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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 23 Recap

Yu Tu returned to Shanghai with Jingjing. Jingjing’s parents questioned Jingjing on the phone. Jingjing couldn’t argue with each other. In the eyes of her parents, she became irresponsible and disregarded the other’s feelings. Yu Tu was very satisfied with what he had done. Jingjing did everything first. In the eyes of his parents, he is also an irresponsible person who does not care about each other’s feelings. After that, Zhai Liang sent words to Yu Tu.

Zhai Liang said in his voice that he would leave the order sooner than Yu Tu. Jingjing returned to Zhai Liang for Yu Tu. Zhai Liang was surprised and immediately made a video call to Jingjing. In the video, I saw Yu Tu’s typhoon-level proud smiling face, and learned that Yu Tu had previously dismissed her, and even said that she was visible on the street. Yu Tu understood the pit of his teammates and quickly explained that he was The reason why Jingjing can be seen everywhere is because he has been watching Jingjing’s advertisements on the street, and they can be seen everywhere on the street.

Jingjing pushed Zhai Liang’s business card on the WeChat account that Jingjing used for Tuo. The two played a few games after they added their friends, and they continued to play even after they got home. Jingjing won the game. After that, Yu Tu took Jingjing to get the letter. This was the last letter he wrote to Jingjing. He always thought that after Jingjing read this letter, he could help Jingjing answer questions. Yu Tu read the content of the letter to Jingjing word by word. Jingjing was trapped by Yu Tu’s belief.

She looked at the time and urged Yu Tu to catch the last subway back, but Yu Tu frankly told Jingjing , He stayed here tonight, he will take the initiative in the relationship between the two of them in the future, he is not good at taking the initiative, if the size of his initiative is too large, Jingjing can tell him bluntly. Tomorrow Jingjing is going to film a movie in another place. Yu Tu is preparing to send Jingjing to the airport at 8 o’clock. Facing such an active Yu Tu, Jingjing also feels joy from the bottom of her heart.

The next day, Xiao Zhu came to look for Jingjing, but unexpectedly appeared at Jingjing’s house on the way. Xiao Zhu brought breakfast to Jingjing, but Jingjing only ate breakfast from Yu Tudian. The two were eating and drinking each other’s breakfast, feeding and wiping the corners of their mouths. Xiao Zhu looked stunned on the other side, and instantly understood the relationship between the two. After breakfast, Yu Tu sent Jingjing to the airport. Sister Ling was very happy to see Yu Tu. She decided to prepare a public relations plan immediately. At the same time, she also asked Yu Tu to wear a mask when she went out.

When the two arrived at the time of separation, Yu Tu was ready to return to Yixing after sending Jingjing. It took at least two months for Jingjing to enter the filming group and could not return. Only then did Yu Tu realize that he had been worrying about it before, and Jingjing took more time to film. He spends a lot of time on business trips, and he doesn’t specify who is wasting the time.

After speaking, the two kissed each other through the masks, while sister Ling and Xiao Zhu on the side looked blankly. On the plane, Sister Ling did not object to Jingjing’s relationship now, but she also paid close attention to the details of Jingjing’s relationship. She wanted to prepare public relations plans in advance, but Jingjing was still immersed in love and did not pay much attention to it.

Yu Tu and Jingjing started a long-distance relationship. The two shared each other’s lives. Yu Tu took photos of all three meals a day to Jingjing. The colleagues around him were very surprised by this. Yu Tu only said this Newly developed love applet. The two have been separated for many days, but their relationship is getting closer and closer. The two are working while driving the video, not delaying each other in the slightest, but they are deeply affectionate.

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