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Broker 掮客 Episode 20 Recap

Zhou Xiaoshan could see that Molly was hostile to Qiu Jianing and made no secret of it. This would arouse Qiu Jianing’s suspicion. Molly asked, is he afraid of arousing suspicion or destroying their feelings? When Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing spoke, the expressions of the tone were not just for fun. Zhou Xiaoshan said that his grandmother is still in the hands of Uncle Cha, so it is impossible to have real feelings, otherwise the grandmother will die.

Molly clasped her hand. She didn’t tell Uncle Cha about it, just because she was afraid of losing Zhou Xiaoshan. Zhou Xiaoshan told Molly seriously, you are my sister, and you will always be. Mr. Li came to Molly to practice boxing, and worked hard for twelve seconds to count as a tie, because he didn’t want the girl he liked to look down on him. Molly said she was not worthy of Mr. Li’s liking, and he didn’t understand herself.

Mr. Li smiled. Molly looked fierce on the surface but was actually very kind. Molly interrupted Mr. Li and asked him to treat herself as his sister, but Mr. Li said that the best way to refuse someone is to recognize his sister. Molly suddenly remembered Zhou Xiaoshan. She didn’t understand love, but now she knew very well that Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t love her.

Qiu Jianing is preparing to apply for a patent, and Qiu Jiaxin is very curious to see that she is in a daze. Qiu Jianing asked Qiu Jiaxin and Molly if they were familiar with each other, Qiu Jiaxin said that they are now best friends and they are in a good relationship.

The next day, Molly went to the hospital to find Qiu Jiaxin. Qiu Jiaxin said that Qiu Jianing would submit an application for patent rights next Monday. Qin Bin and a young nurse entered the restaurant, Qiu Jia stared at him venomously and scolded him for Huaxin, as if Qin Bin had failed him. Wang Lao and Sun Lei are going to Guangzhou on business, so Qiu Jianing is asked to submit patent materials next Monday.

Zhou Xiaoshan became nervous when he learned about the incident. Qiu Jianing asked him a very sensitive question. He said that the source plan had rejected a foreign group with excellent conditions. Although science knows no borders, there are scientific researchers. Since it is a Chinese project, The people on this land must be benefited first. Zhou Xiaoshan said that he would guard the source plan together with Qiu Jianing.

Zhou Xiaoshan told Zha Shuyuan that there was no plan to apply for a patent for the time being, but Molly had told him about it a long time ago. Uncle Zha hung up the phone and asked Molly to do it next Monday. Molly knew that she and Zhou Xiaoshan would never be possible, they would not be like this without Qiu Jianing!

On the way Qiu Jianing went to apply for a patent, Molly rushed into Zhou Xiaoshan’s house, regardless of his obstruction, and called Qiu Jianing that Zhou Xiaoshan was ill. Uncle Cha already knew that he lied to him. Only at this time can they get the formula to make Uncle Cha forgive. Zhou Xiaoshan. Molly put the medicine in the water, and they flew away when they got the formula. Zhou Xiaoshan was in a panic.

After Qiu Jianing came, Molly was very anxious to ask her to drink water, but Zhou Xiaoshan stopped her. After Qiu Jianing left, Molly asked Zhou Xiaoshan if he fell in love with Qiu Jianing. Zhou Xiaoshan admitted that he was a person, not a machine, and could not control his feelings! Molly was hysterical, she didn’t allow Zhou Xiaoshan to like others! Zhou Xiaoshan understands Molly’s thoughts, but in his heart, Molly is just a younger sister. He has no way to control not to love Qiu Jianing, let alone love Molly reluctantly. Zhou Xiaoshan was determined to be with Qiu Jianing. Molly said he was crazy, but Zhou Xiaoshan was sober.

Molly left Zhou Xiaoshan’s house in tears. Mr. Li was anxious to learn that she hadn’t come to work for three days, but Molly’s phone could not be reached all the time. She lay on the sofa and cried alone for a long time. Mr. Li finally saw Molly. Molly did not go to work because she was ill. Mr. Li was very worried and took Molly to dinner. Molly didn’t understand that she was so bad to Mr. Li, but he liked herself, but to Zhou Xiaoshan. He digs his heart out, but he likes Qiu Jianing.

Mr. Li didn’t go to work for a day to find Molly. Molly once again told him that he was a bad person and that he was not worthy of being so kind to him. But Mr. Li knew that Molly was a good person. He took Molly’s hand out of control. Molly reflexed to leave, and Mr. Li confessed his mistake and asked her to stay.

Qiu Jiaxin heard that Qin Bin was a little angry about pursuing Weiwei recently, and her attitude towards Qin Bin became more and more strange. When Qiu Jianing was at work, he heard Zhu Zhura talking about others, and then heard that Xiaoxiao’s father had an accident. Her father was the boss of a pharmaceutical company and was arrested last night because of business bribery. Xiaoxiao pretended not to care, but she was still very angry when she saw the news from Zhu Zhu. Sun Lei cared for a while, but Xiaoxiao still refused to be soft, but secretly hid and cried.

Qiu Jianing was crying when she met Xiaoxiao and handed her a tissue, which reminded Xiaoxiao that when Qiu Jianing first came, she also talked about Qiu Jianing behind her back like everyone else. Xiaoxiao thanked Qiu Jianing, she wanted to return to the Qiu Jianing group, but Qiu Jianing said that no one can help her now, and she can only rely on herself to get up again. Zhou Xiaoshan knew that Qiu Jianing would be soft-hearted. Qiu Jianing said that it is not bad to laugh. Everyone needs some hope.

Qiu Jiaxin went out of the subway station and met Qin Bin. After getting in the co-pilot, Qin Bin looked at her blushing face curiously, while Qiu Jiaxin resisted Qin Bin’s physical contact with her. Sun Lei hoped that Xiaoxiao would return to the R&D team. In fact, Sun Lei didn’t like the spoiled girls like Xiaoxiao at first, but she was gradually attracted to her.

Their campus love was very young. Later, Xiaoxiao’s mother found his grandson. Lei said that his life experience is not worthy of a smile, and Sun Lei gave up their love because of inferiority. Sun Lei understood that he had been running away, and that he was wrong. Qiu Jianing agreed to let Xiaoxiao come back, but he had to enter the Sun Lei group, which was a chance to make up for his work.

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