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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 22 Recap

Jingjing talked to Yu Tu about her teenage fantasy. She once imagined that she would return to her alma mater as an excellent astronaut, and she would be by her side as a family member. Yu Tu confessed to Jingjing that he was not a genius. He was arrogant and clever in high school. He knew that the sky is wide and wide after he went out, but he is willing to continue working hard for Jingjing and strive to complete Jingjing’s fantasy one day. After visiting his alma mater, Jingjing and Yutu held each other’s hands in the heavy snow and headed home.

Yu Tu sent Jingjing to the door of her house. Jingjing decided to temporarily conceal the relationship between the two from her parents. Tomorrow she will return to Shanghai. Yu Tu can send her back as an old classmate. In order for Yu Tu to appear in her home without abruptness, Jingjing also thought of a foreshadowing. Looking at the ghostly spirit Jingjing in front of him, the corner of Yu Tu’s mouth raised, and he couldn’t help but think of Jingjing tricking him into repairing the purifier at home.

Jingjing lay on the bed after washing, waiting for news on the way. Yu Tu only sent a WeChat message to call her later. He was reporting his thoughts to his mother. Jingjing had been waiting for Yu Tu’s call, waiting to fall asleep, until the next day Yu Tu called She, she then asked what Yu Tu had done to report his thoughts. Yu Tu chuckled softly. What his mother asked was who he had seen when he ran out for the past two days, but Jingjing refused to see his parents, so he did not reveal Jingjing’s identity. After talking on the phone with Jingjing, Yutu went downstairs to sweep the snow. Jingjing got up and brushed her teeth. Suddenly an idea came up. She drove to find Yutu alone, preparing to sweep the snow with Yutu.

Jingjing came to Yu Tu’s house with her own memory. She appeared in front of Tu. Yu Tu was very pleased and only went forward and hugged Jingjing. The scene where the two embraced was seen by Yu Tu’s mother. She asked Jingjing’s identity, which did not mean that Tu explained. Jingjing only blinked and said that she was Yu Tu’s girlfriend, but Yu Tu had been unwilling. Take her home, thinking that the second elders don’t like her, she had to find her by herself. Yu Tu’s mother knew that Jingjing and Yu Tu were high school classmates.

Now that they are together, she is also very happy, but she strongly blames her son for this behavior. After that, Yu Tu took Jingjing to eat tofu flowers. Yu Tu’s mother called Yu Tu and confirmed the two together. At the same time, she blamed Yu Tu for not telling her about the two. Originally, she wanted to invite Jingjing to have a meal at home, but Jingjing had to rush back to Shanghai in the afternoon, so Yutu’s mother had to give up and plan to make up for it next time.

Yu Tu took Jingjing to swim in the lake. He set off with Jingjing in a boat. Jingjing was very surprised that he would sail on the way. As the boat reached the lake, Jingjing was a little confused as to why Yu Tu stopped. Yu Tu just said that he couldn’t move. He needed to refuel. After that, Yu Tu pulled Jingjing closer and stepped forward to kiss Jingjing. Jingjing’s face was full of sweetness and romance. After the play, Jingjing went home for dinner. She asked Yu Tu to wait for her outside. She went back to make arrangements and then called Yu Tu to come in. It was good for Yu Tu to appear as an old high school classmate.

Everything was ready, Jingjing let Yu Tu in, she was ready to go with Yu Tu. Jingjing’s parents wanted Yu Tu to come in for a cup of hot water, but Yu Tu refused, saying that there should be more opportunities to visit in the future. In fact, he is Jingjing’s boyfriend. They have been in love for a long time, but Jingjing He has been refusing to take him home, and told him to say that he is just an old classmate. After Yu Tu recovered his body in his own way, after he finished speaking, he only helped Jingjing carry the luggage, leaving Jingjing with a bewildered look and Jingjing’s parents who wanted to know everything.

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