care about her anymore, because it would only remind her that they were inappropriate. If she really has so many advantages, why did Sun Lei leave her. Xiaoxiao really needs this job, she has to take it well, but there is nothing else. Sun Lei hoped that Xiaoxiao would give them a chance to start again, but Xiaoxiao now has nothing to lose.

Zhou Xiaoshan asked Qiu Jianing what kind of mistake she could not forgive, and Qiu Jianing said he had to think about it before answering. Qiu Jianing suddenly received a text message saying that he would come to see him if he wanted to know Zhou Xiaoshan’s secret. Qiu Jianing went to an abandoned factory according to the address, and Molly appeared. Before Qiu Jianing could react, she was stunned by Molly’s palm. Then Zhou Xiaoshan received a call from Uncle Cha, Zhou Xiaoshan panicked. When Qiu Jianing woke up again, she was tied up by Molly. She viciously took a knife to kill Qiu Jianing. Qiu Jianing was not afraid and understood Molly’s love for Zhou Xiaoshan, but if she did, Zhou Xiaoshan would hate her. lifetime.

Zhou Xiaoshan hurried to find Qiu Jianing after he was missing. Molly stopped him and refused to let him in. Zhou Xiaoshan grabbed Molly by the neck and asked if she told Uncle Cha about himself and Qiu Jianing. He didn’t want to see Molly again. Such an ugly side! Uncle Cha called again. Zhou Shanshan fell in love with Qiu Jianing. Did he forget what Xianglan paid to save Zhou Shaning? Uncle Cha told Zhou Xiaoshan that Qiu Jianing’s life was in his hands, and Zhou Xiaoshan reluctantly agreed to break up with Qiu Jianing.

Zhou Xiaoshan took Qiu Jianing back home, who had fainted. Qiu Jianing called the police as soon as she woke up. She heard Molly’s call and it was Uncle Cha who instigated her! Zhou Xiaoshan tried to stop, but in desperation he decided to tell Qiu Jianing the truth. Zhou Xiaoshan took her to the prison museum. The last time he confessed was only half, and the remaining half can answer all Qiu Jianing’s doubts. Xianglan is the daughter of Uncle Cha. She is lively and beautiful. Uncle Cha didn’t promise them to be together at first, but finally compromised with her only daughter. Then there was an accident. Pandan’s classmates also liked Pandan, so they wanted to get Pandan by nasty means.

Zhou Xiaoshan fired a shot at the opponent and almost killed him. The opponent was powerful. Zhou Xiaoshan was bound to die. It was Xianglan who stood up and expressed his willingness to marry him. The only condition was to let Zhou Xiaoshan go. Later, Xianglan Can’t stand that kind of life and committed suicide. Qiu Jianing only finds it absurd, but there are indeed many dark places in the world. Qiu Jianing suddenly understood that Molly was not only jealous of her, but also unfair to Uncle Cha.

Qiu Jianing understands these pains. If Xianglan lives, I hope they will live well. Love is not wrong, Zhou Xiaoshan and Xianglan are not wrong. Zhou Xiaoshan turned around and broke up with Qiu Jianing again, saying that he was with Qiu Jianing at first because she was very similar to Xianglan, but in fact they were not like them at all, they were not alone. Zhou Xiaoshan got into Qiu Jianing’s heart every word, he had only loved Xianglan in his entire life. Qiu Jianing’s eyes darkened and turned and left.

Qiu Jianing hid on the sofa and cried after being broken in love. Qiu Jiaxin was puzzled when she saw it, and when she heard the reason, she was so angry that she wanted to go to Zhou Xiaoshan to settle the account. Qiu Jianing couldn’t control Zhou Xiaoshan’s feelings, let alone he didn’t love himself. Qiu Jiaxin kept calling Molly, but Molly didn’t answer it, so Qiu Jiaxin sent a message stating that she would be looking for her tomorrow.

Molly went to the downstairs of Zhou Xiaoshan’s dormitory. She didn’t know how to face Qiu Jiaxin. Zhou Xiaoshan accused Qiu Jiaxin of digging her heart out. Her sincere and kindness made Molly even more ugly. The biggest difference between humans and machines is that humans have feelings. Molly chooses whether to be a human or a machine. The next day, Qiu Jianing went to the gym to find Molly. Molly was still stinking, Qiu Jianing was straight to the point, saying that she loved Zhou Shanshan but could not get his love.

Molly fought back and they broke up, she was also a loser! But Qiu Jianing calmly stated that there was no loser in love. She hoped that Molly would stop those crazy actions. She could not pursue the previous matter, but she did not want Molly to hurt Qiu Jiaxin. Molly hadn’t struggled, she really regarded Qiu Jiaxin as a friend, but in the eyes of Qiu’s mother, she was something. Qiu Jianing asked back, does she have no purpose in approaching Qiu Jiaxin? Qiu Jianing would not tell Qiu Jiaxin about this, but to remind Molly not to let herself become worthless.

Qiu Jiaxin was very angry when he saw Qin Bin’s pursuit of others. He complained that the man didn’t have a good thing, and also told Zhou Xiaoshan’s abandonment of Qiu Jianing. Soon Qin Bin rushed to Yuanplan to find Zhou Xiaoshan to settle the account, and Qiu Jia hurriedly called Qiu Jianing to report.

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