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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 24 Recap

Jingjing started filming. She was stuck in a scene. Director Li thought that Jingjing’s emotions were not full at all. He cut several times and only stopped the scene, ready to talk to Jingjing about the scene again. Jingjing’s mood was not high. Yu Tu called Jingjing. Jingjing didn’t answer the phone. Her sore throat only turned to text chat. Although the scene was over, she was still depressed. Yu Tu comforted Jingjing. Failure was commonplace for him, so he thought that success in the end was the best result. He successfully comforted Jingjing, and Jingjing also experienced how happy it is to have a soul mate.

Yu Tu and her colleague Da Meng went to Xi’an on a business trip. The two of them started a video. Jingjing was praised by the screenwriter of the class. She was very happy in her heart. Yu Tu’s business trip ended successfully. During the video of the two, Yu Tu mentioned the big story. Meng Zeng asked about his WeChat Mini Program. Jingjing saw that the note Yu Tu had given her was an AI girl. She laughed out loud and said goodbye to Yu Tu. Even the Starlight Festival was scheduled to be in Shanghai. Did not tell Yu Tu.

Yu Tu went to play basketball with his colleagues. The two shared selfies with each other. Yu Tu watched Jingjing’s selfie and only made a phone call. He missed Jingjing very much in his heart and wanted to know when Jingjing could meet him. . Time flies. The two have been separated for 26 days. Jingjing has to go back to Shanghai on Saturday to participate in the event. After she has finished a few scenes in the past few days, she can return to Shanghai on Friday afternoon. Yu Tu was told for a while, and Yu Tu was ready to pick up the plane at the airport.

Yu Tu came to pick up Jingjing, and the two of them were kind and affectionate. The little Zhu on the side couldn’t stand it, and only let Jingjing leave with Yu Tu. She still had things to do and didn’t walk with the two of them. The two got into a car in a close relationship. Their figures were photographed by the paparazzi. The paparazzi is going to release these photos on April 1st. Unknown to the situation, Jingjing followed Yu Tu and was stuck on the road in Shanghai.

It was too far to Jingjing’s home and too much traffic jam. Yu Tu decided to change the destination. With Jingjing’s consent, he took Jingjing to his home. . The two men’s car has been chased by paparazzi and arrived at Yutu’s house. As soon as the car stopped, Yu Tu couldn’t help but kissed Jingjing. He brought Jingjing to the house and took out the slippers he had prepared for Jingjing a year later.

Jingjing was very curious when she first came to Yutu’s house. She saw the model of Yutu and visited Yutu’s room. Yu Tu’s room was very clean, and it was full of books inside and out. Qiao Jingjing was very surprised, and Yu Tu also gave the Rocket doll to Jingjing. Although Jingjing had eaten on the plane, Yu Tu cooked for her personally. She still ate a few bites, only to find that Yu Tu’s noodles were too hard to compliment her craftsmanship.

The noodles were given to Yu Tu to eat. Jingjing’s other best friend Chen Xue asked her to play games. Yu Tu was going to help Jingjing play games, thinking that he would be able to help Chen Xue become the king in an hour. However, Yu Tu was too conceited this time. He used his new hero to defeat Waterloo, losing three games in a row, and finally won the game after changing to another hero.

It was 12 o’clock after the two of them played the game, but Jingjing’s home was too far away, so Yu Tu let Jingjing stay here to sleep, he gave the room to Jingjing, and he slept in the guest bedroom. Jingjing had no choice but to agree to Yu Tu, and Yu Tu was going to clean up the room. Jingjing later realized that she had been cheated by Yu Tu. Yu Tu had been procrastinating for time, so she asked Yu Tu to use the diamond number to make a single row.

As long as Yu Tu uses a new hero to win 15 heads, she will not go home. Yu Tu was helpless and had to win the game with 15 heads. Jingjing also knew that Yu Tu was delaying time. She still wanted to go home to live. Yu Tu hugged Jingjing. He didn’t need to work overtime tomorrow and could accompany him. He went to the scene to participate in the event with Jingjing, but he had been rushing to work a few days ago and did not take a good rest. Now it is too late to send Jingjing back. Jingjing felt sorry for her journey, and softly agreed to stay here overnight.

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